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Abbyss May 2021
Music for the soul
Music for the body
Oh what more it is than merely a hobby

Notes strung together as stitches for a heart
A lasso for our capture so we'll never be apart
Boundless medication all for your choosing
Take what delights you, in this there's no losing

Let the waves flow over, replacing thoughts
with a powerful passion for this welcome onslaught
Let the melodious stream come flooding in
Altering your system, drowning your inner scream

Music for the weary
Music for the joyous
Oh how i give thanks that it's always among us
Abbyss Apr 2021
I never understood why people hurt
Those who love them most when they're in the dirt
They take out their pain and let out their rage
Drowning in the belief that they'll always remain
Blinded by comfort, hence losing care
While the loved ones suffer, painstakingly aware
Abbyss Apr 2021
Just breathe they say
Everything will be okay
What's "okay"? I say
You know the world will never be that way...
Abbyss Apr 2021
When you ask me if I'm fine and I tell you my lie
I wonder if you see through it and ponder why
If you thought to ask me I'd likely push you away
Though deep down I know that's just a twisted attempt at getting you to stay
Abbyss Apr 2021
Words are nothing
Show me
Put your love in your fingertips and hold me
I don't want to hear your sorry
What use does it have when you remain the same and keep reverting back to the same old story?

I've had enough of your words and your talent
For webbing them together to trick me into trusting
I've had enough your deceit, from now on I'm doing me
So take your words and give me  room to breathe
your answers are in the actions...
Abbyss Apr 2021
Oh my Lord please give me strength
To keep my faith until the end
To not succumb to the darkness around
To find hope in you when it seems my joy can not be found

Oh my Lord please keep me strong
Till that blissful day that this world is gone
To fight the devil and overcome temptation
For all I want is to be a part of your holy nation

This time is rough and it's been foretold, many will indeed give up
I pray I won't be one of them, so give me wisdom to avoid the hell
Of being she who from the faith fell...
Abbyss Nov 2020
I got a heart full of love
But a body made to sin
A complicated combination
That's breaking me within

I got a mind full of dreams
But my soul's scared of change
It's a deadly fusion
The cause of all my rage
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