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Josh Cooper Dec 2021
Standing at the confluence our souls I am ready

Ready for extremities and places beyond limits

To awaken emotions unknown to Enrique Iglesian's verse and prose

To make love to you than the wildest Pornographic script in Hollywood

To praise your vibe with all my lungs than any Roman in the Colosseum.

I am ready...

Ready to freeze heaven's supper for angels to look down and whisper, "Wow! That's an artistic ****" before asking for a slip of the tongue forgiveness from the Holy One.

Psychopathic phrases like "choke me" to be the sweetest of our communication systems

I am ready...

Are you?
Josh Cooper Jul 2021
Let me ******* with my soul
In places **** can't reach
Josh Cooper Jul 2021
When the Pastor said; "only death shall put lovers apart", he walked out on Christianity.

For his love stretched from hell and back, and further into before this life.

I saw him pick poetry for good.

A religion were lovers never part, for death is an illusion and wedding rings still scream meaning in graves and tombs!
Josh Cooper Jun 2021
You who weakens the mind
Shall I, a mortal question thee?
Forgive me my Lord
But why has Eros created Love
Yet forgot to grant man its antidote?
Look Eros....
The planet is littered with broken hearts!
Josh Cooper Jun 2021
"No hard feelings"

- said my Stone-cold hard feelings!
Josh Cooper Jun 2021
Ever since I placed the love pill on my tongue

I have never been sober!
Josh Cooper Jun 2021
She's coming again tonight
"Weave me a blanket out of your poetry"
Was her command in last night's dream!
And all day,
I have been spinning warm crimson words into a love textile...
Interlacing threads of emotions towards kisses and *** directions!
I knitted a "Hello" with an endless angle across an "I do".
She wants my warm Love Fabric to wear for tonight's cold...
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