I feel like screaming yet what's the use ,
Is anyone really listening to your pain when their lost in their own.
This self hatedred and abuse,
A pain that settles into your bones .

I've tried the fake smile plastered on my face,
Trying to stay just one foot ahead .
Yet I never seem to win the race ,
I merely stumble and fall instead .
When I was little I use to hate the night ,
Cause it's darkness brought out all the spooky things.
So my mom would bring me to the window and show me the moonlight ,
Accompany by a sweet song she would sing.

Yet it's hard to convince a child's mind to let go of it's fear ,
Of the monster living under my bed .
Perhaps my raggedy teddy bear ,
Or a big fluffy pillow under my tiny head .

Soon Mister sand man would show ,
His sleepy potion he'd sprinkle in the air.
Did the spooky's stop by I don't know ,
An soon I learned not to care.
Do you think he took one minute to think ?
Before he took you from me.
How he put my own life on the brink ,
Left in total darkness I could not see.

Did he realize I'd miss your smile ,
Your laughter ,words or touch.
Did it cross his mind after awhile ?
Did he know I'd grieve so much.

Did he please tell me so ,
Know what he was doing that day.
For I have to know ,
Why did it end this way ?
Give me a rose of blood red ,
Thorns sharp to the touch .
Let it prick my skin til it bled ,
I hate my life so much.

Let the pain flow through my veins ,
Til into numb I descend .
Watch my tears fall like rain ,
Come back tomorrow when I do it all again.

— The End —