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Jo Sep 19
wouldn't life be easier if things were just a bit clearer?

he's sweet, this man
he's tender, the way he runs his finger down my face
there's something about the way he speaks, so intelligently

but could it also be that i'm just infatuated with the thought of having somebody to hold
someone to be intimate with
someone to potentially fall in love with

sweet little tender life of mine
can you tell me if this man is meant to be mine?
Jo Jul 13
you are so precious  
your smile and laugh are infectious
you truly are my little sunshine

yet you wish you were dead?
you wish you no longer existed?

don't you know how much it pains me to hear that?

you think you need me?
baby, i need YOU
i can't even imagine a world without you

please don't leave
i promise, it can't rain forever

at the end of the day
you are my little sunshine, remember?
Jo Jun 11
one, two, three, breathe
one, two, three, breathe out

it's all in my head
that's what i keep reciting to myself
it's all in my head

but if it's all in my head
why is my heart pounding so loud?
it feels like it might just fall out
Jo May 20
i hope you’re happy
and that it was all worth it  
...for yourself

i hope the girl you’re with now
learns self love  
...for herself  

i had to forgive you
without ever receiving an apology
...for myself
Jo May 19
there’s such a hunger for success
and it sits inside of me
i always wonder why this hunger is so **** loud
always growling out of me 

but then it all makes sense
my ancestors didn’t go through all that pain for nothing
they didn’t cry tears of sadness for it to amount to nothing

this is what i’m supposed to be doing
reaching for my dreams
making sure i make all of you proud
this life, this is all for you
Jo May 13
isn’t it crazy,
that self love isn’t a subject that’s taught in schools?

imagine what a world we’d live in
if more people loved themselves

we’d love each other
what a beautiful thing that’d be
Jo Apr 30
the wind is hitting my face
my heart is beating so fast out of my chest
i’m trying to catch my breath
i have sweat running down my spine all the way down to my legs

the waves are splashing me
more water on my damp body
can’t tell what is sweat and what is salt water

but i’m running and i’m running
by the beach
listening to my favorite music
going along with the beat

tell me,
what else am i supposed to feel except for freeness?
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