Hold still.
          Don't move.

Tell me I'm wrong.
          I will show you I'm right.

Soon the sun will rise.
          So we must lie down.

Away from the chaos.
          We have found peace.

It's painful to revisit you,
Your pull on my mind and make me quiver.

Shivering in a cold dark room-
With you.

You will find me next to a bottle
Of really expensive Gin,
I promised you I would view it artfully;
So getting drunk won't be a sin.
I will get something nice, worth my time and our money.

I will come back around,
I will come back to you Honey.

After all, I wear integrity as a shirt
to keep me from bleeding.
I wear a hat on my head,
to keep my thoughts from retreating.

But times like this one, I have no where else to go.
For one restless moment,
I will hang my hat,
Take off my shirt,
Take up drinking,

Oh boy, Dad, did we have fun.
Running bare foot in the sand, not caring about anyone.
You should have seen her! Dad, she was breathtaking.
It would have reminded you of when you and mom were dating.
You've made me a good man; thanks to you, she has a husband in the making.
I hope you're proud of me, Dad, like I'm proud of my old man.

Your Son

I'm excited-
Excited to put a band around her finger;
To call her mine,
To cherish and protect her,
To encircle her with my love.

The absence of all that is known,
Grown into what is unbelievable.
A formation of unwanted intregue.
The complete hollow space.

A reaction of interests that collide,
Abiding in a land that is disregarded.
A constellation of the speechless.
The beginning of hollow space.

The beautiful submission to deception,
Creatively kidnapping every longing eye.
A motionless gaze at the forming power.
The display of hollow space.

Still echoes of mundane murmurs,
Snaring every ear that venters past truth.  
Creating a progression of purposeful noise.
A sound of hollow space.

Then the break.
Mass outbreak with no breakout.
A breakdown in planned peace.

Without a blink
All mater sinks,
Swirled in an array of devastation.
Pure drastic expression of loss.

The twist of time,
Only explained by the screams,
Only shown by the tears,
Only felt by the pain.

A new example of captured chaos,
A planned out persecution.
Ensnaring the ones interested,
Leaving them as a tool for terror.
Consuming the oblivious,
Leaving them searching for answers.
Victimizing the innocent,
Leading them to a slow drawn out death.

A hole of costly deception.
Grabbing all attention,
Then swallowing all lives.
Leaving a silent space.
A space of hollow cost.

Covered in lead, head to toe.
Weighted down by fear and fate.
Men, Breathe it in, you won’t go home again.
Kiss your kids, your wife, your mom;
For the lucky few, glew yourself to the bottle.
Did you know you were made for more,
Did you breathe clean air? Did you even care?
What more can you do, the sky is now gray,
What more can we say, but thank you.

For the faithful few,
The fatal too,
Who knew you’d be known
As the children of Chernobyl.

Pictures leave you smiling,
But your family not the same.
Hands worn, torn by radiation,
God’s good creation, left you nuclear
By the harmful hands of the USSR.
Deep down the tunnel of your death,
You dug down to save your kin and country men.
Bars will tell your fatal tale,
And the world will know you as heroes.

For the faithful few,
The fatal too,
Who knew you’d be known
As the children of Chernobyl.

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