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Christine Jun 2020
My world shines
When I see you smile.

My life rocks
When I hear you laugh.

My heart flutters
When I learned we’re lovers.
Christine Jun 2020
Aren’t you disappointed?
With the fact that the rulers
Are not that efficient?
That the country’s leaders
Have lost their sight
To what should be prioritized?

Aren’t you disappointed?
With the people whom you voted
Whom you thought could fight
For what is right
For the country’s citizens
Could not even hear your cries?
Christine Jun 2020
I was looking at the strawberry moon
I remember, it was the month of June
It shines so brightly
And I fell in love with it badly.

I then felt a stinging pain
No, actually it was my heart who’s in vain
A memory of you sparks up my mind
A memory of us, on my last sight.

Like the moon, you lit up my dim life
You lightened up my hard nights
And with those little things you’ve done
I fell in love with you, even now that you’re gone.
Christine May 2020
I was told
To choose my words
And get a hold
For it is a major thing to consider
When dealing with people
And it should be a reminder
Once the weapon has been wielded
It couldn’t be taken down
Even if you unbind it
Since words being words
Are known to be sharper than swords.
when dealing with people, always be reminded to choose the right words to say because you can’t take them back anymore.
Christine May 2020
Her Eyes
That shine brighter
Than the sun in the sky.

Her eyes
That lighten up
The night, so dark and high.

Her eyes
That behold the fire
Voicing her heart, bold yet shy.
Christine May 2020
Help me
I’m drowning
From the thoughts that keep bugging me
From the demons inside me
From the pain that consumes me.

Help me
I am in need
Of someone to hold on
Of someone to cry on
Of someone to lean on.

Help me
Because I can’t
I can’t do this alone
I can’t fight them alone
I can’t stop this alone.
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