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Joe james Feb 2
Your eyes are the windows to your soul your past can be a chain that holds you down
Crooked teeth when you smile
It's best that you frown
Joe james Feb 2
Thoughts , thoughts are just something In your head . Thoughts seem real when actually there what cause you pain
Joe james Feb 2
Maybe love is an action more than a feeling you can love someone and still hurt them
Joe james Feb 2
We had fun times boaring times happy and sad times
Sitting in the rain I gave you my heart you Broke it in to peaces leaving me crying in the rain
Joe james Feb 2
Before I go I wanna live a happy life I wanna start a family do what I was put on this earth to do life is full of mysteries that I want to explore I wanna climb the mountains breath fresh air in the woods but I don't know when I will go it could be tomorrow or the next so I try be happy and live every day like it is the last
Joe james Jan 30
Convinced I think not
Joe james Jan 30
Love lasts as long as you are in love

Joe james

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