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This pain won't go away
I sit here and weep
I sit here and remember this feeling
This feeling I thought might never come back
I was happy
But in fact this feeling has to do with him
Which makes no sense because you are not him

Blood rushing down my thigh

Why do my thighs always want to cry with me?
loving someone dearly takes all of the breath out of you and hating them tears open your lungs with an exacto knife.
you are not crazy if you believe you are
because crazy people do not see
that they are crazy.
The day will come when my hurtful words will make you leave.

Finding loyalty is like searching for a lost needle in a haystack.
The needles will poke you and inject jealousy into your bloodstream,
hatred into your heart.

If I ever find loyalty, I will attach a banner on my wall to remind me.
Remind my heart to let go of the anger.

Why do we blame the victim?

It is so easy to convince yourself, you are the poison.

Why is it so easy to act as the poison?

You ignore your faults to feel a sense of peace.
Who is to blame for the terrible things that were said last night?

The one who said it or the disorder itself?

It is so easy to become someone you're not.
Why is life all about hiding your demons?

Are we afraid, we will scare the ones we love away or something more within?

Are you scared of your own demons?

Are you terrified it is the truth?

Becoming your demon isn't all that scary, you get used to it after a while.
If you punch a little harder
You can feel the love
Shoved out of ya
If you kiss me a little harder
Maybe a smile would be forced out of me
Maybe I'd be happy
If you were happy
Maybe I'd be happy
If you were happy.
Get a job
Get a job
Get a job
Why dont you get a job
Get a ******* job
Get another
Get another
Get another
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