Seema Sep 3
I wished for rain
And soothing words of sweet
But you struck me with pain
In this intolerable heat

On the ground, I lay
In shock of what you just did
I hoped you came to stay
With me and our kid

Something was not right
I sensed the presence of an evil force
A drawn column of fright
And sudden objects began to toss

Darkness started to approach
As you became someone unknown
A lust to kill, a soul roach
To which, I wish, I had known

A language full of filth and foul
You spitted on few standing around
You snorted and then came in the growl
And like a fierce beast, you sat on the ground

My lips trembled but my heart prayed
For help from anyone anyplace
Planks were soon being laid
Around it, to gape and gaze

The unknown tried to escape
But the planks were blessed with holy essence
Verses were read by a person in cape
Darkness eluded by its presence

The unknown seem to struggle in a purifying body
Stubborn, causing it physical harm
Witnessed by everybody
Soon everything became calm

He lay on the ground, with scratches and blood
Breathing heavily as the prayer ended
Rain poured in suddenly, washing away the blood
The evil seem to have descended

He was carried back to my place
For nourishment and care
The man in cape, blessed and left the thin air

Spilling imagination.
Seema Aug 24
Falling fort, cried
in vain, as it started disappearing
right in front of my eyes
Pillars dropped like weak weapons
Crushing to the emotionless ground
Deep trenches seem to elude
What on earth, was I witnessing
Few around gathered, gazing at the fall
None, heard the cries
From the ruined like walls
My ears seem to pick the historic ache
That stood tall, for centuries
A pileup of derbies, now filled the place
Birds, call for their peers to see
Where once they all seem to be
A nightmare flunged for the poor creatures
Busted off, so to flee
Like an ancient grave, it sleeps in silent
Never to awake to stand tall
In dust it loses itself day by day
Only the wind answers its call...

Spilling imagination. Inspired by a painting.
Seema Aug 23
The bitterness in your thoughts were evident in your eyes...
Its ok, somehow I knew it was all bunch of lies...
Vows, promises, loyalty just as well, I came to know...
That people of such virtue could fall so low as you...
Remember wise men have said, your fouls are watched by gods...
But don't you worry these sayings are only for odds...
A day shall come, when you might realise...
How selfish you were in losing me with your ugly disguise...

©sim goes on :)
Seema Aug 22
A small spark flames a forest...
A small stone ripples water like torres...
A slight anger turns us into raging beasts...
While a childs giggle makes life a happy feast...
A mothers love eases enormous pains...
As a fathers words moves us up again...
A sisters secret gives way to teasey torture...
While a brothers arm awares unforseen horror...
Friends are there but they tend to change...
In good ways keeping us at close range...
None other are as closest as I to myself...
Yet, we keep brooding about ourselves...

Spilling thoughts.
Seema Aug 22
Laying under bed of stars...
Seeing how time pass...
Remembering our wedding night...
How dramatic was that cake fight...
Now you have other destination....
Coz you decided to move to other nation...
Looking down at my wedding ring...
Oh I wish, I had bird like wings...
It would be easier to reach you...
Also catching the nations marvelous view...
But here I am alone thinking about the distance...
I hope this parting doesn't create any resistance...
For I love you, and believe that we'll meet...
A day sooner shall come where we'll greet...
Once again we shall unite...
Our souls shall meet every perfect night...

...I miss you...

Spilling imagination. Not my story tho.
Seema Aug 14
Tiny marble eyes
Visible like a radar
Grinning on the lush
The cutest bundle of joy
Beautiful chameleons

5-7-5-7-7 syllables
Seema Aug 13
Twisted at some point
Life never gets better your way
It has its own directions
Customize it, if you may
Pricky steps do guide
Where once fallen deep
Wide-eyed watching path
But still wanting to sleep
Lucid dreams make believe
That reality is fake
Daydreaming turns tiresome
It's good to be awake
Thinking the other way
That maybe you're in debt with death
Shatter the false vision
Or chaos could stir up wrath
Look around and stay sane
Coz insanity is on rise
People hooked on their phones
Life now, has no price...

Scribbling thoughts.
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