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 Apr 13 J Michael
Clutch tight the tail of the sun.
Shed your tethers
and take that ride into the next.

Redeem the possibility
of limitless tomorrows.
Because today was meant to happen
and yesterdays were never meant
to weigh you down.
We     haven't
exchanged     words       now
in        more      than      a     week.
Come   on,
talk   to .  me,
S P E A K !
I'm   desperate;
                                                          in   n e e d ,
I    need   you    to     speak.
I   can't    live    like   this,
I    need   it   to    stop.
Our     words   used   to    be   priceless,
and      now       we         don't         even       have      voices.
Very unfortunately, a true story that still hasn't ended...
The art is so beatiful.
While you looking at that.
You feeling and hearing.
Each note of your spirit.

You create something new.
You're creator, you're master of your work's art.
Each inch, each word of masterpiece.

It is your child, it's your creation.
You own on it.
Tune up the notes of your soul.
Do you hear that?
Do you feel that?
Do you see?
The art is beatiful.
It's making sence of human being.
 Apr 7 J Michael
Some things were brought together by the universe

Sun and Moon
Sky and Sea
Fire and Water
You and Me

I suppose we were meant to be
April 7, 2019

— The End —