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 Mar 2016 Jessica
love me
 Mar 2016 Jessica
love me
you took in my heart
and let it grow in warmth
within your's

you were my world

all ill ever be to you
is a stepping stone
another pawn in your game

guess what?
to me its not a game
 Mar 2016 Jessica
love me
 Mar 2016 Jessica
love me
i love the way you pull me in closer just before you shut your eyes
the way i never get sick of your skin against mine
the way you rub my cheeks when you say you love me
i love your hugs
how you wrap your arms around me
and suddenly life isn't so bad
i love the way we laugh and sing
i love how you compliment me
even after we've just worked out
i love your family and how they welcome me with open arms
i love *us
 Mar 2016 Jessica
Pretty Lies
 Mar 2016 Jessica
Kaleidoscope memories of you
Beautiful if turned one way, and muddled when turned another
But do I want to search for its beauty?
Do I want to search for you?

My fingers graze things you once held, searching for echoes of your finger tips,
My fingers graze my skin hoping to remember how you feel,

If I turn up the volume, will it give me comfort the way your voice used to?
The pause between words have me grasping on to the way I held your silence between my lips,

I remember your words and whispered promises as if they were etched onto my skin,
No longer a blank canvas,
My eternal mark of you,

Bring me closer, let me look you in those dubious eyes,
Let me bring my lips almost to a kiss and ask for another pretty lie.
 Mar 2016 Jessica
With you
 Mar 2016 Jessica
Please, don't make me wait.
Please, just take me away.
 Jan 2016 Jessica
Moonbeams tread softly

on shining wire   

death waits

haunting shadow

hoping for cloud

and an unfortunate sole

to step forward..
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