Jillian Jade Apr 2018
You fell in love with my body
I fell in love with you soul
Somehow when you touched me
You made me feel whole.

I'll stay with you forever
That's what you always said
But what will you do
If I leave you instead?

Will you fight
Will you fall
I guess your love with make that call.
I can never tell if your love is a bluff.
But when I leave I will be sure enough

To know if I'm yours, if you really want me.
Will you hold me
Squeeze me
Kiss me
Love me
Or will you simply let me go.

Would you beg for me to stay
Or let me wonder far away
I guess your love will make that call

One day I'll move on
Your love will be long gone
Fully living your life
With someone's hand to hold
Another soul to crush and mold
Into their broken selves

Forever and Always

-Jillian Jade
Breathe in,
Breathe out.
Take a deep breath.
Keep breathing.
Breathe in,
Breathe out.
What am I going to do
When the only reason I was breathing
Was you?

Jillian Jade Apr 2018
He saved her
When she didn't want to be saved.
She was on death's bed
Her mind already made.
One last song she wanted to sing
Before she burned in **** for eternity.

She knew she had lived for far too long
Everyone said she could overcome.
But only she could feel her pain.
No one understood
She would choose to live if she could.
So she sang her song.

A song that sang hello
Because she hated goodbyes.
This way, she could hide her cries.
Her cries in disguise
Her time to say goodbye.
She sang her last note.

But then a good soul came,
Asked her for her name.
Her tongue all tangled up.
A guardian angel
His wings spread wide
Wiped her tears and heard her cries.
So scared to regain hope
But his love helped her cope.
Not a worry in the world.
He did everything he could
To do her heart good.
Just to bring her joy.

When her life was at it's end
A whole new story began.
One's words cannot describe.
Her soul lives on when it could have been gone
Because of a Hello that was meant to be a Goodbye.

-Jillian Jade
This poem is about a time in her life when she wanted to commit suicide, but because someone special came into her life, AND CARED, she was able to see the happiness in life once again. She sang Hello by Adele, meaning for it to be her last song, but he heard it as a hello, when she meant it as a goodbye to the world. Because of simple words her life was restored.
Jillian Jade Apr 2018
We walk through this world
With all different eyes.
But the way I saw yours
The way they touched mine.
The way I lost myself
The way you'd always help
The way I couldn't tell
What this feeling was.

The way your fingers touched my hair.
The way you mended my heart's tears.
The way my heart fluttered at your smile.
The way the butterflies always flew miles.
The way you touched my skin.
The way I felt your laughs.
The way you held me.
You had my heart in your hands.
Why did you drop it?

The way I felt that hurt
The gut wrenching pain
The cries everyone heard
No one said anything.
They all just stared.
Pity in their eyes.
And watched the way
Your heart crushed mine.

From being so high
And ending so low
How I didn't know
The pain you had bestowed,
Upon me like a spell
Stuck in this cycle.
Never ending tears
Down a waterfall of miles.  
The way you caressed me.
The way you kissed me.
It should have been obvious.
My heart so naive,
Left in so much pain.

The way you faked everything.

The Way
You touched me gently
Leaving traces on my skin
I didn't know
You were writing in permanent marker.
Now I can't erase
The markings you've left

-Memories etched in with a blade.

Jillian Jade
Jillian Jade Apr 2018
Splitting apart
Peeling into two.
Too many lies that I've grown up into.
Being ripped in half
A memory of the past
But glass never breaks down the middle.
Broken pieces shattered on the floor
Be careful were you step or you'll get hurt more.
I'm torn down the middle because I can't choose.
I'd rather stay with me than live with you two

-Divorce from a child's perspective
Jillian Jade

— The End —