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Jessica 3d
The moon pulls the ocean
To crash into the rocks
The way my heart yearns
To hear you talk
To me,
Once more.
My last breath
Would be the deepest yet,
Just to look
Into your brown eyes
And your irises burn
Like smoldering cigarettes
In the hands of God.
I can not extinguish
The gravitation
Of my sighs
Nor can I easily forget
A love so strong
It would bring tenderness
To death
And feel a truer death
In you saying
Even when your life goes on. Even when you both move on. You can still love them in a way that stays with you. It’s haunting, sad, and beautiful. In a profound way that often cannot be articulated in words. I tried though.
198 · Sep 26
The Embarrassment Dream
Jessica Sep 26
The CEO drones on about the company
From a large colorful screen
Remote and loud and rich
His voice seeps into the empty assembly room
His innovation the most capitalistic lilting sheen
his words of Corporate values are seen
By no one,
Just one lone man sitting
Stark naked and leaning
Upon the cold and blue concrete floor.

All the workers are working;
They know not
Of how their leader is speaking bottom line prophecy:
Clearly, a loop. Another Holographic Godless creator
Of pastel green money.
A boney-strong hand grips the office door.
If this were a movie,
The man would be Abraham or Hamilton
Or Jefferson...
Come to save the empty meeting-
But he’s just another one.
And it’s never a happy movie to live
so weightlessly and “fate-less-ly”;
Suspended by the hope of
Past delusions.

He sits beside the naked, obligated, sad
Swimming in the lamp light
Of severance
Of the projection screen
Maybe as
close to America as they’ve ever been
But they ignore this, and
They wait for the end of the video.
This was a weird vision I had inspired by the movie American Factory, and some of the paintings by Banksy.
186 · Oct 11
His Complexity
Jessica Oct 11
At first we met
You taught me about Schrodinger;
Your smirk as mesmerizing and confident
As the mysteries of the universe
Of which you spoke
I thought I could let
You go, when I drove across
The cosmos to escape
The curse
You cast upon me
Yet here I stroll alone
In the splendor of the garden
Of time
In the correct reality
Are you walking with me now?
Or is the velvet nightmare
Of your love
A dream of mine?
121 · Oct 5
My Truth
Jessica Oct 5
I grow so weary
Of my weariness
In times of happiness
I sputter my words
And shuffle my feet
Always smile in such seriousness
Because I fret over possible
That would result from my

I become so tired
Of my tiring
My laughter is shy,
Deceitful, and retiring-
It is as frightened as it is
There is my yawn and grin
In every setting sky.

I feel mired
In a stoic excitement;
What a sincere delight when
You know
You don’t know!
A majesty
Simply because
This must be what infinity feels
Before he goes
to sleep.
Jessica Jul 15
Two flickering souls
Dancing together in the dusk
The flames of two red candles
Seen from the black window sill
Of perpetuity
Playfully pirouetting
Like two lovers in the raptures
Of holy lust
The summer winds might
****** us to play despite
Time molding the silver bands
Upon our hands
To rust.
A vision:
In old age my hands are alight
in your dark hair
Twirling it into a muss
I swear to you,
These seasons (and these bodies) will change,
I believe in
Just a leaves lifetime:
Summer to fall,
But trust
that the firelight cast
Onto bedroom walls
From our jubilant glowing embers
Will eternally illuminate
All those who experience falling
In love
38 · Oct 7
Jessica Oct 7
The nature of people
Is terrifying
My soul is tender and
It wants to love, but it gets
poked and prodded
Like a starfish in suspension
of the sea
I can't relate to the deviousness
and plotting
That seems
to be the norm
I want to cry out,
and I want to sing
Amidst the storm
But the brutality of their
behavior and words
Cuts through everything
I dream
I can swim towards
The hungry sharks
With their cute little faces
sometimes they look like
innocent larks
In the shadows of the
badly intentioned ones
The light of God is frightened
To interact with us
We choose to sink instead
of fly
If only we didn't choose
to die
In our hearts
By way of our hostilities
and aggression in life...
I'll always be a starfish
among the sharks
About workplaces.
Jessica Nov 3
It came to me like the most subtle whisper. My own thoughts, drifting faintly by myself. A passer-by of sorts, who would deliver the most faithful revelation at random. “I can’t take this anymore,” the voice said faintly. And I acknowledged my own thought like I would a stranger speaking a strange truth to me. “Ah, yes, this is true”, my mind agreed, “I really can’t take going on this way anymore.”

And the feeling overall was one of the most profound loneliness. It shook me like the coldest Northern air grasping me through my coat. Of course, I could not live this way anymore. But what could be done to change this? Really, nothing. I was still wandering around like a lifeless cast of my own self and just drifting in and out of my own dreams and meditations. And who could change all this? I struggled daily to change my life. But the change had to come from fate. It had to be delivered by the hands of another. And best in the guise of love or friendship or creative ingenue.

In the past, this significant change never came from me taking actions, and it could only be recognized as something I desperately needed to happen outside of myself. So, I placed the inbound call, and I pressed it outward into the universe from my heart. My face was peeking from the glass of my desolation, peering out into the abyss that is fate. The clouds that disguise fate’s intentions lay heavy on the outside of the window, stirring something inside of me that gravely acknowledged the mystery of the universe.

I aspire to so much more, yet, I cannot seem to make it farther than looking out this window of self-isolation and imposition into the ambiguities of nature’s design.

In the past, the fateful stuff that worked, that was always love. That was still me stumbling luckily into the dilated eyes of one who would long for me. Now, things seemed even more obscured. I felt as though the window I leaned against was much thicker glass, and no faces were outside to ponder why I did exist to stare so mysteriously upon them. It was just myself and my own reflection. A very sad face, looking empty and foreign and miserable. Yet, I must still leave room for hope. Truly, a fool's errand.
Jessica Nov 7
An artist peers out both elusively and excitedly
into the ordinary visions of structure
and sees a myriad of possibilities
Just as a spider sees all
the open spaces around him
as a call
to action
to build his web
both a homestead
and an opaque fraction
of his heart on display.

— The End —