Riley June Oct 19
the entire world lays in bed,
everybody goes to turn off their mind,
my power switch is broken,
no matter how hard I try my mind stays alert,
can you teach yourself to not think,
can you learn how to not pick apart every mistake,
my pillowcase becomes an aquarium filled with tears,
sheets strangle my legs until they lay limp,
when im left alone with my mind it loses hold,
how many nights can you spend numb but feeling everything,
everything is a contradiction and no one knows the pain,
isolation is safe haven hiding in a purgatory,
how do you ever get out?
Riley June Oct 4
the feeling of anticipation
an entire world on edge just waiting
its been a year worth of watching
all ears are tuned in to hear the first note
you have fans posted throughout the world
clancy may not have made it out
blurryface still lives controlling others
but you are leading us to safety
arm yourself in yellow so we know who to trust
we are banditos and we know how to fight
Dema can't control us
Riley June Sep 25
when a flower never gets the chance to bloom,

heroes who can save everyone but the person they love,

artists who die thinking the world hates their art only to then be seen,

knowing when you turn on the news it will be only bad,

seeing the faces of children plaster walls surrounded by gruesome scenes,

but the greatest tragedy,

the harshest woe,

is the fact you won't get to see another sunrise.
Riley June Sep 11
stomach blooming with sunflowers,
pick a bouquet to give to the one you love,
will they accept your gift,
the sunflowers won't ever stop growing,
no matter what you do they never leave,
you wear big sweaters to try and hide,
shower in pesticide and drink weedkiller,
don't let the weeds strangle out the sunflowers,
keep them safe,
let them grow,
don't shut out the light,
wake up and pick a bouquet to share,
if you leave them to grow soon you'll be coughing petals,
how can you hide yellow petals on your tongue,
each word scented with summer painted red,
carve around your heart,
hide away from the sunlight to wither away,
do you really think death will come,
i can see petals behind your eyes now,
why did you stop giving sunflowers,
leaves have sprouted from your fingertips,
please don't turn into a flower,
keep them hidden,
don't let them grow,
shut out the light.
Riley June Sep 10
do you ever feel like you are a scrap piece of paper,
people use you as a test since you have no worth,
like if you never existed people wouldn't even notice,
crumpled up and tossed to the floor to soon be forgotten,
who would remember something so completely ordinary,
lined up and picked off to assert your worth,
never picked but left to rot alone soaked in bitter tears,
does it ever get better,

for now, i sit in a corner and question my worth
Riley June Sep 9
i try to fill the hole inside my chest with lies and pieces of memories,
maybe one day i won't feel so hollow and cold,
each day when i wake up i find there is another piece missing,
no matter how hard i try to hold everything together it eventually all comes crumbling down,
every ounce of my being fights to stay together while simultaneously tearing itself apart,
invite others to gaze upon the husk of a person you once were,
muffle your cries with a lump in your throat so people won't come looking,
expose the skin you paint daily with metal,
how many people actually know your truth,
your family lives in a state of oblivion that shields their eyes and mind,
one day the mask you wear will loosen and fall to the ground to shatter,
what will you do after you lose all your protection,
is a warrior worthy without their armor or are they just another person to be forgotten?
Riley June Sep 9
just bury me alive,
fill my lungs with ash,
fold my arms so I may rest,
leave flowers to welt on my chest,
place a rock over my head to remember my name,
will you soon forget me,
one night my voice will slip your mind,
soon my face will fade too,
for the time I have left try and remember,
i'll have your mind soon enough.
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