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Jme Love Sep 6
Well lets see
I am the only me
She can not
He can not
You can not be
Theres not two
Theres not three
Theres only one me
One day you shall see
Im the one the only JME
  Sep 4 Jme Love
It caught me in its sticky web
It overrode my tongue
I lost control of what i said
And of the things I’d done
Jme Love Sep 4
Wondering as I wander
Going no certain direction
Given up on any kind of perfection
Im no leader for I have no followers
I do not follow for I have no leaders
I just wander
Going no certain direction
Makes me wonder
Will there ever be a destination
Jme Love Aug 16
A broken seal
Masking whats real
Taking a shot
Numbing every thought
A little baggie
Something to smoke
Killing the mind
Theres a reason its called dope
Pop a few pills
Fading away
No longer seems real
Coping is yet another mistake
Hoping this time not to wake
Not wanting death
Nor this life
Broken down by
Malice and lies
Everybody has something to ease the pain
Jme Love May 15
Trying to see beyond the darkness of the midnight sky is the same as trying to look through my soul. You only wonder why. The moon and stars do not shine. Nothing but a black empty void is left behind. Once i glowed like the full moon big and bright. Until the day you stole my light. Left alone in the dark. I clutched onto my broken heart. I embraced the night. I began to see the light. No longer blind. Im able to see.
Im now the woman in the moon and the stars belong to me.
Overcoming a dark time by owning and taking back whats mine.
  Apr 5 Jme Love
there is no way
eyes can sparkle like that
unless they’ve stared
into the flames of hell

no way she can look
that confident
strutting on her tip toes
unless her heels got scarred
from stepping on the shards
of her own broken heart

no way a smile
can exist so naturally
unless it bursted through
satan’s double knotted seam

no way a woman
can stand so pretty
unless she once almost
laid down her life
in pain
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