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If flowers where moods,
I'd be Anemone,
My wilted petals,
My tears,
Fall like rain,
My heart,
The pain,
Feels like I've been hit by a train,
Hardly seine,
I am,
If moods were flowers,
Fallen from grace,
My petals caress,
the ground,
Leaving me,
Dead to the world,
This poem is about the cruel world, The petals known as tears, as we all know.. Sometimes tears, are comforting. In this case, the petals fall (tears) leaving the flower, alone, invisible, seemingly the world ignores it, dead.
JuanitaS Mar 15
They say her eyes are,
So blue so beautiful
Like the sky.
But if only
They could see
The ocean
That they become,
As when the tears begin to fall
She drowns.
JuanitaS Feb 18
I shall never be of the ordinary
As I fear that,
my happiness can only be temporary.
Emotions are involuntary
Yet my feelings for you
Became customary.

If pain is only momentary,
Then my aching heart
Would surely be unnecessary?
As you’ve been gone for so long
That, love is no longer in my vocabulary.
JuanitaS Feb 18
They can be read
They can be spoken
But most importantly,
They are heard.
They follow me home
Waiting for the night
As only then, there is no light.
To roam
Inside my pretty little head,
Whilst I lay in bed.
They have made it clear
That they shall forever,
Be my greatest fear.

— The End —