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 Dec 2017 Josh Overson
When the world comes crashing in,
Washing over you like the tide;
When you have nothing left to win,
And want to give up on your fight.

When you can't see a spark of light,
After days of pouring rain;
When you keep on saying you're alright,
While your heart is forced to bane.

When you have no one to hold onto tight,
Because life has left on you its mark;
When you can't look on the bright side,
I will sit with you in the dark.
If you ever feel lonely, remember there is someone to sit with you in the dark:)
 Feb 2017 Josh Overson
Have you considered the way Jill felt for Jack
Every time Jack fell down; Jill took up the slack
Her tumble was actually caused by fears of being abandoned
Jack hit rock bottom long ago, Jill still hasn't landed
Illuminating these words of the wise
That expose such issues that we'd rather hide
Words like enabler, codependency, resentments and denial
All of which place our addictive tendencies on trial

The addict strives to fill the void of a disease ever pending
The therapist with all their degrees are far from comprehending
Powerlessness, a self-prophecy of what you can't control
Higher Power, an interpretation of the superstitions we hold

The religious may disagree but the only power is in our mind
Believing in something strong enough work on these same lines
If a higher power fails you, you only have yourself to blame
We feed these demons inside of us or we keep them on a chain
It's simple!
Traveler Tim
True story
My name was changed
To protect my ex- wife's identity
(Ya I'm joking!)
Can someone please explain?
Why the need to control by pain?
Your mere energy yes,destructive
Drama,strife,the fighting
Constant you prove back bitting
Showing no remorse, !?......ha never
You just think you're oh,so clever
Misery loves company,indeed this is so known
But I will not relate a Heart of pure stone....
 Jan 2017 Josh Overson
 Jan 2017 Josh Overson
i thought i was over
the heart wrenching slew
of worry and doubt i put myself through
but then i go and do ,
what every girl does,
i like him again without a precedented cause,
and he talks and talks,
whines and whines
about who he likes
time after time,
but somewhere deep ,
dark and lost,
a spark of a flame has outrun the exaughst
and my body relapses and so does my brain,
negative thoughts leave a stain on my heart and my waist,
but make no mistake,
i suffer with tape over my face,
by now i know my place,
i’m not good enough to be his spark,
his flame that has not outrun the exaughst.
 Jan 2017 Josh Overson
 Jan 2017 Josh Overson
I want to help others,
but first I need to learn,
how to stop myself from breaking,
at the slightest twist and turn,
I need to control the emotion,
that turns my smile,
into pain and steals the light,
that once gave me sight,
I’m blinded by the cuts that cover my waist,
hidden by clothes,
that hide my insecurities,
make sure none of my hurt shows,
so I can protect the people I love most,
from catching on,
to my broken soul
 Jan 2017 Josh Overson
 Jan 2017 Josh Overson
You make every nook and cranny
Each thirsty, soft curve
Lean towards the rough edges of your touch
With the exquisite ease of a man that knows


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