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Josh Overson Aug 2020
There is a way to be inspired..
This quiet doubt arise
I’m not alright don’t fight
Don’t fight just write
Who I am...
Rather I twist a scream in knots
Here come my thoughts
over and over
I’m bought not lost.
Am I scared of the pen because it writes without limits with a volume louder than my heart can beat..
Josh Overson Aug 2020
You must know the depth of being the best.
And a little obsessed with being a mess.
In order for life to never come next.

Holding onto news as you tighten the noose
Around your heart, your seed, your breath to breathe, but no one can explain everything...
Jesus help me, when I can’t choose.
Fight for truth, and what I’ve got.
No fear to lose when nothing comes close to you.

Accelerating the process.
Without missing the concept.
Jesus I’m yours to move.
Inspired to write
God with all might
I need your input
Your welcoming spirit
Carried proud on our sleeves
No other deserves this seat
Josh Overson Jan 2020
I poisoned a flower.
Antidepressant in my heart.
I tried to share a life,
A life I cried when I took
I’m stuck, please leave
” Beneath me, I AM SO WEAK!”
But we moved on, both in shock.
“Where did my garden go!”
Flowers never grew
Through poisoned roots.
Sickness stressed anger and doubt.
And we broke, more shattered.
Shattered into a host.
Dead and alone, we flew through the night.
Blindly gliding to our safe place
I pray but only can know, I found grace.
A true joy could rise
If we both remember
How to have..
God’s sweet life.
I’m not sorry for being afraid
Josh Overson Aug 2019
As much as you have loved
And I love you too.
My heart, mind, and soul withered you.
With no intention, and therefore no remorse
You’re life and mine, find new course.
A farewell to a once lover, once friend, once enemy, once everything.
Like two puzzle pieces from different pictures
we could not blend.
I love you, but it’s the end.
I knew you’d be happier, but it ***** to hear to hear it from you. You don’t have to just stab at me. So I did what I had to do so you could never want me back..
Josh Overson Nov 2018
The attention ***** screams for redemption
Her blood shot eyes screen dream for attention
I’m not saying oppression just alittle obsession.
With a beat that cleats along ripped seats
She’s rhyming I’m selling a quick story telling
Last night, It’s like alcohol with no sway
And my mind has sense to fall away
Her bottomless energy lead astray, no hope dismay.
That a life can steam out acceptance...
I’m matching my heart right now,
All cut up, ripped and beaten.
And it’s no one persons fault,
So if it was it’d be mine
Josh Overson Oct 2018
As you can tell by now maybe I just smacked, slapped, punched, slammed, and beat my face in.
So much it starts to repeat and repeat and I love to give in.
I beg what else can you feel after pain.
And in each tear of skin a whisper for more,
An agonizing roar.

I couldn’t leave you on the earth alone.
I’ll break these bones
Curse my love, **** this faith before I let you go...
A million times...
Sorry... see you when you’re home...
Through black eyes.
Josh Overson Oct 2018
I don’t want to die, Anymore out cold
The death of a life, The rest of our hold
There is no balance to crippled knives
But crippled knives are meant to bleed.
And from a drop I’ve sown seed.

If I say to much I cannot act
And if act to fast I’ve said to alittle
But beg and beg til we’re endorsed
The last time, last I’ll be ignored...
What do I fear
From out her lips.
Here comes the winter
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