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  Aug 2018 K
Trust cannot exist
If secrets do.
Yet, I put up these walls
That no one sees through.

It is nothing, but a fear
A fear of letting someone in.
So, I let my thoughts become whispers
And I keep my feelings hidden.

I conceal way more than I show.
I don't let them see me cry.
I'm scared that I'll lose them.
No matter how much I try.

It's a fear of trust.
A fear of loss.
  Aug 2018 K
Veronica Emilia
make new friends
they'll never know
what it is you've been through
hard to tell
knock down your walls
for fear they'll abandon you.

I want to be what I seem
I want people to know I'm okay
but sometimes I am not.

these present friends
cannot know the past secrets that haunt me
they will judge me
will they be true?
K Aug 2018
These tears mean nothing to you,
Don't cry when I die.
When I make this desperate mistake,
I hope I continue to mean nothing to you.
Even when I'm finally dead,
Don't cry.
Don't make up lies saying you were always by my side.
Don't say sweet **** about me when you wouldn't even look me in the eyes.
Or have a conversation with me.
I meant nothing to you.
When I cried to you,
You didn't listen
When I tried to tell you,
You tossed me to the side.
So *******.
Don't cry.
Don't cry when I finally do it.
I'm at the point where I'm so tired of life and everyone in it, am I the only one?
  Aug 2018 K
BM Green
It consumed my soul,
Every single day
Begun with you
Ended with you
You were so heavy to hold up,
All this disappointment building inside
Why wasn’t I enough?
Why her?
Or her?
Or her?
Each time
I kept the pain to myself
I told you I understood
Mistakes happen right?
You’d never hurt me again?
I still “believed you loved me”
I was so young back then
A fire raged in my heart,
Slowly burning it up
You tore me apart
I let you
Because I actually loved you.
K Aug 2018
Your Eyes

Your eyes can pierce into my soul
And I would let it.
You can look at it all
Every inch
I know you won't be ashamed to see it
I know you'd pay to see it.
And I know the way I am feeling
When I look in your eyes
It seems like your hiding in plain sight
Whats behind those eyes?
Do they tell sweet lies?
Do they care?
Or do they stare?
What's behind those eyes?
K Aug 2018
I wish I could escape from you.
Escape from the emotions I have about you.
I wish I could escape from this captivation that entangles me,
I tell myself that one day we could be together,
But I feel myself sinking into that familiar dark abyss of loneliness again.
You caused it.
Seeing you with her caused my heart to shatter into a million pieces,
Once again I'm alone.
Once again I feel alone.
Once again I feel trapped.
Because I am I love with a man older than me,
And entangled in a love that will never be.
So I sit here,
And wallow in this familiar desperation,
The loneliness keeps me company,
But only for now.
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