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Jessop Nov 2018
All I ask is the moon on a stick,
It is my one desire.
To have it’s yellow glow in my hands.
To admire it for it’s imperfections.

No one seems to be able to give me the moon,
Is it really that much to ask?
It’s just one little circle in the sky,
I only want it for a little while.
And would anyone really miss it?

All I ask for is the moon on a stick,
So I can give it to you.
A little poem based on a conversation I had with a friend
Jessop Nov 2018
The age of man has dawned,
Like a red sunrise we flourished,
The light of our world.

By the skin of our teeth we clawed our way out of the mud.
And into the future.
Great generals lead us to war,
Great scientists into the future.
We endured for centuries,

Year by year, decade by decade,
We lived and learnt.

Until eventually
Like sunset we faded gently into the night,
The end of an age
A very brief history of humanity, skipping all the fun bits really
Jessop Nov 2018
The kindness of strangers,
An unimaginable force,
Stopped by nothing,
It is the kindness that we need not ask for,

The door held open,
The friendly hello.
We rely on people we have never met.

And they answer our silent cries for help.
I hope you like it :) its quick and ***** but it works
Jessop Oct 2018
Just one more message,
One more,
And the night disappears.

In ones and twos the messages appear,
Replies within the minute.
One more message,
Then I’ll go to sleep, one more.

Just one more message,
And the night slips away,
Out of reach.
Jessop Oct 2018
At the swinging of a pendulum
The seconds pass one, by, one.
Like beats of the drum
The spinning of the hands which dictate time

But it ends,
The weight hits the bottom, the pendulum stops swinging
The drum falls silent
With its energy all spent, it stops.

Without the will to continue,
It is allowed to die,
and silence takes over.
As time is allowed to stop.
Although I didn't realize until after writing it, this is my take on the country song "My Grandfather's Clock" by Johnny Cash, but obviously a poem
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