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Julie Smith Feb 14
You make a girl realize that a man can actually care
And not everything in love is truth or dare
I could talk with you until forever
You make me feel like someone special
Thank you ♥️T
  Feb 14 Julie Smith
Sonia Ettyang
It all began when a gentle heart fell for a wild heart. And as their walls grew thinner it became more crystal clear that; them meeting was more of an alignment than a happenstance. They were indeed two sides of the same soul.
©Sonia Ettyang
....whichever direction they each chose to follow was their own decided fate.
  Feb 14 Julie Smith
Sonia Ettyang
She lives among the stars
Swirls around the sun
But in her daydreams
She's one with the elements
Free flowing as the wind  
Her spirit forever burns like wild fire
Her body like the ocean is forever in
dancing to the rhythm of her own drums
from one shore to another she moves
With flowers around her head
  Jewelry on her body
Music in her heart
Pen and notebook in her hand
And eyes set on the infinite sky
To wander and to wonder
Forever enchanted by the mysteries of the earth
©Sonia Ettyang
“To move freely you must be deeply rooted.”Bella Lewitzky
cigarettes and eggs,
black coffee and a new song,
"new york state of mind"
Gant Haverstick 2019
Julie Smith Jan 20
You're a mystery wrapped in a riddle
Next time we'll have to meet in the middle
Because you are more than a dream
You paint me red, gold and green

Some people add to your scars
Others they come and go
But you make me glow
Because you're a sky full of stars

You could break a heart of steel
By not showing what you feel
But you told me what we could become
And I'm made of Titanium
Thank you ♥️ 10/16/2018 - 10/21/2018
Forsaken she was forced to live among those considered pure
Her rose colored appearance seduced the most worthily assured
Unfamiliar with the customs she adapted none the less
She hid her femininity adorned in modest dress
Naive and unaware of her affect upon others
She congregated in the meeting house with her fellow sisters and brothers
There he stood over the crowd mesmerized by her rare beauty
The passion arose in him but he held onto his duty
Eventually with time their love grew with intensity
Their insatiable passion they attributed to divinity
They could no longer hide the physical propensity
To ****** without regard for the choice they both made
Now her brazen red color has become a crusade
She was no longer an innocent but seen as a harlot
The beautiful red color is better known as scarlet
Julie Smith Jan 15
Sunny street
Sky is blue
The leaves are swirling
On the ground
I feel like time stopped and I walk
In a still heavenly cloud of air
That's spreading warm autumn light everywhere

Love will follow you wherever you go
As long as you take it with you
I love you always forever
For T.♥
I love you

Written while listening to the song...
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