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Juno Balder Aug 27
My sea of neurocytes
Encircled by skipping stones
That pierce in their dancing
At once witnessed
And thrown by me

Swooping over the disturbance
My attention glides
Over and above,
Listening acutely
I unfurl myself

The ripples never ceasing
My gaze paints them further
Outwards and onwards
Synthesising waves and thoughts
I forget the source

Seething in swathing
I turn from red to blue
The incongruent couth
Of a life lived for “you”
Where am “I”?

Retract me from the womb
Oh halcyon myth
Don't birth me again
In this endless loop
Juno Balder Jan 28
My love caresses with his belt
That subtle scent of decades past,
He knows the leather’s built to last
He feeds the welt; unspoken, knelt.

The buckle grins
And tempo sings
The metalic seduction
Of hide against skin

My love hurts and hurting is the love
And knowing known must be undone
The shock of it is half the fun
The tender glove; looms from above

The sweetest pinch
He gives an Inch
Around my neck
My pink striped peach

My love sees and seeing is the love
My wanton wanting returns unsung
Desires paid and paid in full
Time in time out; the push and pull
Juno Balder Dec 2020
I want you in the dappled green
Where robins sing the figs to ripen

Not where shoots, like curling limbs, unravel their first mystery
Not where mossy lips meet,
nor where frosty cheeks heat
Not where yellow leaves sigh
before they fossilise

But in the fruit’s shadow, in the sun’s eye
I want you in the dappled green
Where robins sing the figs to ripen
Juno Balder Sep 2020
How sad a creature I must be
That my joy fled me
When I fled thee
Juno Balder Apr 2020
How long has it been,
Twelve months and a moon?
My hook an’ line
Where are you?
Caught tight between tickings

If only I were swallowed whole
And not the clock
Whose arms twist to hold
And release me over and over again

In the seeds of my core
In the folds of my matter
Timidity embraces me
As I traverse the surface
Where is my divinity?

Visibly aged
Like a reversed Dorian Gray
I remain, in ash
Where be my Phoenix?
I’m waiting I’m waiting

An escapee of darting visions
And startling dreams
Of Nymphy myths and Goatboy ploys
Which I keep safe in the forests
Of my black mirror memory
Juno Balder Jan 2020
I have become the moon to speak to you;
I would rather feel disdain than longing
Do the scales tip in my favour?
Lathered in envy for my parallel self;
The muse you could admire
The muse that could inspire

My masked Orpheus
Who could bring me to estrous
With a few sweet words
The Acheron River swirling our twirling limbs
With us too engulfed by the other
To give a ****, or even notice.

It was all ripe figs and robins
In our fleshy secret garden
Where tulips gently parted
Despite the acridness about us
How long could we have lasted?

Now, like an addict
A scent, a space, a couple entwined
Is enough to take me back in time
And then
The fix

In a moment of self-destructive euphoria
I want you
I want you!
But fear you?
I do

I entrusted my being to your boyish boughs
You swayed me
So surely
As we scoured sacred seas

We melted and transcended

Yes to the pleasure realms you took me to
Yes to your dungeons of delights
Yes to where the hidden hurts
Were softly brought to light

But. Then. You. Looked. Back.

My selfish love, my jealous love, my dazzling tyrant
Whose doe-eyes turned black
You must be possessed!
But not by me

My ****** delight
I sleep deep in limbo
No sound, no feeling and no light
No me to want you
No wrapping up tight in your dream-speak tonight
Juno Balder Jan 2020
Your words are wrangled round
Caught up in wet webs of pining
What am I to do?
Forgo the stable stream for the unpredictable torrent?
You say you love
But really you erode
The banks of my quietness
With your endless tides
That I secretly endure
With longing and with lust
Like the beach that I am
I lie and wait
Knowing what’s coming
Pretending not to notice
Or care
As you stretch over me
Inch by inch
Beleaguer my multiverse of grains
And go back out again
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