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Alethea Sep 2018
Losing my mind
Losing my time
Feeling confined
And not aligned
Wanna press rewind
And get out of this bind
More silly venting
Alethea Sep 2018
Losing my mind and my memory
Can’t shake this feeling of being empty
I detach to cope with the pain
Whilst I'm constantly burning with shame
I can’t get out of my head
I think I’d be better off dead
I’m losing control of my impulses
I love you, I hate you convulsions
I’m dreaming of a better time
One where the birds chirp and the sun shines
Until then I’ll keep fighting my mind
Hi, I’m Lathe and I’m borderline
Journal Entry #1
  Sep 2014 Alethea
You there,
with your body laid
& your head rested
on your tear soaked pillow.
With the stains of unforgivable acts forced upon your body.
With the scars of abusive lovers,
with sharp tongues.
Yes you.
You deserve love.

With your battered bones
that creak & rattle,
with somber hymns
of hidden shame & hopelessness.
With insecure tastes
in your mouth,
that make you curse your being.

Yes you.
You deserve love.

With your desperation
& all your fears.
With your desire to awaken
from your fallacies of comfort.
From the caucus of neglect
that they left you to rot in.
Even though you may not know.

You. Yes you.
You deserve love.
Alethea Sep 2014
A puzzle which was once complete now lacks the most picturesque of pieces.
R. I. P.

Kinda bad but I really really really miss you
  Sep 2014 Alethea
Devin Blazejowski
Body shaking
Heart racing
Mind scattered
Feeling dizzy
Need help
Can't talk
Go away
Can't walk
Pass out
Why not cry a little too

Hello my name is anxiety
Alethea Jul 2014
How could they take you away
Your strength was able to move mountains in my heart
Your sincerity cut the load from my back and
Your resilience made me question my silly doubts

Your absence has deepened the hole in my heart
I fear another blow will split me apart
Without you my life will contain an unshakable sorrow
Without you I shan't be able to face tomorrow
RIP to the gentlest giant I've ever met

07. 06.14.
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