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Dec 2019 · 52
Julie alise Dec 2019
You make me feel things i thought angels only ever feel in heaven
I'm not sure how it' suppose to feel but all i know is i started feeling again and words started to make more sense
Nov 2019 · 509
Lust is not love
Julie alise Nov 2019
You fall in love and you fall deep ,  you dont fall for *** , you fall for a person. You're not in love with her, you're in love with flesh and bones and skin in which we ALL have!  but not all of us have beautiful souls. Don't say you're in love with me because you'd leave in a heart beat if your desire of skin touching layed somewhere else. Use the word love carefully for the sake of others and for the sake of yourself.
Nov 2019 · 104
Critique me would you
Julie alise Nov 2019
When i write "poems" keep in mind i'm not a professional nor do i want to be , i don't know writing styles and techniques and stanzas . guys i literally just write and no this isn't a poem right now. I write to get out what i feel , things that are inside me , Im a human writing **** in my mind onto a paper or some online website and its gonna sit in those places forever . So you can sit here and tell me your interpretations on what you think my writings mean , you can talk about my writing style and the stanzas i used and i wont get what you are saying.  Sometimes i dont know why i write or why im doing it , as of now i dont even know what im thinking. writing keeps my mind at peace so i dont have too many thoughts pulling my mind in circles and poking at me . Writing makes me release sins , makes me release the past onto paper and send it away no i wont forget it because its a peice of me but i will no longer let your words torture you in my body . maybe people who never knew how to express themselves and felt alone can read what i write and feel a sense of finally belonging , or not being alone , maybe they can feel at peace because they find the words they have been looking for. writing is special because we each carry our own story and words will never be enough to live up to our lifes but thank you for letting me read yours , i cherish everything i read. so you can read this , and , probably , see , unnessarcy , commas , but , thats ok. find the mistakes , us humans our use to finding those in people aren't we? Im no professional , you gonna critque me? My main object is to be as unperfect as i can be in fact i desire to mess up . I just write man.
Nov 2019 · 176
Julie alise Nov 2019
because i will love you..
like how flowers bloom , hearts open for the first time and last .
dry me out , for be my last.
because i will love you like
waves , crashing .. hard , fast , pull you in with me and dance .
loving like first light of the day , opening my eyes for the first time to the end of the day , light be gone for tonight we will soar.
your all the way over there but somehow you stand  .. here next to me im confused if its a kiss goodbye or a welcome and plz enjoy your stay
Nov 2019 · 429
unwanted touches
Julie alise Nov 2019
soft drips of the moon melting from the sky
we have lost it all
the sun dried up kisses of little girls and sent boys dreaming
we have all gone mad
and she dances through meadows and leaps through bodies of water
the ocean a blanket of soft wool
..comfort me..but not in this way ,, please
drown her away and take him in the sky where it falls apart
kiss me goodnight today before we see the sun rise and u take it all from me
stars .. flying , soaring , colliding , creating , and sculpting , they lifted me off "away from it , away from you" they beg to me
dont harm our little girl today for she must see no longer echoes of ghosts and evil
cast it all away
Nov 2019 · 143
Julie alise Nov 2019
i want to know so many things ..
truth echoes
                                 my dreams
i might become abstract images so different , exquisite
precious comfort , nighttime protector
angels arrive in dreams , how is heaven?
unreal plummeting into a nether world a unknown life
humbling moments.. s
              ­                               p
                                                              f­rom me
anti-depressants to give away
i reflect love , tired of loose ends
i fall unexpectedly , now what?
im still the same
occasional rules filled with "bad" , is it gone?? iam now free
Nov 2019 · 132
my friendly strangers
Julie alise Nov 2019
You are the only one on earth i ever wanted down deep.
Am i afraid that "it" will ever happen again ? Yes
please never leave me alone again
i kept heartaches , open heart surgery .
i always loved you , beyond understanding
you bring things that money can't buy
the big bang of falling in love , planted just for me.
stay awhile perfect stranger in disguise
all is known.
i will never forget accidental friends of thirst . who are all me
i have become several lifetimes , uncharted truths , a new universe , bodies, darkening skies , hearts and souls , grief , loss and abandonment , hidden stories.
i felt loved realizing love is unknowingly wholeheartedly and unconditionally strange
i discovered to dig deeper
i am now thrown away
i am sorry...
i was my own world
my precious heart
        permanent heart?
              new imagined souls?
                         infinite waste world?
i lived .. maybe..
Julie alise Nov 2019
Help me to my heart for more is to be said than done

If it were an easy leap , dive into the bottom of  the deep

Make us strangers happily meet

For i will ease my love with you

She was in love and wished that she were not

They soon saw unhappiness around the world growing , life is short and if we live , the day is ours.

Another day might be difficult , beyond peace and war , let us not leave till all our own be won

She did not let her love claim loose behavior to his looks of troubled heaven

Letters for you , i’am full of eyes

Her own art shall break

Her lips talked wisley

Life has many places of such imagination making you even better

My word be hope , soft eyes … pale-fac’d moon

Your spirit lay to attract more eyes

She was heaven lock’d up close to the ground

            …. To the moon
                                                       Clocks stopped.
Nov 2019 · 111
leaving always
Julie alise Nov 2019
i love things but leave everything
Fighting to change
Marked by years of my echoes … what should i do?
I didn't hold onto people
You give your peace
Look carefully you want to go , hang in there.
Loved ones cant be sustained long term
My happy place is gone
Ghost light , warm evenings , a right for the future
A weakening of my mind! From that world
Help is just not there
Her body wasn't whole
You came but your off for something else
To a new opportunity
Ward off where?
Important: treat people fair , my kings and queens.
Nov 2018 · 258
Thought of death
Julie alise Nov 2018
body aches
my lips don’t move
   it wants to be my best friend trade your soul for the price .
I’ve always wanted company but not this kind I always wanted company but not the company with my own mind ,
creeps up on me all the time
Nov 2018 · 644
In the shower
Julie alise Nov 2018
i stand under the shower head with the water on full steamed heat. the doors are closed the mirrors start to fog up and the room starts to fill with clouds of pleads.  my head is under the water and all sounds in my life are blocked out.  i feel the water hit my back and trinkle down my face . it's so hot , it burns it hurts me but it's not any pain i haven't felt before . im so numb , so feeling nothing is what i do most days.  im in pain most days and ive learned to just put up with it.  i close my eyes and run my fingers through my hair and then i just stand letting the water hit my body , i try to mend my soul. I picture myself being anywhere but here but in a nice  flower field with chirping birds and butterflies and gloomy clouds wrapped around the sky , im wrapped in the arms of a destined lover . i open my eyes and cry realizing my reality is never gonna be what i want it to be and that hurts me . i let the tears ride down my face like streams . crying in the shower is my only safe place and where I can be i stay for long hours hoping that if my eyes are closed long enough i can just evaporate along with the hot steam

— The End —