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Tabitha Mar 2018
You wonder if she knows
If she can tell how deep it goes
This sadness that you carry neath your skin.

You wonder if she sees
The way you fall down to your knees
And how hard it is to get back up again.

You fear she’ll walk away
Leaving nothing in her wake
But the broken, shattered pieces of your soul.

But if you’d look, you’d see
She’s aware of everything
And she’s holding tight, trying to keep you whole.
Tabitha May 2017
You use me
confuse me
and never bother looking
to see if I'm still following behind
You want me
to haunt me
so you can go on flaunting
the power that your heart holds over mine
you fill me
you **** me
with your kind of loving
knowing I'd do anything for you
You need me
you bleed me
dry, until I'm empty
and then you move on to someone new.
Tabitha May 2017
My heart beats out a rhythm to the song on the radio,
my lips mimicking the words as we drive.
And no matter where we go,
how far we get from home,
I know I'll have your hand in mine the entire ride.
Tabitha May 2017
ink stained fingers clasp a cigarette
you bring it to your lips
inhale as though it will give you some relief from your problems

you wear shades at night
hiding behind mirrored lenses
like you know someone is watching

I look away, trying not to be that someone
but my gaze finds it way back to you
Always back to you

and maybe I'm hoping that one day
I'll find you, shades off
looking back at me too

— The End —