Seema 5d
A shortest smile bears the deepest impression...
The loss of sense draining in depression...
Talk about sharing thoughts with someone known..
But efforts fail as the talks become unknown...
Try and tried of putting thoughts together...
For the memories that render over and over...
Of what mind speaks hurts me again...
When heart seeks gives atmost pain...
Who shall understand for people live in vain...
Its almost peek of insanity nearly going in drain...
Keeping in mind that steady should remain...
Of what thoughts crash and what we gain...

Seema Mar 9
I rather not shout,                      to provoke certain spirits
                               In gain of my own      
                                                           Why should I dig more,
when buried things are known

Out there in the dark,
                                           amongst the old monuments
Find my name engraved,          
                                             when you have lived your moments

I, for thee was once a famous being,
                                       now resting in pieces not in peace

How could I, be happy                when I got locked out alive
My beating heart wouldn't stop,   and my eyes lived to see

                                                    Literally, suffocating myself,
as the way out was none to find

In this dark, pit of horror
                                              even the sun, dares not to shine
                                            The culprit escaped, however,          
by dumping me here,

My conscious returned,        but no one could hear

A pile of mud and heavy stones        carefully braced
                                            My nails dug in deep
and my breathing raced

In a moment,                   all was freezed and gone

                  My heart, my soul, my life......all TORN.

Fictional write, spilling imagination.

My apologies for my poet friends for not posting much on here as for some situation. But I'll try reading most of your writes as I get time and will atleast post one poem daily.
Seema Mar 3
To die peacefully at old age
Is a fortunate privilege indeed
It's quite heartbreaking to see
The suffering, as the purries we feed
When soul snatchers are summoned
To collect the soul
Their arrival does alarm
There are no bright lights but clouds of coal
The heartbeats jump and jerk
At times the eyes open too wide
When it's time to go,
You can not repel or hide
I wish they go silently in their sleep
The much torture of the epidemic diagnose
And the so called cure antidotes
While everything is fed through tubes in nose
The nights become much darker
To welcome the path to the death valley
How I wish, we could give our lifelines
To the ones we are so close to very
Just for them to live a bit more
How I wish, I had a genie lamp
To grant the wishes for green health
And erase all that is meek and damp
Here I sit in the hospital,
By my mom's bedside
Out of five critical admits,
Four have lost their loved ones side
Tho, the life seems numbered
It is my mom that got through the night
Tears after tears I break silently
So long for the will to fight
I pray hard and ask God
To spare her for sometime
Just a little more
To see her precious everlasting smile
I don't know how I will pull through
As I am just a small canoe
Trying my best to shore the wrecked ship
O' there is so much, left to do
The night owls hoot over the roof
Not a good sign I guess
As I dismiss the negative feelings
Coz within me, my brain is a mess
There are many more things going on
Everywhere in this world
Time flies, and loved ones gone
Expiry their dates, and so are called...

Seema Feb 27
I'll be gone without a trace,
Even if you catch a glimpse of my face
Death would beat you, in this case
As it is already winning this race
Seema Feb 19
If am gone,
                   will you care?
Memories that we had,
                   will you ever share?
In absolute darkness,
                   will you wish for me?
Sitting cold shivering,
                   will you watch the sea?
You turned me insane,
                   will you feel the shame?
In attempt of my escape,
                   will you help or just gape?
If I asked you to take me,
                   will that make any sense?
Have I said too much,
                   have you got tense?
Am silent now,
                   does that hurt?
Laying cold soaked in oil,
                   do you recognize this skirt?
Are you crying,
                   will you not bury me to rest?
I have a long way to go,
                   will you not do your best?
I know you loved me so,
                   but it's time for me to go...

Spilling imagination. Fictional write.
Seema Feb 19
Alone in the dark...
Hearing the dogs bark...
Searching for my fone...
Just remembered now you own...
Looked up the sky, no moon was in sight...
Aaah! its gona be a long night...
Light was gone, power was out...
Wondering when someones gonna come about...
Its almost midnight, and all is silent outside...
Creepy flashbacks seem to droop from inside...
Trying to focus on yesterday's drama...
Of what really put me through such a trauma...
Gathering the moments, I realized we broke...
Yes, we did! you blundered with your filthy joke...
Assuming it sounded cool within your friend group...
But what a jerk you are now unrespected dupe...

Fictional write.
Seema Feb 19
O little birds sing to me...
For I am a little bumble bee...
Show me how to fly up high...
As I also wanna give a try...
To fly up...up above the skys...
And see the world with my eyes...
Together we shall live on this tree...
For I wanna be free just free...
I would be your friend and you my guide...
With all my trust flying by your side...
I will protect you from dangers to come...
Don't you worry our troubles shall overcome...
Its my first ever flight without my parents today...
Lets keep our promises and cherish this day...

A hot sunny day :)
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