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Feb 2 · 788
Joe james Feb 2
Your eyes are the windows to your soul your past can be a chain that holds you down
Crooked teeth when you smile
It's best that you frown
Feb 2 · 32
Thoughts .
Joe james Feb 2
Thoughts , thoughts are just something In your head . Thoughts seem real when actually there what cause you pain
Feb 2 · 35
Love 02
Joe james Feb 2
Maybe love is an action more than a feeling you can love someone and still hurt them
Feb 2 · 110
Joe james Feb 2
We had fun times boaring times happy and sad times
Sitting in the rain I gave you my heart you Broke it in to peaces leaving me crying in the rain
Feb 2 · 35
Before I go
Joe james Feb 2
Before I go I wanna live a happy life I wanna start a family do what I was put on this earth to do life is full of mysteries that I want to explore I wanna climb the mountains breath fresh air in the woods but I don't know when I will go it could be tomorrow or the next so I try be happy and live every day like it is the last
Jan 30 · 44
Joe james Jan 30
Convinced I think not
Jan 30 · 251
Joe james Jan 30
Love lasts as long as you are in love

Joe james

مراهق ،
Jan 29 · 144
Heavenly lights
Joe james Jan 29
I look up at the night skies and see the shining stars and blue.skies I see a shooting star  and make a wish and imagin heaven full of heavenly lights and gold I imagin a place where their is no pain no bloodshed no rivers of tears no broken hearts and no poverty I imagin heavenly lights and shed a tear or two
Jan 27 · 39
My heart
Joe james Jan 27
My hart is cold cut and full of pain stitched and broken again people coming in my life and leaving again
Jan 26 · 167
Don't be insecure
Joe james Jan 26
Don't be insecure you are special because God made you
Don't be insecure you are special
Jan 25 · 163
Befor I met you
Joe james Jan 25
Before I met you clouds where grey there was no such thing as rainbows and colours no such thing as happiness  I was cold hearted then I met you my heart turned warm I saw beutiful clouds I saw colour I was in in love
Jan 24 · 32
When I am gone
Joe james Jan 24
When I am gone who will remember me
When I am gone who will cry the next day when I am gone who will visit my tombstone when I am gone will I be forgoten
Jan 24 · 56
Hide my face
Joe james Jan 24
Sin full I was... shameful I was i hid my face sinful I was i cry and cry ful of decievment and lies I hid my face
Jan 24 · 53
Joe james Jan 24
Life is like a wave no matter where you go you will always find big waves trying to take you down life is full of ups and downs like the ocean
Jan 24 · 50
With you
Joe james Jan 24
I remember the day that you left and now I know I will be with you in the stars above the clouds the heavens above the milky way now I know I will be with you
Jan 24 · 44
In my head
Joe james Jan 24
In my head I feel so weak and alone and broken but it is only out of pain that strength comes
All I think is bad thoughts I try so hard not to but I am so weak  stabbed in the back and even more it's all in my head
Jan 23 · 35
Fake friends
Joe james Jan 23
A fake friend I had was like a brother I told my him thoughts stuck by his side a brother he was just so he could walk away  stab me in the back and lied to my face now I know what a fake friend is
Jan 23 · 48
Joe james Jan 23
When I look through the mirror what do I see I see myself happy on the outside and sad inside when I look at my friend's I have hidden pain
Don't judge by appearance  they might smile on the outside but inside they are broken
Jan 23 · 301
Joe james Jan 23
Blinded I was but now so blessed look through the window all I see is a mess blinded I was i was so depressed but now I see I am so blessed blossoming trees and flowers
I am so blessed

— The End —