She was like the sea
Beautiful in serenity
Mysterious and deep
Legions of secrets to keep

She was like the sea
Wild in its intensity
Vicious in her treachery
Savage as the waves can be

She was like the sea
dangerously captivating
Peaceful, strong, and comforting
Cold and yet alluring

She was like the sea
She will always be a part of me
She was like the sea

A poem about my mother.  So much about her, I found out after her death, was not what I thought.  So many much I'll never know about her.

little red bud
and grow in the
wild rose that you are
Raise your briar thorns
until they scar her pretty face,
until your bloody petals
fill the air in the night
Raise them, again and again
and give praise to her forgotten beauty...

Through a portal in the flowing sands of time
We travel back into history,  1849
Where we find an intriguing man
who can pen a nice line!

He was no craven, he flew with a raven
And you're wondering who is this man
Everyone know the master of poetry
Edgar Allan Poe ☆

Alas, we find Poe upon the streets
        Of Baltimore, all alone
in severe distress
Gasp in strange clothes dressed
        And none were his own!

Astonished were we and deathly ill was he
And not misbehavin'
   Only unshaven!

Swiftly he's whisked away to a hospital
             Washington College!

Whereupon four days later
the grim reaper greets him,
"Hello, Mr. Poe!"

Oh Poet!


We needed each other

A passion I will never forget

Carrying on with your absence is hectic
But it turns out you're too sweet and I'm a diabetic.

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