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 Mar 12 Jo Barber
My eyes linger
over the pouty lips
that breaks into dimpled smiles,
over the lotus-like eyes
that insinuate restless dreams,
over the pink curved lobe
at the whispered sweet nothings.
 Nov 2020 Jo Barber
John Wiley
From dawn to dusk
you sit in our tree
filling the air
with sweet melody.

Why this tree, this house,
this street, this town?
Blessed with such song,
dare I be cast down?
I am really not good at writing rhyming poetry but keep pushing myself to try.
This does not do justice to the beauty of the song of our resident blackbird.
 Jul 2020 Jo Barber
K E Cummins
To be at peace
Quiet neighborhood
Hockey-stick kids
Leafy gardens

To be at peace
Inside my skull, present
Breathe between
Grief and grief

Here I rest
Wild geese calls
Wandering paths
Don’t pull me

Go, go, go; I’ll follow
Fly, I’ll be there after
Stillness carries inside me
Unbound by place or time

I am at peace, maybe
What, if not a constant battle?
I eat, sleep, rest
But the world is not an enemy
And I don’t know what to do
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