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JustHayy Jan 12
I find it inconvenient that I am unable to tell you
what silly little thoughts dance inside my head
I dont want to mention how everytime i think of you
my blood flows fast like a rushing river current
flooding through my body
I leave out the part where heart pulses through my ribs cage
how when the cage opens by just the sound of your voice, it sets free
a galaxy of butterflies
I've never collected butterflies but I wish i could
pluck every last one from my insides and save them all
Or maybe
if I was brave id give them all to you
I dont mention these things
I'm not brave im just scared and inevitably falling
Isnt it silly how three whole years have passed but I can still feel your teeth graze across my neck
when I think about it my smile cracks at the seams
unfortunate it is that you'll never know about this or these wild fires you started
I've tried and tried I swear I gave it my all
they couldnt be extinguished
they burned until everything was clear and new and waiting.
Oh what you've done to me.
now theres a garden blooming from my bones.
I dont know if you care much for rushing waters butterflies or flower blooms
I have an opening if you have a green thumb.
An invite I'd probably never speak aloud. maybe you can hear it in the silences, and the pauses between
one breath and the next
If only instead of peeking through the keyhole
id open the door for you
Do please come inside and see for yourself.
JustHayy Dec 2018
he is so unaware
so lost in his impressions
he doesn’t have a clue
about the gravity
the captivation
the tension
pulsing and pulling
between his universe
and mine
JustHayy Nov 2018
Flash backs
And memories
In my skin

Where you
{used to be}
Burning emptiness

It wasn’t you
It was me

I have always been alone
Yet I have never felt
Such an isolation
As missing your being
Longing for you existence
As if it was my own.
JustHayy Oct 2018
every poem i write
is about you.
every last one of them.
no matter how hard i try
to fight it.
every single letter.
has traces of you
pressed right under the ink.
JustHayy Oct 2018
just like that
there you are
you cut me
w i d e
open again.
i can’t even
invalid domain
error code.
am i supposed to
sit here
and guess what
it is you want
from me.
or is this you
just checking to see
if i still bleed out
every time
your name
pops up
on my screen
JustHayy Oct 2018
she with pastel pink hair
like cotton candy waves
falling from her head and
foggy white skin
like a porcelain doll
adorned with gingered
freckle specks
sat on a park bench
warm creamy coffee
quietly steaming in her hand
just watching the commotion
the rush of the world spinning
right before her amber eyes
they say
get your head  
out of the sky girl
come back down to earth
but don’t they know
she was born there
in the marshmallow clouds
and she can hear them
calling her home again
JustHayy Oct 2018

If my arms aren’t
Reaching for you
What am I grabbing for

          I am tormented
          Ready to be saved.

If my lips aren’t
Whispering your name
What am I calling for

          I am empty
          Ready to be full.

If I am not
Falling down for you
What am I kneeling for

          I am broken
          Ready to be Yours.
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