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John Cena Dec 2017
i scream

you scream

we all scream

John Cena Jul 2017
urgot, u big oaf
do u want to eat another bread loaf?
ur just so fat
i hope ur not a democrat
because this spider
might cryder
if u dont hug janna
with a bannana
soraka is now sad
and that is bad
league of legends is gay
but we play every day
John Cena Jul 2017
big naruto boy
to you i am a toy
u are so large
to move u i need a barge
which broke
so i cant move u
so i will feed you more
and write more of ur lore

one day u will die
and i will cry
but for now
ill fap real hard
John Cena Dec 2016
vroom vroom
hit a broom
rip in peice
lightning mcqueen
John Cena Oct 2016
i have 10 seconds to write this poem
its not very good
i like wood
John Cena Aug 2016
harambe salami
king of the apes
with some credible japes
oh how i miss your sweet smile
you could slam dunk a crocodile
but there was nothing they could do
to stop you from turning that kid into poo
so they shot you through the heart
and you're to blame
you give love
a bad name
John Cena Mar 2016
paschabiceps with his muscles so large
the best player on VP thats for sure
hes so good he might as well be in charge
the rest of them are bad, but he'll endure
a lot of my friends think you're awesome too
my bearded friend wants to ride on your arm
a transfer to a good team is past due
to watch your games i set an alarm
i wake up before the sun even rises
to hear your sweet polish voice in my ear
you and your great skill, full of surprises
you are one of the things i hold most dear
i bet you could lift a hundred pound pole
pashabiceps pro, my friends full control
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