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Justine Aug 2020
Will I ever forgive the sins of my past,
and the sins of those around me, that left scars that will last?
Will I create something beautiful from the ugliness I now see?
will I ever set myself free?
will I continue to set a lonely path, covered for miles with broken glass reminiscing on the tragedies from my past?
Justine Apr 2020
Everything that heals leaves a scar,
but even scars fade over time.
Your pain will too.
Justine Apr 2020
Hollow empty and cold,
I am forsaken to pay the toll for a road that was not my own.
I am holding onto sanity by drowning in broken remedies
that just aid in my despair.
Justine Dec 2019
I'm stuck.
With all my old wounds still bleeding,
I don't know if its because I keep reopening them or if they will just never fully heal.
Justine Sep 2019
Can an hourglass be reversed?
Or are we trapped in the disaster adulthood has brought on?
Can life's words be rehearsed?
Or will we never perfect the moments we look on?

Is life supposed to be a heap of regrets?
How are we to cherish the things we bury deep, so deep we digress?
We can look someone in the eye and tell them we are fine but can we do the same to ourselves?
Justine Aug 2019
Will you hold me?
Will you pick up your phone at 2 am,
when I call because I am afraid to fall asleep?
Afraid of the terrors that lurk in my dreams,
Will you caress my flaws and find beauty in all the ugly things?
Will you grow with me and learn about all the hidden secrets of the world?
Will you call me your darling?
Will you be mine?
Will you hold me?
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