How do you explain that beautiful refrain?

Moments passed by like a water spout insisting on yielding the smallest of drops.
She pressed her head against my chest and silence spoke.

Revoking the noise in her head, she sat insistent on incessant quiet.
Every part of her beamed with a need to speak; every part but her mouth that is.

How do you explain that beautiful refrain?

Dripping like the trickle of a silent stream,
Time crept by, demanding attention.
I swallowed before brushing her hair from her face.

Provoking the conversation, I questioned the still-ambient air waves she conducted.
Every part of me in discomfort by the unfamiliar silence that still sounded loud.

How do you explain that beautiful refrain?
Jonathan Polivka Sep 2017
When your nose wrinkles, it’s really cute,
The way it crinkles up when you pretend to be mad at me.

When your blue eyes roll, it’s really cute,
The  way they turn away when you think I’m annoying.

When your face flushes, it’s really cute,
the way it gets rosy when I call you princess.

When you dance as the record spins, it’s really cute,
The way the music makes you move with me.

When your sleepy eyes first open in the morning, it's really cute,
The way they look at me as I walk away to go to work.

When your lips move as you say I love you, It's really cute,
The way it makes me say I love you back.
Jonathan Polivka Sep 2017
A few pieces of ice in the bottom of a glass;
I used to take it neat
but now I just want it to last.
Jonathan Polivka Jul 2017
Hold still.
          Don't move.

Tell me I'm wrong.
          I will show you I'm right.

Soon the sun will rise.
          So we must lie down.

Away from the chaos.
          We have found peace.
Jonathan Polivka Jul 2017
It's painful to revisit you,
Your pull on my mind and make me quiver.

Shivering in a cold dark room-
With you.
Jonathan Polivka Jun 2017
You will find me next to a bottle
Of really expensive Gin,
I promised you I would view it artfully;
So getting drunk won't be a sin.
I will get something nice, worth my time and our money.

I will come back around,
I will come back to you Honey.

After all, I wear integrity as a shirt
to keep me from bleeding.
I wear a hat on my head,
to keep my thoughts from retreating.

But times like this one, I have no where else to go.
For one restless moment,
I will hang my hat,
Take off my shirt,
Take up drinking,
Jonathan Polivka Jun 2017
Oh boy, Dad, did we have fun.
Running bare foot in the sand, not caring about anyone.
You should have seen her! Dad, she was breathtaking.
It would have reminded you of when you and mom were dating.
You've made me a good man; thanks to you, she has a husband in the making.
I hope you're proud of me, Dad, like I'm proud of my old man.

Your Son
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