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Joyfulgurl Mar 21
I am nothing now
So insignificant
Something small
To blow away
Joyfulgurl Mar 21
I wanted to be part of your life
Not hidden away
while you go and play
I shared my life with you
But in return that was denied
And instead you just lied
Joyfulgurl Mar 21
This is not a relationship
It was only an illusion
A complete delusion
And now all that’s left is
Joyfulgurl Mar 21
You split yourself in two
And I didn’t have a clue
I was one and now I’m two
Now I keep a half from you
What you see on the outside
Is not what I’m trying to hide
That’s left eating me up inside
Joyfulgurl Mar 21
An important friend
So important we’ve never met
What does that make me?
Joyfulgurl Mar 21
There’s a moment of bliss
Just a moment of bliss
Where I don’t remember all this
Why can’t it last
Instead my head fills up fast
I remember that I no longer feel secure
That I no longer feel loved
That I don’t know this person beside me
That I’m only part of one of his lives
Not important enough to be a whole part
But a small part.
These thoughts wake me up
I might aswell give up
Im trying to see through
But I just don’t have a clue
Joyfulgurl Mar 18
The betrayal is hard to swallow
I feel like a stupid ***** tool
Being so easy to fool
Yet none of these feelings
Are going to help me through
Perspective is the way through this
To remember this is a small part
Of a much much bigger dish
That I can not move forward
While still chewing on doubt
I think it’s time to spit it all out
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