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Nov 2020 · 63
First or Last
Josh Overson Nov 2020
Notes I found
Surrounded in sound
On a chair on the ground.
Created for purpose
Doubled its service
When I went to observe it.
Not only truth did it speak,
But heart and pain seeped,
Then later an aroma creeped.
Holding close what tickled my nose
I moaned and tried to close
What came from the notes...
I really hope you one day see this,
But one day when heartstrings play in ordinance.
Nov 2020 · 66
Tired of Craving
Josh Overson Nov 2020
Lord I thought what had been written was enough for you to read..
I thought my heart and soul aligned enough to speak..
therefore my mind had no need...
Exhausted I concede, Lord you know this..
Every time around countless people,
I want to quit, say **** it all,
f the world and my strife,
I’d rather just ******* end my life...
I wanna yell it at you... spontaneously cry in public, scratch my neck and run till my gut caves in..
I’m tired of hope
I’m undeserving, worthless and only for them do I find true value... God I hate me.
Seize me. Peace and nothing I seek.
I’m so tired of craving.
The way you made me.
Lies betray me
Oct 2020 · 559
Chains Sink
Josh Overson Oct 2020
He love’s the way I think
He loves the way I speak,
Finding who I seek
Only desperate it seems,
When love’s lost it’s meaning..
My heart’s dark instincts
Chains sink
You’re lonely lifted high
Never failing You’re mighty
From words You made me
Knowing You’ll cover me
For the life you called me
My good You planned me.
Restitute the damage done by selfishness
Oct 2020 · 88
Assign Restriction
Josh Overson Oct 2020
Cold sheet on my eyes
Frozen in place
What disgrace...
Hey! I see underneath
And yet fought against peace
Or I’m just weak..
...please forgive this one time I’m bored
Speeding past the sore fights
I idolize the lights
That’ve been long in gore
Finding a hole long dug before
. Let her stay
. I can only blame me
. And pay seas who fade me
. Thoughts of her evade me
. Own pressures invade me
. Like an evil vision
. Saying I’m best
. But born.. not left
. Holy nest
. And no other
. I’m poorly cleaver
...I’m no better

An ingenious kind of way
My brain only claims the to protest the faith
And portray the fame that I hate the same.
You and I, only His name
Know my brain
If you want...
Have all the same
As He who came
Died and raised...
*With who I am
What a scam ...*
What makes it okay to be angry?
I can never understand...!
Yet so blind sided with anger under truth with no perspective
Aug 2020 · 197
Way Maker
Josh Overson Aug 2020
.After I blind my eyes, you will see for me
When I close my lips, you will speak for me
As I cover my ears, you will hear for me
If I bind my limbs, you will move for me
The way maker, Jesus none greater...

Hold me when I’m slipping over the line
When I’m about to fall, and lose my life.
And won’t You let me put my heart in her hands
Know that I understand, to follow Your plans.
Where you’ll be shaping, and making me.
Now Bound to You, I am free...
Committed to discourage he says “hey.”
No reply from the deepest eyes
Better that I don’t think twice
They love the outside
The inside
The lies of suicide,
The cold knows sympathy
A place inside a place outside
Set in place when we die.
Aug 2020 · 119
Find/Hide You
Josh Overson Aug 2020
Why don’t they feel the same conviction?
What pieces are they missing?
Please steep our hearts in hot water,
We know our father,
Yet our blood doesn’t mix...
God I want it, but no it’s not time.
Not right?!Or no height in flight!?
But I can’t rest to invest.
Or just pray she’ll stay??
When grey lines define my eyes,
You never stay insight!..
Why hide from view..
Couldn’t you take a side..
Or run you have chosen?
With the lack of words being spoken
I will last long enough to hate you...
How can You set me loose?
Broken about no shoes
Yet no distance could find/hide you.
Over and over.. racing..
I’m worn and unsatisfied with this construction.
Lord give me patience, and peace to let go.
Aug 2020 · 73
So Will I
Josh Overson Aug 2020
Unreserved for you..
What am I to do...
Walk anxiously straining for balance
Around what you know I reverence?
My chest tightens, core tremors
Not sure if from excitement or weakness
As it could be both, and I do my best to cope
At which hope assembles my attention for battle
At which point in time can I travel?
Regardless I surrender my case.
Humbled in place.
Lest emotions waste.
The breathtaking curiosity in her face.
If the stars were made to worship so will I
If the mountains bow in reverence so will I
If the oceans roar Your greatness so will I
For if everything exists to lift You high so will I
If the wind goes where You send it so will I
If the rocks cry out in silence so will I
If the sum of all our praises still falls shy
Then we'll sing again a hundred billion times
Aug 2020 · 74
Doubt Inspired
Josh Overson Aug 2020
There is a way to be inspired..
This quiet doubt arise
I’m not alright don’t fight
Don’t fight just write
Who I am...
Rather I twist a scream in knots
Here come my thoughts
over and over
I’m bought not lost.
Am I scared of the pen because it writes without limits with a volume louder than my heart can beat..
Aug 2020 · 122
Yours to Move
Josh Overson Aug 2020
You must know the depth of being the best.
And a little obsessed with being a mess.
In order for life to never come next.

Holding onto news as you tighten the noose
Around your heart, your seed, your breath to breathe, but no one can explain everything...
Jesus help me, when I can’t choose.
Fight for truth, and what I’ve got.
No fear to lose when nothing comes close to you.

Accelerating the process.
Without missing the concept.
Jesus I’m yours to move.
Inspired to write
God with all might
I need your input
Your welcoming spirit
Carried proud on our sleeves
No other deserves this seat
Jan 2020 · 91
Sweet Life
Josh Overson Jan 2020
I poisoned a flower.
Antidepressant in my heart.
I tried to share a life,
A life I cried when I took
I’m stuck, please leave
” Beneath me, I AM SO WEAK!”
But we moved on, both in shock.
“Where did my garden go!”
Flowers never grew
Through poisoned roots.
Sickness stressed anger and doubt.
And we broke, more shattered.
Shattered into a host.
Dead and alone, we flew through the night.
Blindly gliding to our safe place
I pray but only can know, I found grace.
A true joy could rise
If we both remember
How to have..
God’s sweet life.
I’m not sorry for being afraid
Aug 2019 · 179
Josh Overson Aug 2019
As much as you have loved
And I love you too.
My heart, mind, and soul withered you.
With no intention, and therefore no remorse
You’re life and mine, find new course.
A farewell to a once lover, once friend, once enemy, once everything.
Like two puzzle pieces from different pictures
we could not blend.
I love you, but it’s the end.
I knew you’d be happier, but it ***** to hear to hear it from you. You don’t have to just stab at me. So I did what I had to do so you could never want me back..
Nov 2018 · 747
Josh Overson Nov 2018
The attention ***** screams for redemption
Her blood shot eyes screen dream for attention
I’m not saying oppression just alittle obsession.
With a beat that cleats along ripped seats
She’s rhyming I’m selling a quick story telling
Last night, It’s like alcohol with no sway
And my mind has sense to fall away
Her bottomless energy lead astray, no hope dismay.
That a life can steam out acceptance...
I’m matching my heart right now,
All cut up, ripped and beaten.
And it’s no one persons fault,
So if it was it’d be mine
Oct 2018 · 245
Black Eyes
Josh Overson Oct 2018
As you can tell by now maybe I just smacked, slapped, punched, slammed, and beat my face in.
So much it starts to repeat and repeat and I love to give in.
I beg what else can you feel after pain.
And in each tear of skin a whisper for more,
An agonizing roar.

I couldn’t leave you on the earth alone.
I’ll break these bones
Curse my love, **** this faith before I let you go...
A million times...
Sorry... see you when you’re home...
Through black eyes.
Oct 2018 · 232
Here Comes the Winter
Josh Overson Oct 2018
I don’t want to die, Anymore out cold
The death of a life, The rest of our hold
There is no balance to crippled knives
But crippled knives are meant to bleed.
And from a drop I’ve sown seed.

If I say to much I cannot act
And if act to fast I’ve said to alittle
But beg and beg til we’re endorsed
The last time, last I’ll be ignored...
What do I fear
From out her lips.
Here comes the winter
Oct 2018 · 244
The unedited imperfect fuse
Josh Overson Oct 2018
I’m pretty good at making people hate me,
Selfish and hasty
I’m manipulative and angry
What will sustain me.
In a garden I found your heart.
But I can’t take care of it.
Why don’t I feel like enough.
Who’s fault is it? Is it anyone’s?
Why were you so close to breaking up with me?
I thought we were stronger.
Is it just simply.. I’m not enough.
I know I’m not.
I’m tired...

I’m an *******, and I’m caring, I’m angry and bring joy. I hate myself and I can’t give you what you want. Why do I only see one ending..
Me destroying everything I love

Like you almost did.

But you found a way back for atleast some time now... what did you do?
Because now I’m tired of a lot going on...
and I just wanna give up.
I don’t wanna give you to someone who won’t.
But you deserve better.
You shouldn’t have to make me try.
It kinda ***** to always feel behind
I wanna be ahead for ******* once.
Time slows down
Footsteps pound
Knees give out
Guards surround
Lost in the sound
Dented and bound
Only you around<3
Aug 2018 · 1.7k
Love Yourself
Josh Overson Aug 2018
Maybe you’ll feel it ooze from a blade
It might make you less afraid.
Maybe you’ll feel it release from your hands
Broken bones never stopped a man.
Maybe you’ll feel it dent in your skull
I don’t mind another hole.
Maybe you’ll feel it when you beg for more
Nope, you’ll watch her close the door.

A pill swallowed whole, a mind gone dull.
I’m alone and afraid, I can only pray.
To love myself.. once more...
Nevertheless love yourself
Feb 2018 · 403
The Insane Fakes
Josh Overson Feb 2018
You lie to me just to use it!
You walk through me like I blew it!
You ask me, why do I change,
When I’ll lose it!
If you really meant it, you would show it! Not throw it, down the drain,
Like you did yesterday,
I’m going insane,
Like I’ve done everyday,
While you **** with the fakes,
You’re becoming the same,
That’s not my name,
I won’t touch your shame,
You **** with the game,
Of nothing to blame.
Your brain!

Is left in the dark and I’m not going back there.
I wish could lie but I promised I would swear.
That maybe,
I’m not meant for this...
And depression, doesn’t exist...
A blanket of mist,
You put on your lips...
I wish I had more patience...
Feb 2018 · 690
Drugged Body Language
Josh Overson Feb 2018
Through our drugged body language,
Our bodies make conversation.

Taking every medication,
She requires no meditation.

If only you knew my motivation
Could we start a new relation.
Lit like a flame
My heart learned her name

Can we be more than what was described?
Overdosing on you, I was never prescribed.
I want to be with her everyday.
But I don’t know how or when to relay.
Feb 2018 · 477
Dark Eyes
Josh Overson Feb 2018
I solidified into stone, I had no heart.
I thought I was alone, I met your spark.
The cold metal scraped the walls,
Creating friction inside the halls.
Where were we supposed to be?

Hoping to cover my hurt,
I stripped my shorts and shirt.
A little early to giveaway needs,
We have ties yet to be relieved.
I know I’m lost, so don’t look for worth.
I know it’ll cost, but so does rebirth.
You never saw my fake joy,
Never saw that I’ll always be an abused toy.
But couldn’t careless if your dark eyes were blind,
Your dark eyes found a way to sooth my mind.

I’m scared as hell...
“I know that this was hard to find,
But we need to wait some time”
The longer we we wait
The more you’ll see
That I’m not all that great
And I’m nothing you’ll ever need
I’m just gonna let you down too
I’m sorry
It’s all I could ever do

I hope to be there in the morning,
Every second adoring.
I miss your room,
Can we realign soon?
I have great hope for this flame.
I’ll befriend the frame.
I’ll meet change.
Feb 2018 · 264
Josh Overson Feb 2018
There’s alittle fight,
Alittle might
Alittle bright
My sunlight

...You’ve helped me
That’s a dangerous thing to do,
Because I might just stick to you.
A piece of my heart,
Submerged in your glue.
Something new...
(((I love that you’re so proud of the compliments that I only said because of my deep love for you. Even if they honestly weren’t true...
It just shows that you have the power to save someone’s life with words...)))
I loved you.
But from my angle of view.
I see no care from you
Jan 2018 · 311
Silenced Heart
Josh Overson Jan 2018
Only reason I can’t seem to post more about you...
Is because you asked me to let you go.
I wish I didn’t have to.
I miss you, but all I’m doing is hurting you right now. And hurting myself.
I love you I truly do.
I think about you all of the time.
The hope of us still influences my decisions.
So don’t take this silence for death.
I will always stay
You mean the world to me.
*My beautiful anomaly
These poems I have stored..
Will they ever see daylight.
I’d rather never let go, than let you go.
I know I broke your trust, but I hope.
You’ll stay too
Jan 2018 · 249
Your Secrets
Josh Overson Jan 2018
If I didn’t care I wouldn’t say anything...
When I think about you it hurts to breathe, all along there was pain up your sleeve. Thrown over my head, hidden under your bed, I wasn’t shown a thread...
Utterly decievied
*I can’t remember sleep
Did you ever dream?
Jan 2018 · 199
Been Wrong
Josh Overson Jan 2018
It wouldn’t be the craziest thing for me to be wrong... I’ve been wrong before. I guess it’s just time for me to grow up and take life the way it is or by its throat.

I understand your lyrics now I guess...
I can’t ask you to wait either...
But I need you to stay...
*Please sometimes take our lives into consideration... Even if your unsure...
I love you
Jan 2018 · 437
I’m Not Worthy
Josh Overson Jan 2018
What is this Love,
Where I can break her heart,
Break her faith
Deliver her wraith
Show no demand
Give no grand
Fulfill no hand
And still you stand.
You reach out for me
My everything
Jan 2018 · 295
Dismantle Me
Josh Overson Jan 2018
Not just why but how...
How the **** do things always dismantle my mind.
What made him blind?
You’re too ******* kind
He deserves no rewind

Darling why...
Darling how...

Do you still love him?

Just because he can’t live without you doesn’t mean you torture yourself...

Don’t live in a nightmare.
My sweet girl.
My darling.
My beautiful everything.

At a loss... I am Him
Jan 2018 · 315
Slit Your Wrist
Josh Overson Jan 2018
I never wanted it to be like this
She knows no bliss...
Because I can’t give it.
Slit your wrist or run away quick.
Somethings ****** in my head,
I’m missing a bit more
I can’t keep score
But I’ll keep your core
And ******* sore
Not your body
But her ardor...
I can give you no reward my darling..
Just this cheap fervor
Jan 2018 · 518
Bruised Thoughts
Josh Overson Jan 2018
I didn’t think I could hate myself anymore...

I’m sorry you fell for me.
But darling I love you so much.
Please forgive me.
Why can’t we just throw away all of our mistakes and leave together.
You’re all I want.
Just let me fight for you again.
I find a reason again.
I ask to much of you.
But let me work to win your heart...
even though I want it now.
Let me build you a crown
You are my sweet girl
Jan 2018 · 264
What have I done?
Josh Overson Jan 2018
What have I done.
Under a different sun
You’ve cursed my life.
Have only brought strife.
Was I fooled even more
than you were my dear.
I’ve brought you so many tears.
I’m so ashamed...
People walk with a mask.
And I just give them class...
I’m so sorry it came to this my love...
It’s not fair to you
I’m not fun anymore
I don’t want to be so serious
I’m bitter, and I need you
Teach me please...
You are my joy
You are my world
Jan 2018 · 219
Warm Body
Josh Overson Jan 2018
Every night I’ve just wanted her perfect body up close to mine.
Perfectly aligned.
Her warm body is wine.

Every night I dream
Every night I’ve seen
It’s just you and me.
Baby girl twist away
When you're talking to me
I can't breathe
Set some time aside to say
Why don't you stay
Ten years later I still feel like a child
You're the one
I know you are
She’s so lovely
She’s so lovely
She still loves me...
- Anthony Green
Jan 2018 · 165
Pull up
Josh Overson Jan 2018
You know what,
**** my insecurities.
**** my over thinking.
**** doubting ****.
**** being angry and jealous.
**** being quiet.
If I want something in this world I’m going to go get it.
**** my responsive mind state
The past can stay there.
You’re worth...
I want you and a whole lot more.
It’s time to work.
Jan 2018 · 274
Naive as a Child
Josh Overson Jan 2018
I see the difference...
And so, I just don't know how to respond.
Or what to invite, what thoughts to excite.

I'm confused.
You talk so highly of him.
And I can't believe you ever talked so highly of me...
I feel like trash, ******* third choice.
Not sure why I expected an apology.

But I'm just a child..
Maybe I acted like one when I lost you.
I know I did..
But have you ever come close to the ******* love I had for you..
I know you have...
I've felt it, where is it?
Investing my entire mind
Love is ******* crazy.
It's so simple and complex
You can't force it, and you can't break away from it.
It can tear you apart,
It can strip you down,
but she's the best thing I have found

Either you see what you can take from them.
Or what you can give them.

I just want a taste of something real.
Is it in what you say, or what you don't...
I miss you, the fire...
And I just want to stay up to 4am talking with you.
Listening to music with you.
Like... I could literally do that all night with you.
I don't get it. I really don't.
Where is that.
Where's loving the essence of who someone really is. Loving their gifts, their perspective, and hating to see it go to waste.
I miss those eyes,
Those words,
Her heart.
I hadn't shed tears in awhile, but something about that night broke me.
Nostalgia and truth. Made me deny what was so blatant.
You're not sorry...
And I gave myself to you, which is ******* scary.
But you've always had me…
Jan 2018 · 229
My Grave
Josh Overson Jan 2018
**** me in the brain
I'll never let you strain
Or nothing in the way
I'm one step away
From finding her new name
Starting a new blame
But it'll take a crane
To stop this ******* train

My Grave:

I'll grow old and gray
And never see her sway
Spending countless years
Breaking every tear
Counseled by many of peers
Still nothing is clear
But fleeting thoughts of fear
Now stronger and near
She brushes my skin
I will never win
I'm lost and have sinned
She always has been
And always will be
The death of me
*My Grave
Yeah, I thought to much.
But when you love someone
You realize what you’re losing
And you act like a child.
I’m to blame...
But you’re head’s missing.
Jan 2018 · 416
The Target
Josh Overson Jan 2018
Most beautiful,
Most Intelligent,
Most ****,
Beyond perfect
Like to the point.

I couldn't imagine anything better.
Maybe it's just to me...
But if it is or isn't.
I can't tell the difference.
All I know, it's you

And when I've said it.
*I've meant it.
***** that it's reciprocation was destroyed... but I can live with it.
I know what you're worth.
I would've gone if you had asked me.
Jan 2018 · 350
Your Host
Josh Overson Jan 2018
I haven't felt love anymore...
Much less being liked.
No one wants a deadbeat valentine.
I didn't think twice
Saying you were right
You weren't.
There's some core fault within me
I blame myself you see
For all of our mistakes
I'll hate me

Are you fueled by pain?
In love with my stains?
Hating a broken reign?
Loving I'm slain?

Your Host:

Who doesn't want a broken, dead inside, psychopathic low life...

It hurts more than it should
The nothing I am.
I'd bury you I would
The nothing I am.

What if it was costing us both...
I don't want to miss the most...
Just being lost in your ghost...
There is nothing to boast...
Feeling overdosed...
I am, your host...
I hate you pretend not to see me
And I pretend to still be free
Dec 2017 · 637
Pull Me Closer
Josh Overson Dec 2017
Why do I assume the worst from the best of people.
But the best from the worst of people.

You've only lifted me
When I've wanted to sink.
We can't let eachother drown again
And that's how I understand us.
I adore her entirety
But if I get any closer,
I'll become one with the motion,
Getting caught as the leader
In this is reckless dance.
And a colossal love
Born by our massive passion for each other
We could wipe the sky and cover the ocean...
It's exactly what I want
It's beautiful and bright.
But we have to wait...
*why isn't it enough that I want you more
We have something be jealous of.
I'm jealous of it.
Dec 2017 · 280
Out of Love
Josh Overson Dec 2017
Out of love*
I caged a dove

The dove is my own
My flesh and my bone
Not seen but known
Through only word alone
She sits on a throne
While he misses his home
Collecting wood and stone
To build her their own.*

Dare me to dream,
And I'll tell you what I've seen.
Beg me to me to swim,
And I'll tell you my sins.
Ask me to fall,
And I'll learn to crawl.
Tell me to drown,
And I'll hand you my crown.
I miss you...
But I'll never say a word
And I'll always be unheard
Dec 2017 · 173
Our Legacy
Josh Overson Dec 2017
I want more,
I want gore
Raw intimacy.
You next to me
Is ******* ecstasy.
Can we build
Our legacy.
Whatever the words lead you to.
Dec 2017 · 146
Holding On
Josh Overson Dec 2017
I'm just using all of my words the wrong way to tell you I miss you.  

I know it's just me that thinks of you throughout the day.

Do you. Can you.

I can be heartless for a night if you need me
It doesn't make sense.
I'm still finding myself.
How can you miss someone you don't know.

I don't blame you

All that's living is gone
Dec 2017 · 602
Josh Overson Dec 2017
Please, I beg.
I can't deal with another

You're my irreplaceable.
My favorite human being

But I'm replaced so easily.
*And I feel it pierce my soul
I practiced vows.
I wrote stories.
Imagined fulfilling them.

But they were ripped from me.
And just ******* drowned.
And I drowned with them.
Every night.
Pain and terror.
I'm sorry,
Dec 2017 · 453
Separate and Separated
Josh Overson Dec 2017
They're are two different things.

I don't like it when we don't talk.
Truly... you prefer it.

Find something that's valuable...
That loves you, and shows it.
I thought I had..
I haven't forgotten what effort looks like.
Maybe you have darling...
I reached out and tried to help you when I thought you needed it.
Underlining an apology...

But I've lost my rights. I went crazy.
Just show me you want me to be there.
Don't like pride **** us.
I promise I'll never let that happen.
I miss you, with all my heart.
Dec 2017 · 260
Severed Joy
Josh Overson Dec 2017
I am.
Out, left rotted and weathered.
Confused and terrored.
Heart loosened and severed.
I am no better.  
Just feeling lesser.  
As time goes by...
And I open my eyes...
Fist start to fly...
Hitting walls and doors
I fall to the floor
I can give no more
My heart won't explore
You'll always have mine...
**But I'll never have yours.
I'm dumb.
My heart beats to a drum with no rhythm.
Dec 2017 · 139
Josh Overson Dec 2017
Life started with you and ended without you.

But I'm just "a ******* waste of time".
That stuck...
Corrupting my thoughts.
Like a blood clot.

I'm scattered,
Don't matter,
Too shattered.
"I'm matter but I don't matter,
I can feel my skull shatter,
From the dull chatter,"
- Ruby da Cherry
Dec 2017 · 347
Got me missing
Josh Overson Dec 2017
I know you have a lot of things in motion right now that'll change your future.
And I love that.
Keep moving forward.
I'll meet you halfway.
Somewhere sometime.

But I know you don't believe in long distance.
Keep moving forward.
I'll meet you halfway.
Some other place, some other time.
You are time.
Invented, designed, defining divine.

I'll just hurt people...
Dec 2017 · 244
Never Settle
Josh Overson Dec 2017
If there's one thing that I've believed in most.
It's you.
Never settle.
There is no one.
More gifted; more determined, or more designed.
Then you.
Never settle.
Not for me
Not for what you're given.
But for what you want.
And with everything in me, I wish I could give it to you.
I've always known your calling to change the world. You'll get there. You are going to do great things. I've always felt it... oddly I mean like almost literally felt it. You're strong.
Dec 2017 · 537
It's not fair.
Josh Overson Dec 2017
I'll never see daylight.
Once warmed..
Now swarmed with words that don't add up.
Like I'm trying to see what's left in an empty cup.

Fearing there's no door.
I'm begging for more.

But I'm faced with two demons.
Cornered and Alone.
I call them myself and my own.
It's not a if you don't want I don't want.
It'll always be I want regardless.
But time... is what we need.
I missed you.
Dec 2017 · 325
Josh Overson Dec 2017
I walk in this lie that I know the truth.
That I love the truth.
The only reality is I have been broken, I have been beaten, and I have given in.

I'm unsettled by you're ability to lie.
And I can't even control myself.

Blatantly... you hate me.
Undoubtedly... I love you.

And there's nothing I could ever do, to truly win you.


You have broken more.
But broken more of me.
It's truly, truly incredible.
I thought so much of you.
Thought you had changed
Nov 2017 · 298
L’appel du vide
Josh Overson Nov 2017
There's a place I go to breathe.
I'll sit for hours recollecting thoughts and memories.
All to quickly violent thoughts submerge.
Never seeming to fail,
"what if you jumped"

Sometimes my knee's will stiffen.
Would I glide smoothly through loosely freeing my soul.
Or should the sudden twitch in my arm catapult my motion releasing me uncontrolled.
Would I feel regret?
Would I feel pain?
Would I feel love?
Would I feel at all?
The torment of these questions is what drives my curiosity.
As I answer...
The call of the void.
As this occurred more and more I figured it unwise to return.
Nov 2017 · 147
I should.
Josh Overson Nov 2017
I could separate myself from everything.
Drive away, and find my life.
Give some time.....

I should make it.
Nov 2017 · 178
Don't ever...
Josh Overson Nov 2017
I've figured it out.
I've found the light.
This is the only light that I will now look at you under.

I don't want it anymore.
Don't care for it anymore.
Have a nice life...
Nov 2017 · 214
You're Better
Josh Overson Nov 2017
You're gone...
You've... left and stayed missing.

How do you not miss me?
I still do...
I still hurt
I still break
I still fake
I still cry
I just don't get it...

Dominate my life because I ******* miss you. Abuse me so I don't have to. Control me because I can't. Love me because I don't. Miss me because I won't... please
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