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If you like my love
You can take it
We've known us for so long
We never win each other's home.

I'm giving you this choice
You can take what's mine
Or never, for all time.

You can take what's mine
And never leave my love behind
For my love is worth your time
Without giving up your precious rhyme.

Leave me or love me
And take what's mine
Take my love, my lovely heart
If you choose to never part.

Say "Hello, I love you dear"
Take what's mine and be sincere
Take what's mine and all my love
I know you can, just know you have.

Love me, in love
And take what's mine
And all my love will blossom free
My heart in your eternity.
This poem is inspired by Angeline Quinto's song "Kunin Mo Na Ang Lahat Sa Akin."
Do your

And God will do
THE  R   E   S   T.
Madam Ot
is the queen of my heart
She loved me the most
right from the start
She protects me with her might
and draws me out of sight
She commands a strong army
of bishops, knights, rooks, and pawns
Defeating all our enemies
brains and brawns
But sometimes she has to go
and make some sacrifice
To keep me safe from our foe
attacking from side to side
In the end the kingdom wins
even without its queen
For duty is more important than love
Madam Ot, the Queen of my Heart.
I smiled at Jesus

and He knew what I wanted.

Just like a prayer,

a smile is sufficient.
I saw you sitting from afar
Waiting, waiting, waiting for alms
And when the fourth one’s next is me
I would surely give you some money

I couldn’t express the joy I felt
My heart grew wild, my heart would melt
And when I walked again past you
I heard that small girl say THANK YOU

The next day’s walk I passed again
That same small girl, my little friend
To give you money was not enough
For you would always be coming back

And so when I got home I prayed
To God the Father who has my faith
A sign or two would be okay
To give that girl my help today

For I would want that girl to dream
A diff’rent life, a diff’rent scene
To finish school and work someday
To end the life of pain this way

Her family would then be proud
And they would praise You, God, aloud
For You gave them the chance to live
A life that’s freedom, and freedom indeed!





Are you my Church?
The Lord God says
To all of us
He loves so  much.

Are you my Church?
The Lord God asks
If you are mine
Then feed my flock.

Are you my Church?
He says again
My true Church knows
Of my coming.

Are you my Church?
The Lord repeats
Then you will live

Are you my Church?
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