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The world is a book

front cover 8000 BC to back cover 2120 AD

The ****** is now

What is the plotline?
Who are the bad guys?
Where is the setting?
Your answers will not be the same

as your friend’s
as your neighbor’s
as your dog’s

As the bee you saw once on your neighborhood walk during the coronavirus quarantine

and that is what makes it so beautiful.
****. This. ****. You're ruining your life, and you're not even aware of what's going on around you. Happy New Year y'all. I'm just a little *bit* late ****.
  Dec 2020 Justin Spence
when I was alive
YOU avoided me like a plague.
now that I'm dead
you wanna cry at MY grave?
YOU bring flowers
I needed when I was alive.
YOU speak kind words
that would've changed MY awful life.
you say I was taken too soon,
but I was the one who decided
I wanna go to the moon.
this was MY choice,
MY voice,
MY blade,
and MY wrist!
So don't cry at my funeral
when you're the one that
pushed me to this point.
  Dec 2020 Justin Spence
karly codr
i wonder
what i look like
in the eyes of strangers
in the eyes of acquaintances
in the eyes of friends
in the eyes of family
in their eyes
i could be stars shining in the night
or a sunset, full of color
or a dark, mysterious ocean
i wish i could see myself like they do
because in my eyes
i'm not good enough
for anyone.
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