Seema 5h

...Is kadar jale the hum
Jayse jalte hain diye
Khamosh thi nigahein hamari
Suntey rahe badnaami tumhari
Logo ne mujhe ilzaam diya
Ki maine tumse wafaa kiya
Lekin tumne mujhe daga diya
Abh bhujh rahein hain ye diye
Bas tumhari hifaazat kafi hai, mere liye...


...I burn in such a way
Just like the earthen lamp
My eyes and feelings all quite
While listening to the insults and rumors
People taunted me of being too faithful
But you betrayed me
Now this earthen lamp is dying out
Just your well being, is enough for me...


Diye jalte hain..phool khite hain.... Happy Diwali
Seema 2d

O' heart breaker,
In which country you reside
You left me broken
You left my side
Untold feelings, burning inside
Why did you promise? why did you lie?
Holding my pillow, I silently cry
You despite knowing, hardly gave a try
Without any reason, you moved away
Creating a distance, a bed of thorns in my way
Each time, I take your name
The tears roll and emotions the same
My heart longs whenever I try to tame
You may be happy, seeing me like this
But you don't know, how much I miss
Quite nights have become my enemy
My mind just pictures, you and me
One day I might find you near
Buried beside me, without any fear
I will just leave things as it is
But first erase your memory from my mind, please!


Fiction write.
Seema 2d

The rain is falling
My heart is calling
Emotions are crawling
Tears are rolling

The sun stopped shining
My mind kept whining
Feelings almost breaking
Through nights awakening

Rain and shine
Washed away by wine
A trait of a liar - pain
Freezing my body then my brain

An empty bottle - unlid
Loving you - I did
Hurt throughout, left in mid
O' what a way to get off rid

Days would return for you
Running and searching in view
For I would be gone by then
With a written letter -
                                   and a broken pen...


Seema 2d

Beating this wild heat
With my favorite rolling treat
Music blast popping up on beat
While barbecuing fresh lean meat
Friends over, as I wave to greet
Being years, finally we meet
One fully dressed in suit, tucked in neat
Looking for a place near me, perhaps a seat
Most have moved to other places
See how, work, has stressed their faces
Taking "Heineken" out from the cases
Am glad to see smiles, on their stressed out faces
Enjoying each moment as we approach the sunset
The vibrant atmos appealing, the darker it gets
So many stories to share around
Within the reach of each hand, while we sat on the ground
A bonfire, flaming sunset, a mesmerizing evening
We all enjoyed together, forgetting the work phones ringing...


A life living in an opposite direction of the above, no regrets, no complains of what fills my plate :-)
Seema 2d

Messy hair
Lost a pair
Of what I forgot
"Oh yes! now I got"
Pair of my socks
Stuffed in a box
Dreadful ugly locks
Trying to braid
My messy hair
Ahh, I will just leave it
I now longer care
Gotta trim short, this hair
So my head is free
To feel the air...


Such a hot weather.
Seema 3d

They'll come a moment
When we'll be together
Closer than ever
Slowly but surely
One day forever
Closer than ever
Neither you nor I are together
At this moment
But soon we will be
Closer than ever
Breathing the same air
Dreaming the same dreams
Closer than ever
We will be together...


Seema 3d

I may shed a little tear today
As words of some seem to kill
A reminder may play everyday
Putting me on a disgusting pill

I'm out spoken on verbal and written
Yet, I am misjudged by most
Words seem to be stuffed and bitten
And comments fly in of another boast

I am not a qualified writer
Nor my writes are clear to perfect
But writing makes my dark world brighter
And that, my friend is a fact

My writes are ruins of my thoughts
Feelings of a broken heart
Shattered pieces of multiple knots
And a spilling imaginary art

I am not in competition with anyone
Poetry world is a lovely place to be
I am not in search to nail someone
But to read other poets work as I see...


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