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Joseph Loggi Jul 31
You have a voice.
That I admire so much.
It carries well and sounds
So clear and humble.

So I decided I should speak
And maybe it was a noise
Or some pretense that drew me in
But I waited for the
Pluck and note
Of the casual up and downs
Your tongue rhythms.

But it’s always at a cost
To have you,
That you speak to me empty
Like the endless droll
Of a receiver left unanswered.
Joseph Loggi May 3
They say you can buy happiness
With just a little luck.
That it would be so immense
You’d never need to grow up.

But time through time
It might drip away
And dry up in a drought,
That in a few days
It would be filled with doubt.

That type of water,
Doesn’t let anything grow
And maybe this ground is cursed.
Maybe it’s time to go elsewhere
To finally clench this thirst.

But you can keep on running
And that lake becomes a sea.
You just have to wait,
For it to go,
As slow as it may seem.
Joseph Loggi May 1
I really want to see
If you reached out to me
Like you promised
And possible revel
in the silly long
Banter of our old voices.
It seems a lifetime
turns to a month
That you got older
Becoming more preoccupied.
But I don't want to let myself See
Because another let down
Would leave me lonely.
Joseph Loggi May 1
I lay my foot here
On the traces of the side
And follow the floor
As if it is a guide.
It's sort of a game
I like to play with the stone
Whenever I am walking alone.
Maybe they see me
Skipping always twice
And following the sidewalk
In a strange zigzag
But maybe they don't mind.
Joseph Loggi Feb 5
I think you deserve the world, and all of its ruin
Because you know it so well, and even better.

The tongue babbles
Too much in its cheeks
And I hate the grind
Of morning breath
And clenched teeth
Always reaping a benefit
From the previous self.

But you’re a wealth of information
And you do lead me astray, with words
Echoing and saying “come play.”

How are you today, skull of thought?
Is I or you trying to make us stop,
And consider the alternative
Or some depiction of the devil
That we use to validate us clean?

Don’t you have chatter, to make me cry.
"That's not you, only I," but you say that,
I say that too much. And you don't exist.
Joseph Loggi Dec 2018
I can't fly planes
Because the clouds are too grey
And once they fly
They gain too much weight
And decide to take a rest.
But that's the best day,
Because I can lay on Coco
Who is fast asleep
With her brown belly rambling
As I lay to hear her heartbeat.
Maybe it'll stop
when the drops are all done
And Mr. Thundercloud is gone.

But Ma says it's wrong
To wish him away,
Because Anger comes
But it does not always stay.
"Mr. Thundercloud will move on
And when he's done
The sun will show"
As she wraps her arms around me
And Kisses me on the head
" How many rain drops are there?
I think there's billions"
As the windows collect
Their estimates.
"Yes, Billions..."

Maybe it's greater than that.
Some days are especially bad
But some are steady and slow
Like a sad hurting pain
Dripping with each thought.
Millions of moments
In less than one second.
Joseph Loggi Dec 2018
You used to have flowers
For words when you spoke.

Tiny petals of sweet smell
That patterned about
Within the air
And settled in my ears.

And they stayed this way for so long
Until something came
And all the flowers were gone.

The petals withered
And hardened like rock
And made me feel numb,
But pain
When they were stopped.
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