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JustHayy Mar 15
The fire inside was dwindling as the cold hopelessness was freezing my soul to sleep.
Everything was chilling like a bitter winter breeze. I’m thankful for the blizzard that brought our beings together. The timing didn’t seem perfect until the ice was melting puddles around our feet.
JustHayy Mar 15
I can’t unsee
The glass pipes
The creatures crawling
And creeping that night.
The screams or the violence
A crystal rock glimpse
In to that life the lost kind
Demons at playtime.
The clocks on the walls
Don’t tell time
The sun and the moon
Always aligned conjoining entities
Can’t tell the difference
Between the night or the daylight
Conjuring up curses
As the crystal ball turns
Smoke swirls Irresistible Urges
reminding all the sinners
All the masses
Of the souls lost and tortured
Can’t see a future in a dark room
Can’t make crucial conversion
in a cracked house
Cluttered with corruption
and cast away corpses
When your soul is captured
Controlled by the creatures
Always lurking and lying
Turn life in to the lifeless
Saints chained as slaves Shackled
to the sinister king satan
We’ll know as the master mind
Behind the existence
Of this crystal Infestation
JustHayy Mar 15
How do you prefer your hearts?
On the sleeve?
Or over ice?
JustHayy Mar 15
I’ve never believed in past lives
Or reincarnation
Now I find myself projecting and reciting incantations
just waiting for the time to align
so I can run right through the ghost of you.
Trace our existence through the star lines
And hope our story book gets brought back to life
Time after time
JustHayy Mar 15
In a list of all things
I never wanna be
I don’t wanna be
A repeating page
in the history of me.
JustHayy Mar 15
I loved you for six months
******* psychosis
Wasting pretty moments
Watering withering roses
JustHayy Mar 15
I ran what little of my life
He left behind
straight Into the dirt
several feet under
In just shy of a year that
I cant remember most of

How much of it was love
And how much more of it
Can we chalk up to
Nothing more than two addicts
Together in reactive addiction

Didn’t think twice
He Just up and left me with it
Now I’m on the other side
Trying to piece together
A puzzle of fragments missing
the minute hand keeps ticking
Every memory I’m forgetting.

Wasting the pretty moments
a whole garden you’ve planted full
Wilting away
while you water withering roses.
Just Chemical reactions,
and the imbalances
of a ******* psychosis
I lost my grip on reality
caught up in the mixture of
finding and losing both of us in it

Hard pills to swallow
Loving the right one
for just a little too long
Praying you don’t wake up
To see another tomorrow

Infinity at a stand still
Stuck in toxic stasis.
We were in sync even in our error codes
But our timeline was borrowed.
It’s just bits and pieces I haven’t really fixed it yet can decide how I like it I’ve wrote many versions similar closest I’ve come, I think.
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