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  May 2 Lizzie
you call me
i was caught by surprise
you need me
i was caught by my feelings
you want me
i was hugged by hopefulness
please make it true
please don't make me blue
just turn me into you
into you
into you
oh you
  May 2 Lizzie
I wish that I could
write happier poems.
I wish that I could
be a happier poet.
I know my work is gloomy
and I tend to repeat myself,
I wish that I could
make the reader smile
instead of feel my pain.
I really wish that I could
write happier poems,
but it’s just not in me.
I wish I could do so much more with these words. I wish I could be happier.
  Apr 22 Lizzie
Ray Parker
can you feel it creeping in
claws scratch softened lines

this skin

was broken from the start
white lies repaint this part
  Apr 22 Lizzie
the black-rose
mind games played by the hands of self
teach me how
i am my own boulder caught still in my own way.
  Apr 22 Lizzie
my heart is abused by my mind
and it can just stare paralyzed
  Apr 21 Lizzie
It’s too soon
To open our cages
And let us roam
Freely around

Our lessons
Are not yet learned
And we aren’t
Thinking sound

We feel trapped
Instead of safe
And we don’t want
To be homeward bound

Yet if we look
Into the future
Will know too late
When we aren’t found
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