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JustADork Dec 2020
We're both so scared
Scared to admit how we feel
Scared to finally commit
So we act like everything is fine

But what if we're wrong
and this loop we're in
is fate telling us something
Telling us to trust ourselves

What am I scared of?
That I'm not enough?
But what if it's true...
What if there's a reason I hide away

I know I'm not good enough for you
I put up with the liars and the cheats
Because that's what I deserve
I will never deserve you

No matter how happy I get when I hear your voice
Or how my face lights up when I hear your ringtone
You deserve the world
And I'm nowhere close

So instead I dream of you
Endless possibilities run through my head
But then I think again
I'll never be worthy of you...
JustADork Dec 2020
The walls I've built around me have become a one-way mirror
I reflect people's happiness back onto themselves
But on the inside, I'm falling apart and no one can see
They never see how I truly hurt

So I pray to any god that will listen
And beg for even a fraction of their smile
Even for just one day
Let me know how it feels to be truly happy

But for not I'll just keep going
Walking through life in a box no one can see
All because I've become a social chameleon
Letting the world determine how I feel
yea i'm really ****** sad

— The End —