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I love you
the lie I keep repeating to myself
and telling him everyday
so I can still secretly
love you from afar.
Of all the lies I believed,
I won't let you go
is my favorite.
And of all the truths I heard,
You're not enough
is my treasured one.
"Someday, you'll look up to me
I'll be on the stage with my degree.
She promised her mother.

One day, her mother was crying
As she looked at her
But instead of medal,
it was rope, in her neck.
Depression has no face
예지엘 Mar 2
Let me fall on my own and gonna stand up strong.
예지엘 Feb 27
He will always be that boy
but he will never be that man for me.
예지엘 Feb 24
And your lips
tells the greatest lie,
"I am okay."
but your eyes
says otherwise.
예지엘 Feb 22
How I wish I know nothing
For when I know something
I understand the thing
And I can't help but feel the pain
I may act like I don't know about a thing, but believe me. I know and I understand.
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