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Angela Moreno
I like to spoon and eat toast. Most of my poems are works of fiction, but in response to the daily events and emotions of ...
Emily Von Shultz
Sierra Nevada Mountains    Here is where I will post some poetry or random thoughts in the form of short writings. A lot of these are from high school. ...
Jamie L Cantore
The Land Of Flowing Hair    J.L. Cantore: Poet. Author of the minor epic poem Dristig Trekk, Poems Of Expression and The Art Of J. Lawrence Cantore
20/F/bos - ccs    i speak in sighs and then wonder why no one understands ig: @mfgm tw: @nxivest
inside my head...    "There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed." Ernest Hemingway
Kingston    I love writing poetry, I love little streams and moonlight seen through trees, I'll make my way across the already fading rainbow, Join me? Dementia ...
South Africa    Poetry is just what I do on my spare time
the past    just say we're not walking backwards, kid.
Jacqueline Anne
UK    I am a mother of 7 and indulge in autism, poetry and general creativity
Miguel A Barriento
elizabeth, new jersey    I am just an artist. All I will do is show my work. All I can do is hope that you might enjoy it :)
David Patrick O'C
Adam Miles Christopher Bell
20/M/Sunderland    Actor, writer and student in Sunderland, hoping to one day become a teacher of English or Drama. I mostly write stories now online instead of ...
I ponder.. with wonder ... I think . Where would we be without forgiveness?
Justin G
A poet's poet    Love is aphotic. Brilliance is luminous. In order to grasp either one must sacrifice the many colorations of joyfulness.
34/M/Los Angeles    I enjoy history, documentaries, and golf.
Katy Lauren Willis
'Fearless is living in spite of those things that scare you to death'
Blind Aesthetic
29/M/California    See with your eyes and not your intentions
Roxxanna Kurtz
24/F/MA    By the way, it's Roxy. I like turtles, kissing and saying weird things. I'm a writer, therefore I have some sort of biological dysfunction that ...
F/Kentucky USA    World traveler, lived abroad as a military brat. Crime survivor . Kitsch & whimsy lover,unrepentant foodie ,cook and baker.Happily settled down in small town USA ...
James Jarrett
I am a compulsive writer who will write about anything on any scrap of paper I can find
Shelley Connor
Reading, UK    See more at I'm 38 and have young son. I used to write poetry as a teenager, but only picked up my pen (well, ...
F/the islands    on a journey to whats destined..
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