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Jupiters Dawn Jul 21
See me, I dance for you,
The dance that no one notices.
Hear me, I sing for you,
The song that leaves my lips for yours.
Touch me, I’m here for you,
Surrounded by so many but wanting only you.
I wanted to lean in
At that moment
I hesitated

My heart hurt.
It pulled towards another
But stumbled over you.

You let go,
I didn’t want you to
But I knew we had to
you tarnish me,

my fingers are *****,
you ***** me

I'm *****

you're soft in a hard form

you make marks,
but not alone

you need me to make marks,
you mark me

I need you to make marks

I inhale you,
I don't want to but you are there,

In my breath,


tiny invasions


creeping into my orifices,

under my nails,

in the cracks of my skin,

on my skin

I need you,

I use you,

you use me to spread yourself,

I spread you,

you disseminate across the surface,

across me, 

on to my skin.

It's dark,

you're dark,

you make me dark,

I use you lightly but you are still darker than the light,

I make you darker,

not darker than yourself,

You touch me,
I touch you,
we come together,

we collide,

I make a collision using you. 

I use you

There is sound,

you are silent but your movement makes sound,

I move you to make sound,

you and I generate sound,

we generate,

generate sound,

little traces of touch.

I no longer have you but you're still with me.

I see you. 

I feel you.

you make me *****.

I wash.

                                                                            *compressed Charcoal
Jupiters Dawn Jan 20
Collision of            dialogues
                                ­Colliding of           people
                                Colluding of          counterparts
                              ­ Conclusion of         parts
                               Crisis of                   conclusions
                              Critical collisions
Jupiters Dawn Jan 20
Requisitioned power,
Ignored incitement,
that is uncomfortable.
                                        Clean it up, please.
Honesty is requested,
But make it metaphoric,
Think as a 'we',
                                        in a loop of narcissism.
A truth to be worked at,
                                        unresolved introspection.
Show the struggle,
                                        without victimisation.
Within the complexity remain visibly invisible.
Jupiters Dawn Jan 20
I will not be judged by my writing so I refuse to make writing.
I will be judged for not writing.

I will be judged.
Jupiters Dawn Jan 20
To feel numb
To be judged,
To be in a world
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