when i wake up i'm more tired than before,
when i go to sleep i feel wide awake,
when others eat i don't hunger for a crumb,
when others laugh tears pour down my face.

do you know why these things happen,
do you understand what its like to only think of death,
do you hear my minds constant madness,
do you pity the emptiness i only feel.

how long have you known,
how long have you been this way,
how long do you think till you will feel normal,
how long do you have left in this life.
if i spoke the words in my head no eyes would stay dry,
my silence is protecting you from the venomous bite,
please don't ask me to speak to you.

let me disappear into the background where all are safe,
inside i bleed from wounds carved deep into the soul,
please kept away from my mind.

choking on tears is the only sound that can be heard,
doctors put band-aids on bullet wounds,
please ignore my bloody body.
Riley June Jun 14
quiet warmth to comfort against the cold

flicker to light the path of your journey

blaze to cook away your hunger

embers that glow with used life

inferno devouring everything it touches

flame so timid yet so full of might

Riley June Jun 14
angels and demons perch on my soul,
who will win today?

angels sing sweet praises of righteousnesses,
demons whisper temptations to the soul.

both stronger than any human's will,
let them fight for control over mortals.

somedays the angel wins others the demon does,
each day I grow stronger to banish them away.
Riley June May 23
plant your mind
lose your body
prune your heart
root your soul

harvest your being
blossom to life
flourish into creation
dissolve into nature

wilt from words
droop in sadness
perish in isolation
sink in solace
Riley June Apr 23
I'm seasoned with determination,
poisoned by uncertainty.
Paired with a glass of dreams,
laced with harsh reality.
Served on the platter of kindness,
dropped to the floor of merciless.
Taste my sweet flavors,
choke on your gluttony.
Riley June Apr 12
velvet cord blocks their entrance,
this show is not for everyone,
no amount of bribery could get them in,
on opening night the line winds away,
production took lifetimes of innocence,
with casting simply an impossible task,
many auditioned with memorized lines,
while your lines soared above tidal waves of emotion,
with Hollywood heckling your agent,
and singing praises only to the tune of your name,
it will be you with a name plastered in lights,
as i will exist only to become your footnote,
but for a moment,

you were my fan
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