Seema Jun 13
Conseal the pain of this broken heart
Let there be flashes of light
Unveil this darkness, O' sheering rain
Drums of thunder thumping tonight
Blots of ink dubbed on paper
Melting candle wax shapes a figure
Breeze of glory, sound of chimes
My trembling hand on the trigger
Drowning deep in this nights swamp
Swallowing pins and needles of taste
Tears break into silent cries
This life is just a waste
Do I or do I not
The fight is still going on
Live or die
Coz I am already torn
Helpless, but there's a guilt feeling
Why be a coward for someone elses mistake
Live and start all over again
Give no time to fake
Pulling the trigger gives no escape
My soul would be barred in this world of fake
Why should I take my life
Why not, correct my mistakes...

Fiction, not my story.
Seema May 19
On the shores of heaven
An angel sits, with bright wings
Guiding the souls to their gate
Soothing hymns, it sings

The golden gates open wide
To welcome the souls to its realm
Hailing to our father, the saviour
All souls, look the same

Glory to the mighty king
Above and beyond all
We raise our hands and praise to thee
Please listen to our call

One, you are, that of high
For every being and soul bows to you
The creator and destroyer of this universe
We submit ourselves to you...

Inspired by an article I read today. I am not a Christian tho.
Seema May 8
I have been away for too long
In a solitude, burried with remorse
For I've lost a very close loved one
And the situation got worse

I prayed to be taken away
For my life to end
As soon as possible
Coz nothing much was left to mend

Tears rolled down my cheeks
To stop the negative thoughts
Got taken back many times
To untie the invisible knots

Voices got into my ears
That ached to explode my temple
Closing my eyes eveytime
A picture painted, to resemble

It's you, O'mum...that I can't get over with
Life seems, more like a lego
Feelings that can't be put into words
Every bit pierces through the core

Your smile, your beauty, your essence
Has all been captured by this heart
Now, in troubled weak times
Another scene peeps as an art

How will I ever, comfort myself
That now I am all alone
None that are left by my side
All have fallen and gone

May your soul rest in peace
Exactly, a month today
Missing you heaps in this crowded shell
Hope to meet you, someday...

Voices from my weak heart.
Seema May 8
As I walk my way along the path of goodness...
Shattered moments linger through the loneliness...
As I get closer to the destiny, I'm pulled back by the unknown forces...
Feeling scared as I fear for the invisible tortures...
I'm striving my way through, each time I stumble...
Trying to spit words but in vain I mumble...
Fighting my way through the nights wickedness...
Hoping when will I get out of this wilderness...
Perhaps a whisper from above will give me the strength to keep going...
My instincts leap up and positivitates my knowing...
The path is clear but as I start my walk again, the path is blurred and I stumble again...
Soon day breaks and I am left awake soaked in pain..

Spilling imagination.
Seema May 1
I could feel his breath on me
Filled with heated lust
Triggering my visible spine
Any moment, the fangs could thrust

He counted my heartbeats
Slowly nearing my ear
Whispered, delicious blood
And that ignited my fear

Holding me tight, yet being gentle
He had on a mesmerising scent
Looking deep into his eyes
Felt like my veins have burnt

A starry full moon night
And being caught up as a prey
It almost seemed liked midnight
Yet, in his strong arms, I lay

Pink blossoms, showered like rain
As the winds increased its pace
His warm lips gently touched mine
And, I was taken into galactic space

He embraced me like a flower
And continued to kiss me
Like there won't be a tomorrow
For me to ever see

I didn't fight back or resist
Perhaps I was hypnotized by him
But a night, I will never forget
When all lights slowly go dim

A life spared but repaid with lust
To the dangerous, night walker
An everyday trend
Meeting up, by the storeroom locker!

Fiction write. Spilling imagination.
Seema Apr 26
The sweetest smile,
The deepest thought, brings me back to the place where it all started...
It's the feeling of complete to incompletiness,
A depression of gist in the weary way of emptiness..
My hand in yours still clinging to you as it was way then..
Turned away of the love that was once so cheerly mine...
But now gone with a single sigh of smile...

Seema Apr 24
In this lonesome night am sitting awake...
With tension and stress creeping like snake...
I wonder if gods are awake to listen to my pain...
Seems each time I pray, it goes in vain...
Sometimes, I hear whispers in the rushing wind...
But it all comes down as drizzling rain...
Perhaps it's too much for gods to handle...
For once and all they to, cry seeing man's scandal...
Time and again I teach myself to be strong...
Not to break but push myself all along...
Now it's time for me to lay down and rest...
With open eyes I pray to be the best...
As this time shall never come again...
Of what I assume would obviously be the end...

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