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The laughs that we once shared,
All the love I had for you,
Your endless reassurance
That you did love me too.

The way you stole my heart,
The way you changed my world,
The way you had me from the start,
You were my perfect girl.

All the times that we’d just lay there
And we’d need not say a thing,
No need to fill the silence,
To be with you was everything.

Thoughts of how you’d get so worried
And thoughts of how you’d cry,
Thoughts of you in pieces
Thinking that the fault was mine.

Thoughts of how I acted,
Thoughts of what I did,
Thoughts of how you needed me,
Thoughts of how I hid.
  Jun 4 Joe Macintosh
You don't want my answer.

Because then it would mean you failed,
of protecting me
from you.
Joe Macintosh May 31
Butterflies arise as I hold you in my eyes,
I hope you hear my sighs when you’re away.
You’re the one for me, I thought that we were meant to be
But I guess you don’t agree, you wouldn’t stay.
Joe Macintosh May 31
In my head – there is sun.
In my head – there is rain.
In my head – there is pleasure.
In my head – there is pain.

Sometimes it’s sunny,
It’s warm and it’s bright,
With love and endearment,
With joy and delight.

But the weather it changes,
It’s not always nice.
It often grows cold,
On the ground there forms ice.

I feel something coming,
The air isn’t right,
I then start to worry
as it comes into sight.

Here comes the rain,
Which pours from my mind.
I built up too much pain,
Now the tears send me blind.

Rains not from the skies,
They flow from my eyes.
From the clouds in my head,
From Sadness,
From Dread.

Up in my brain,
There lie darkened clouds,
These clouds are the pain,
The thoughts not let out.
They’re blown by the wind,
And the wind is one’s life;
Relaxing and still
Or gusty with strife.

I knew it was coming,
The pressure was high,
I felt the cold breeze
in my darkening mind.

Now anger’s full throttle,
Overflowing with spite,
The thunder it rumbles
and lightning ignites.

It’s all come together,
the black clouds unite,
the gale starts to blow.
Darkness takes light.

The sky goes ballistic,
The wind screams and it howls.
Black clouds in my head,
With the thoughts growing foul.

And when the dense darkness
Has nowhere to go,
The clouds keep on spinning
And the wind onward blows,
The rain keeps on pouring
in eternal black night.
The thunder is roaring
And the lightning it strikes.

The cold’s taken over,
Death to all that is warm,
My mind’s ******* broken
Now bring on the storm.
Hi all,
If you've got any opinion on this then please let me know. I'm interested to know if there's anything I should look to improve upon. If you think it's amazing, awful, happy, sad, boring or anything! just let me know.
I'm desperate for feedback!
Joe Macintosh May 31
Choked up by the memories.
Rivers flow
From your eyes.
Emotion keeps avoiding me
until it makes me cry.
A tiny little detail,
Just some forgotten fact,
But I can't help but dive in deeper
and it all comes rushing back.
Joe Macintosh May 31
My eyes are filled with tears,
My brain is filled with lies,
Everyday I'm living, a part of me just dies.
My heart is filled with love – but there’s no one there to take.
These people all around me, are all so ******* fake.
My will’s always been bent,
but now it’s 'bout to break.
I don’t know how much more
of this **** I can take.

— The End —