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JustHayy Dec 2020
Didn’t even know your name
But our souls tangled by fate
your hand one touch and there was actual sparks. Setting off fire alarms in my brain.
Your eyes one glance and love at first sight exists
I’m not sure how I saw past the flags though, let myself believe for just a minute anyone would choose me
It’s just she looks a lot prettier, talks a lot louder
Than the conversations my heart whispered to yours.
I was just to closed off on the outside.
But inside I knew without you I’d be lower than you found me.  Love where it was never supposed to be. If only timing and fate always worked together like the hands on a clock. You’d be here and I wouldn’t be lost.
JustHayy Nov 2020
He, being the sun,
He stole the blue sky.
He left me nothing but
the storm clouds

And storm clouds cry.
JustHayy Nov 2020
I’m so sick
over and over
The thoughts
Of what could have been
in reality
It doesn’t matter
Because you and I
We are nothing
I’m so tired
Over and over
Rerun scenarios
Of what happened
It doesn’t matter
But you and I
Used to be everything
JustHayy Oct 2020
I wonder, what do you think about..
As those empty walls surround you,
Do they feel like they are closing in.
Do you ever glance through the metal bars eager to see me whispering by...
Do I ever cross your mind when you stare up at your ceiling
Or am I just wasting wishes,
staring at mine.
JustHayy Sep 2020
There's the high,
And there's the low
Oh, but the numbness in the middle,
Feels most like home to me.
JustHayy Jul 2020
Silly how you can pack 8 years into 30 boxes
Move them away and pack them into a closet
Like it never happened.
Out of sight of mind.
Silly that you think I can do the same
When I wake up everyday
And see three faces.
Both of your daughters.
And my own blurred in the mirror.
The ones you left behind.
With nothing left from 8 years
Just 30 boxes in a closet of remorse.
JustHayy Jul 2020
Sad but I feel like nothing
Still but I am sick at the sea
waves inside my stomach swaying
washing away from you and me
Taking me to the bottom of the ocean
Sinking through our used to bes.
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