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Jet Mar 2019
Its been two weeks since I’ve been using .. and honestly, I thought I could never stop abusing. The first time I used, I was so high. It made me believe you were the cure to all my pain so I sat there and saw how you started controlling my brain. I felt so happy, so in love that I felt like I could fly. I started using more, just to escape from the problems in the real world. I was floating away to another dimension, possibly my dream world. It became part of my routine, if I didn’t have my daily dose, I caused a scene! Everyone said this drug had me afflicted but nah, nah... you think I could be addicted? ... No! I swear im fine, I promise. But ayo, you think I can get another line?

Look at me, look at the person I came out to be, this wasn’t the person I wanted you to see. Please wait, one more date, one more line to replace the pain. I swear ill give you all my love in exchange.
But now I’m all alone, an my heart feels like its becoming stone. I’m keeping all these feelings in my chest and the demons surrounding me are playing with my emotions like some game of chess...

But you know what?
The recovery of this crave will release my brain from being your slave. You made me believe all the lies you said, as my addiction for you just spread. But while I cried, I came to recognize, the love you had me was always just a lie.

A lie I was addicted to.
Jet Dec 2018
24 hours in a day
7 days in a week
I’ve been trying to learn how to deal with you
How to deal with your words
That are sharp
Sharp enough to cut my skin
& through my heart
You see me in pain but you just sit there with that grin
You say :
Im not pretty enough
Not feminine enough
Not curvy enough
what youre tryna say is that...
im Not good enough
now you’re gone
& im here, still alone
Trying to Hide my feelings
But the band aids you got me...
I’m still bleeding
But you know what ??!
I’m not ready to quit
my mother taught me my worth
No matter how the shoe fits
My father showed me
What it was to be treated right
So I do not have to feel guilty
Because you wanted me out of your sight
I don’t need you to tell me what I am
I am good enough
Not to someone else, but to myself
I am so much better than what you say I am
I am proud, just being myself

Jet Mar 2018
There he was
Always by my side

He was there to wipe my tears
He was there to hug me and take away my fears
He was there to stop me from drinking too many beers

He was always there until one day I made things blurry
Everything was going downhill
He didn't even look back
He just left in a hurry

I said I didn't care
Deep down, I just wanted it to be a nightmare
I knew he was no longer by my side
I had lost everything, everyone, even my pride

We talk once more
Our conversations never a bore
I tell you how much I've missed you
and all about the days I've been blue

you are one of my blessings
I know I won't mess this up again
I'm not even stressing

I love you so much
Our friendship has become something no one can touch

Thank you for being by my side
Through the low and high tides
Jet Feb 2018
There I was
maybe 2 miles away from home
I could turn back if I wanted to
It wasn't too late
Heart Racing
Palms Sweating
I could turn back I thought
but my legs just kept going
It felt like I had no control over them
They just kept going
then I thought I wanted to go back
but my brain was telling me to run
leave everyone
leave everything
but my heart was telling me to go back
resolve problems and become happy
I still continued to run
Nothing would change my mind
Until my issues were chasing me
Now I'm running from it
Someone help
I can't breathe
There's this cramp in my gut
I can't keep running
I can't
Im not fast enough
I can't escape my problems
I can't hide my fears
Im slowly suffocating
There's no one around to help me
I dont know what to do
I can't run anymore
All my problems are slowly,
killing me
no one can save me

but myself
no one can solve my problems but myself
Jet Feb 2018
you were so close...
a best friend made only for me that God chose
I didn't think you were leaving anytime soon
but it happened one afternoon
everything went by so fast
i wasnt okay but you didnt ask
now you're miles away
the image of your smile in my mind is slowly turning grey
@my bestfriend. love you ***
  Feb 2018 Jet
things happen
words slip
lips collide
tears drip
but sometimes
those things
are good
loving words
tender kisses
joyful tears
not bad
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