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 Aug 2019 Justine
wild child
feelings are okay.
it is apart of being human.

we feel things.
and if no one told you,
your feelings are always valid
its okay
 Feb 2018 Justine
Chelsea S
A place so permanent:
concrete, metal, glass,
immense and withstanding all.
Yet they come and go.

A place so permanent
for an action so fleeting.
 Feb 2018 Justine
Chelsea S
 Feb 2018 Justine
Chelsea S
I wish you’d left a mark on my skin,
something to last for days,
something you can’t do.

I considered lying back in bed
with you.
So that if I never left
and we never parted,
we’d remain in the glowing bliss,
and you wouldn’t have disappeared again.
 Feb 2018 Justine
Chelsea S
 Feb 2018 Justine
Chelsea S
I have yet to be kissed
in a manner
so passionate and incandescent
that it has yet to leave my lips,
never to be forgotten.
 Feb 2018 Justine
Lizzy K
 Feb 2018 Justine
Lizzy K
You don't understand
the joy it would bring
to just hear you, from you
I miss you
and that makes me weak
but I cant save myself anymore

— The End —