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Dec 2019 · 54
MY Anger
Jules DelPercio Dec 2019
My anger boils over way to much
All of the time
And when I start screaming
There will never be peace
Or quiet
I will lash out
I will show that
everything inside me
Is turning dark
And coming to an end.
Dec 2019 · 111
Mixed Emotions
Jules DelPercio Dec 2019
Sometimes you get over stuff and then you don't.
Oct 2019 · 81
Jules DelPercio Oct 2019
Death seems so peaceful to me right now.
For I have nowhere to run.
No one to talk to.
And nothing to do.
I am a single dandelion.
In a field filled with nothing but grass.
I am empty like that glass of whiskey you chugged.
I am broken.
By the man you made out with yesterday.
Oct 2019 · 188
Jules DelPercio Oct 2019
It's been nearly 2 years now.
You are still here.
Lodged in my brain.
Engraved in my skin.
I hear you when he speaks to me.
I see your face in his.
I am afraid of seeing you even through him.
Seeing your face and hearing your voice your words.
It terrifies me.



I wonder if you know that you still haunt me.
Sep 2019 · 135
Jules DelPercio Sep 2019
This pain won't go away
I sit here and weep
I sit here and remember this feeling
This feeling I thought might never come back
I was happy
But in fact this feeling has to do with him
Which makes no sense because you are not him

Blood rushing down my thigh

Why do my thighs always want to cry with me?
Sep 2019 · 135
Sweet lovin
Jules DelPercio Sep 2019
loving someone dearly takes all of the breath out of you and hating them tears open your lungs with an exacto knife.
Aug 2019 · 51
Jules DelPercio Aug 2019
you are not crazy if you believe you are
because crazy people do not see
that they are crazy.
Aug 2019 · 111
Don't run
Jules DelPercio Aug 2019
The day will come when my hurtful words will make you leave.

Aug 2019 · 181
Douche bag
Jules DelPercio Aug 2019
Finding loyalty is like searching for a lost needle in a haystack.
The needles will poke you and inject jealousy into your bloodstream,
hatred into your heart.

If I ever find loyalty, I will attach a banner on my wall to remind me.
Remind my heart to let go of the anger.

Why do we blame the victim?

It is so easy to convince yourself, you are the poison.

Why is it so easy to act as the poison?

You ignore your faults to feel a sense of peace.
Who is to blame for the terrible things that were said last night?

The one who said it or the disorder itself?

It is so easy to become someone you're not.
Why is life all about hiding your demons?

Are we afraid, we will scare the ones we love away or something more within?

Are you scared of your own demons?

Are you terrified it is the truth?

Becoming your demon isn't all that scary, you get used to it after a while.
Aug 2019 · 118
Jules DelPercio Aug 2019
If you punch a little harder
You can feel the love
Shoved out of ya
If you kiss me a little harder
Maybe a smile would be forced out of me
Maybe I'd be happy
If you were happy
Maybe I'd be happy
If you were happy.
Aug 2019 · 57
Jules DelPercio Aug 2019
Get a job
Get a job
Get a job
Why dont you get a job
Get a ******* job
Get another
Get another
Get another
Aug 2019 · 166
Jules DelPercio Aug 2019
The hardest part about being a writer must be writing things down you never knew you felt
Aug 2019 · 37
Please see
Jules DelPercio Aug 2019
I dont think I can cope with your "busy schedule"
Wasting time on **** that dont matter
Not by choice of course
Losing the one thing that does matter
Sweets I know it's not your fault
You're angry
Youre not used to this
Neither am I
Oh dear I know it hurts
Burns that I must be your mother
Can I kiss your pain away
May I be your only one forever
I promise I'll be as crazy as I always have been
Crazy in love
Getting jealous over things I shouldnt
We both know I still do
But darling at least I got good at hiding it
Must that be love
Must this be love
Aug 2019 · 42
Jules DelPercio Aug 2019
I crave your affection
For gods sake show me some romance
Tired of handprints on my ***
I want kisses on my neck now
Oh please dont forget
I love ya
Oh please dont forget
You're my everything.
Aug 2019 · 53
Jules DelPercio Aug 2019
Breaking my heart one day at a time
Pray you'll grab my hands instead of my thighs
Pray you'll make some ******* time for me before you disappear completely inside of my head
Not my choice just a bad addiction
Hurting goes away once you forget.
Jun 2019 · 112
Leave me alone
Jules DelPercio Jun 2019
If the only thing that is stable for me is sadness
Why would you try to take away my consistancy
Jun 2019 · 152
Jules DelPercio Jun 2019
We become obsessed as humans
With stability
And for some of us
We do not ever find it
In something nice
Sprinting through fields
Filled with dandelions
We lie down to cry
Stability can be in any form dear
Stability is sadness
Stability is depression
Stability is a mental illness
Lurking through the night in your room you cant seem to move out of.
Stability is the tears on your glasses,
Stability is blood,
Dripping down your legs
Stability is constant suicide threats and attempts
Stability is anxiety and stress
Stability is loneliness
Stability is sickness
That lies beneath your veins
And even if you never find it in something good
You will have your sickness I'm sure.
Jun 2019 · 134
Jules DelPercio Jun 2019
Loneliness is many things
It can be a feeling
It can be an opinion, a fact.
Loneliness can be it's own true word,
It's own true meaning.
Itself loneliness is despair.
Loneliness is a longing event,
Usually replaying like a record inside of your head.
Over and over again it always starts over.
And when it finally ends oh dear you might miss it.
And when loneliness starts to play its beautiful little music.
Oh you'll kiss it.
To now realizing that loneliness was and is the only thing
The only one
Who will ever leave
And will always come back.
Jun 2019 · 320
Jules DelPercio Jun 2019
If it is possible for me to feel a speck of true fullfillness
I will go wherever you go.
Jun 2019 · 58
3am now
Jules DelPercio Jun 2019
the words made up in my brain
are no longer existing sayings
existing letters
the thoughts of you
lying next to me
consume me instead
of the fact that I am a nobody
May 2019 · 75
Jules DelPercio May 2019
I was too young they drilled inside of my head
I was too young to be in love
I was too young to know what love was
what it felt like
but if I'm too young to know what love is
then maybe you're too old to love anyone at all anymore
because I have known love since I was 15
not the type that you would probably recognize
but the type that forces you into hospitals where they lock you up because you are a danger to yourself
not the ones around you who **** you off
I was 16 when I wasn't scared of when he told me he saw me when I wasn't even near
when he told me that he heard my voice when I was locked away
neosporin in my wounds
I was flattered not afraid
see that was the problem
his love flattered me
and his love was insane
love made me crazy
love taught me how to hate
and love it
love taught me that there must be pain
if there was no pain involved then it wasn't truly love
love taught me that beautiful bad boys are only truly beautiful bad boys
It was his birthday while I was sitting on a white-sheeted bed with the door wide open
my roommate was a compulsive liar
I thought about him all day
while he had his lips on hers
arms around waist
I cried and cried
he told me he loved me
he told me she was a distraction
he was drunk he didn't know what he was doing
I let it go
going back to him was like going back to a slaughterhouse time and time again
being with him was like being killed about a thousand times a week
and enjoying it
He told me it only a plant but three years later things are being shot up his nose and tossed down his throat
I didn't even recognize him anymore
I didn't even recognize me anymore
who was I
I was bloodstained red hair
sad face
fake smiles
and scarred brain
I was anxiety attacks every night
and no more smooth skin
I was crying eyes
and bruised lips.
but with all this said
I was still alive
and craving his love
remember not the love you know
but the love he showed me. The love he gave me was the only love he knew how to give
puffy eyes
and scarred wrists
but nothing can last forever especially the love he gave me
because If I would have stayed in his love I wouldn't be here today
so let this teach you
that beautiful bad boys are only beautiful bad boys
and if a beautiful bad boy that smiles at you
May 2019 · 243
Jules DelPercio May 2019
before I met you
before you met me
I had too much meaning in my life
and you had none at all.
May 2019 · 58
green nail polish
Jules DelPercio May 2019
I feel so insecure with you
yet so secure

I am only a half with you
but sometimes

oh god

sometimes you make me whole
May 2019 · 48
hold me in place
Jules DelPercio May 2019
I've used more bobby pins

for my skin

then for my hair
May 2019 · 176
Jules DelPercio May 2019
my lungs gasp for you
my heart aches for you
my eyes search for you
and my hands grasp for you
my lips pucker for you
eyes shut
opportunities for you
I am not scared
I am ashamed
I am not disappointed
I never believed in this
I am hurt

I think

so I must hurt myself
for some odd reason
It's 11:30 pm
and I firmly told you to get out of my house
get your stuff and just leave
I can't even look at you anymore

I was so cold

standing with the door open trying to get you out

why am I still cold now

heavy blankets cuddled in bed alone
why am I colder
why am I frozen
May 2019 · 37
Jules DelPercio May 2019
I always find myself back in this place
I'm here standing in front of a white sink
washing ***** dishes
wiping them clean
the pit inside of my stomach at 11 pm
washing ***** dishes
scrubbing the grime off
I always come back to this place
soak the dishes they say
the ick will come off easier
they told me that dishes were easy to clean
I have to get away from this
but when the silverware and glass cups start to pile up in the sink
I have no choice at all
I submerge my hands under the soapy water
only to clean them again
everyone gets hungry again.
Apr 2019 · 50
hide and seek
Jules DelPercio Apr 2019
society has never done a thing for you
yet still wants everything of you
to consume your flaws and make them flawless.
Apr 2019 · 60
Jules DelPercio Apr 2019
is it so
that you do everything
yet still feel
like you're doing

Apr 2019 · 204
Jules DelPercio Apr 2019
if you're quiet enough
you might be able to hear screaming

my head my head my head
Apr 2019 · 47
1 2 3
Jules DelPercio Apr 2019
repeatedly being let down
let down
let down

let down

I will not get back up
to wipe your tears
clean out your cut up fists

I will keep to heart

Apr 2019 · 149
Jules DelPercio Apr 2019
believing in the truth
will give you nothing but a lie.
Apr 2019 · 197
The Final Struck
Jules DelPercio Apr 2019
and I knew I would soon break into a million little pieces
but thought you would be here to pick up my pieces
and kindly put me back together
instead, you were gone
the final bash to my brain
to my thigh
to my arm
to my
you're back
you're back
Apr 2019 · 52
Without questions
Jules DelPercio Apr 2019
thank the cold for the days you cling to your long sleeves.
Apr 2019 · 64
Jules DelPercio Apr 2019
bruises pretty in pink
in purple
in blue
in black
in my skin
I've been struck again
grab my leg for comfort
and smile at the pain.
Apr 2019 · 119
Jules DelPercio Apr 2019
how can you possibly expect me to be there for you
when I can not remember the last time you were here for me
your lies dig deep into my thighs dear.
Apr 2019 · 334
Glue Stick
Jules DelPercio Apr 2019
the disturbing taste of obsession
is in between my teeth
and stuck underneath my tongue.
Apr 2019 · 1.2k
Jules DelPercio Apr 2019
most people are selfish
knowing they are no good for you
while they grab your freckled back
and peck your raining forehead.
Apr 2019 · 44
Jules DelPercio Apr 2019
the thoughts I try to ignore
push their way back again
at the times I can no longer control them.
a disturbing taste of bitterness
bashes in my mouth
as I close my eyes and rest.
Mar 2019 · 54
The Trigger
Jules DelPercio Mar 2019
you give me the terrible feelings
I had thought I forgot how to feel.
Mar 2019 · 115
A Blur
Jules DelPercio Mar 2019
the words are too blurry to read
so I'll write them instead.
Jules DelPercio Mar 2019
you haven't had much experience,
stories to tell I know that
glad that I could be your first experience at life
your first story.
Mar 2019 · 343
honey bunny
Jules DelPercio Mar 2019
your body is a planet I want to visit
and your mind is a universe I want to live in.
Mar 2019 · 87
just right
Jules DelPercio Mar 2019
I am not sure if you are capable of being loved
by someone else
but I have known for a while now
that I am capable of loving every part of your
beautiful soul.
Jules DelPercio Mar 2019
will you take me on a trip
inside of your soul
I'd love to explore
all the fragile parts of your mind
can you make me see
inside of your heart
tell me how it broke
I'd love to explore
the memories that make you vulnerable
the stories that explain how your heart darkened
please oh please
will you take me on a trip
so I can finally see
the parts of you
that make you gleam
that make you frown
that I can't understand
the triggers that hit you
so I can know how fragile
I must be towards you
for you to believe I am capable
of loving your damaged soul
your troubled mind.
Mar 2019 · 82
your love can be so kind
Jules DelPercio Mar 2019
your love can be so kind your love It's so sweet when you want it to be
butterflies and rainbows after the pouring rain
thunderstorms pass suddenly
forming a beautiful smile of your face
your love can be so true when you want it to be
making sure I can feel the love you have for me sweat off of your freckled pale skin
it swarms around my body
shoves Itself down my throat
so aggressive
your love can be so kind
your love It's so sweet
your love can be so true
when you want it to be.
Mar 2019 · 82
Jules DelPercio Mar 2019
I embrace the one
beautiful tiny freckle
the only one I circle over and over
on your lovely lovely ear my dear.
Mar 2019 · 112
A Friend
Jules DelPercio Mar 2019
I miss him
I miss him because he loved me
he loved me more then any of my boyfriends could
he laughed at my jokes
and listened to me hysterically cry
at 2am when he could surely be sound asleep
his curly hair he decided to chop off
when everyone knew he adored his hair the most
out of everything
except me of course.
Mar 2019 · 48
Jules DelPercio Mar 2019
how do I make the racing end
because the only way I know how to
is to pull you near
and you're never here.
Mar 2019 · 78
Jules DelPercio Mar 2019
you can't help me
i can try
Mar 2019 · 45
Save me
Jules DelPercio Mar 2019
when I'm alone
it is exhausting
lying in my warm bed all day
big tee
baggy sweatpants
how could you still be tired
1,000 different thoughts
changing seasons
in my mind
every 100 seconds
need somebody to save me
to call me
why won't he call me
I'm starting to worry now
biting my nails
It's getting late
hasn't she already left by now
he hates me
wheres my razor
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