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Apr 2018 · 299
Julia Guzmani Apr 2018
Let me tell you a thought
If you knew that I am caught.
Tell the judge to announce, guilty.
So I can reciprocate honesty.

Every single day inside the cell,
Innocence will lead you to hell.
While you still have the cure,
Love will win to keep you pure.

Close to the white color of clouds,
You will hear the wonderful sounds.
Like a choir of angels.
Smooth and bangles.

But I woke up with hunger, miracle!
I had a shortcut to get closer obstacle.
With a smell of medicines surrounds me,
I will always wish for the stars free.
Apr 2018 · 123
You Only Knew
Julia Guzmani Apr 2018
Watch as I give the dingy noise as it fell on the ground
I return the favor as that penny shines when I look at you.
Watch as I say ‘Is this yours?’
And now a bunch of heads suspects as I put myself into danger.

A tear crawls out and I a conflict mixed with an end
Those naked eyes spread a beauty in it but held into cages.
That tongue got no limit of accusation and paparazzi.
These mouth I can’t open from dying soul.

‘Help! Help!’ I see the plot now,
These mouth starting to beam and so does a bunch of heads.
These mouth of truth is a beauty with no bones.
Maybe, just wait for me to come home.
Apr 2018 · 119
Julia Guzmani Apr 2018
My vision is clear to stand tall painfully,
With a conflict mixed with an end of agony.
I saw the plot an occurring nonsense,
That made my life spoil slippery.

Watch as I clothed my feet, judging my ******,
A bunch of heads, I cannot ask for pardon ‘why’
A  few pair of eyes, watched as I walk in the aisle,
Tripping, them chortling, nowhere to go.

‘Shame’ You don’t know the flow of my chapters.
‘You deserve it’ You have no ethical pardons for me.
‘Lame’ You have no sheriff to affirm the loser.
And ‘Fool’ never ever justify my shoes.

I prudently slip my right foot in an average size.
‘Wow’ a simple compliment to first impression.
Beaming mouth joining my arms to wave like a queen.
‘Amazing’ a great compliment to another impression.

‘Elegant’ following my mother’s step of beauty,
‘Lovely’ having a great family to cherish with.
Maybe this is a pardon to my actions of tripping,
Conclude, this is the pardon to my ‘why’
Apr 2018 · 100
Stamped Scars
Julia Guzmani Apr 2018
I don’t want to be late in school, everyday.
But you’re 2 days straight late ahead.
“Hello” nevermind what do they call me
“Hi” nevermind what you see in me.

Next day, we get along each other.
But that’s just it. “See you later”
Got a piece of paper to chat silently.
Laughs along with me with greatly.

Little by little I see myself awful a lot.
You see yourself with her while I listen.
You talk a lot, you a lot, while you dance.
I’m a just an average girl sitting beside you.

Chanting inside of me “you can do this”
I made it.
“No I can’t” I’m such a loser in it.
I made it.

Who am I to you? I don’t understand still.
What are we? I still do not know.
What can we do about us? I have no idea.
What is it? Tell me the truth, honestly.

Every night I will look myself in mind,
What have I done to myself, I cried.
She told me the purpose of my confessions,
Confessions for you to know what am I to you.

These stamped scars I still have,
Will never be gone, will never be gone!
Will never fade!
If you please just hurt me more and I’ll be better.

If you hurt me more, I want myself to be numb.
I want myself to be shattered.
I want every pointed objects inside of me!
If you do not care, volunteer for me.

— The End —