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4d · 17
Present Moment
Jessica 4d
I look for your window lights
Beacons of hope
Glowing like the bedroom eyes
Of feeling
In a mercurial night
Flowers blooming
With the opalescent scent of spring
Cherry blossoms reeling
In the years
Like footsteps in the snow
Of the seasons
Hear my heart sing
As the past grows
In tiny flowers
I count the hours
With something
With the powers
Of the present
Mar 30 · 77
Jessica Mar 30
Hibiscus flower
You look like a Picasso-designed
You don’t quiver
In the warm wind
You sway firmly
You told me you were
In love with a hummingbird
Who fluttered like
An American flag in a hurricane
I told you,
I hope you see her again
Settle down before you wither; at least
Another silver moon arises
As the sliver over blackness
A little hope is there
Mar 30 · 47
Jessica Mar 30
The origins
Of Lucy
Flying high on reprise
Mercurial sunrise
Colors of
Red and gold
Mysteries unraveled
And told
With a strange vigor
He does not stand upon this for he
stands firm upon his greatest
He is heaven-sent,
He muses
Small smile revealed,
as he plots into the foggy
Dark skied evening
and perhaps,
against you
  be the churn of the day
As he returns the moon
To its’ melancholic clouds
Mar 22 · 94
The Stars Fall
Jessica Mar 22
In those dark days
Of black and white
The sun will be blackened
And the moon shall
Obscure it’s opal light
The sun will rise
With trepidation
Like mountains in Genesis
At the behest of God
And the ocean sailing
To meet the heavens
Will leave the
The stars, trembling
Like the quaver of a violin
As the earth is covered
With a velvet sin
Written in cursive by the
Blackest ink pen
Patchouli incense
Wafts in and out of time
A final song or a melody
Then silence.
I found this verse verbally extremely beautiful and was inspired to write about it:

“Immediately after the tribulation of those days: 'The sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from the sky, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken” Matthew 24:29
Mar 15 · 216
Fallen Angels
Jessica Mar 15
There’s nothing left here for me
Rose petals
Fall across my path
Crushed underfoot
My view
In sepia tones
An old song plays
It rattles
The passer-bys bones
And make believe smiles
As we cross
I walk through rice
Laid on the ground
Never seeing the groom
I turn around
Darkness cast across my eyes
And I’m sullen
Only the spent love left
Of the fallen
Who also ask me
Mar 15 · 89
The Echo
Jessica Mar 15
I started looking for you
In vain
Your steps up my stairs
Which sounded
Like autumn leaves
Tussled by the cooling wind
But I never stopped searching
For you
That is to say
Your old footsteps
Are the seasonal echo
Of my broken heart
Mar 15 · 59
Jessica Mar 15
The mysteries of the universe
Weigh me down
Like the ocean
Swimming through them
The centrifugal forces in motion
And beauty meets darkness
As my eyes
Reach the navy depths below
Still unknown
Just two feet paddling
Closing the eyes
And holding breath
To get from one
Destination to another
No matter how far
I seem to swim
The sensation
Of never knowing in entirety
Feels a heavy sin
Even weightless
In this mysterious
Mar 10 · 206
A Parable
Jessica Mar 10
If you see through it
Don’t close your eyes
Hoping to make it solid
Once more
“Its not a lie
If you believe it”
But believe
That it will never be
The truth
Mar 7 · 241
Black Sands of Time
Jessica Mar 7
Love is
Grasping a pebble
In the palm of your hand
And letting it drop
Into the black sands of time
It is
By its’ own nature
Due to its’ seductive
And mysterious beauty
Never mettle in its’ trajectory
We can control it as well as we can control
The moon and stars
Which also fall and rise
Only at the Creators’ command
Into the unknowing
With the power of impermanence
Letting love slip
Into the black sands of
Is understanding the
Trembling nature
Mar 5 · 48
Pale Rider
Jessica Mar 5
Pale Rider
Glowing face
Of Aberdeen
Riding upon spectral
Black horses
Of creation
Across the expanse
Of another's’ strange dream
Holy mockery
For not is all
That it seems
A kiss upon thy lips
Or a dip in the
Luminous river stream
One leading to the other
As you gallop
Dark shadows
Touching your face
Like many lovers
Of opposing teams
Words uttered
By an unfamiliar I
To you in a drunken
A prayer
And a final
/The pale rider
Has come\
/He clutches
My heart\
Feb 27 · 99
Jessica Feb 27
Plumb wine
In a glass
Like a moon
In the tow
Of a galaxy’s
Clumsy mass
Lips upon
An unexpected moment
An empty glass
A shooting star
All things must pass 🎶
One broken
Another infinite
Feb 16 · 57
Jessica Feb 16
It’s not a war
If only one side is fighting
I’m not your enemy
If I’m not against you

Peace be with you
Though you endeavor
To slay me
I know my faith
And my heart is of love
That overfills
Even as you betray me
I will live with compassion
Which is the zenith of humanity
For they know not what they do
For that know not what they do
For they know not what they do
Even when they do.
Feb 14 · 58
Jessica Feb 14
Look up at the stars
Shining in a hazy glory
They do not care
Who you are
In their distance
They speak to decades before
To far away voices
Of yesterday
Jasmine flowers
Through illuminating
White light
But something
You call a reverie
The stars say to you
In harmonious voices,
Feb 10 · 155
Those Who Wander
Jessica Feb 10
who has ever loved
Has been lost
By cherry blossoms
Dancing lightly
From heavenly breezes
Jasmine flowers
Straining to sing
Unearthly harmonies
In the setting dawn
Swaying in the
The stars shining
In a timeless sky
As the spring
Greets the fall
Scattered around like
When the lovers wander
In their loving time
Feb 6 · 673
On Time
Jessica Feb 6
Take pity
On my heart
Dear Lord,
For I was caught
In between daydreams
And tomorrow’s
And fluorescent moonlight
Shining with odd
Midnight retribution
I meant to
Kiss the delicate
You gave
With the tenderness of
To clutch
The hand
Of your heavenly sovereignty
For in all that flickers
And whispers asunder
The depths of the unknown
Sunk like a stone
An ocean
On time
Only understood in your
Feb 5 · 1.5k
The Universe Equation
Jessica Feb 5
As in math
Are a sign of consciousness
The universe
An ever-changing algorithm
The rain falls
In trigonometry
In awkward harmony
Notice the telemetry
Of the stars
God sighs
And the problem
Already solved
Jan 27 · 169
The Sequence
Jessica Jan 27
When laughter falls
Like snow
Blanketing the earth
When time
The source of itself
Transforms into
An outdated term
I reach my hand out to you
And we touch
Jan 24 · 47
Dissociated Dystopia
Jessica Jan 24
A horrific smile
A pleasing sadness
A warm hail
The house
Stable with
The tornado
What is behind the curtain is
Much more than a single
And there is no Wizard
A fractured
Jan 14 · 41
Jessica Jan 14
The open door
The heart beat
The sound of the fluttering
Of wings
The mystery
In walking through
In blues and reds
In light
What truth
Espoused in incomplete
The closed door
The sound of
The clouds parting
In the dimension
Off shore
The song that’s new
For the dove
In a casual spring
Holding more
Than the olive branch
In the song
It sings
Jan 11 · 116
American Dream
Jessica Jan 11
The writer is
Smoking illicitly
Swimming in a sea
Of stories
And he glosses over
Certain histories
Because he needs
Another puff o’drug
Or a misplaced
Sip of synchronici- tea
To wit,
He pens a story
A curiously sober
When he meets him
He’s over the limit
And quite possibly
Under the spell of some strange
American dream.
Definitely about Hunter S. Thompson. I think.
Jan 9 · 48
Jessica Jan 9
“There are two classes of poets — the poets by education and practice, these we respect; and poets by nature, these we love”, -

Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Preface", Parnassus
Jan 4 · 450
The Written Word
Jessica Jan 4
The sound of a pencil
The feeling of stepping softly
into a familiar dream
I love you
Even when no one is reading
Jan 3 · 120
Jessica Jan 3
The sound of a match alight
Lit by my younger hands
In years gone by
between my older breaths
I ponder upon
The existential aching in my heart
That has been omnipresent
from the moment I opened my eyes
In the view of years gone in a flash
Just as the match with the light
In the dance of the night
Snuffed out with ponderous little smoke
left behind
My heart aches to be free
From the tortuous truth
of existence
An awkward and profound
Jan 3 · 298
New Mind
Jessica Jan 3
Heaven knows
The stars blink tinsel silver
like iridescent lights
On amphetamines
Heaven speaks  
It seems to rap lyrically
In lilting tones of urban harmony
A song greatly loved yet-
Suspiciously unknown
Heaven kisses
The birth of moments
The gentle blooming
Of daily standard creation
Like lilies in the lake
Of time
Roses towering delicately
On the morning
Of Gods’ new mind.
Jan 3 · 62
The Relic
Jessica Jan 3
You said you were “different”,
I should have asked, different how?
I must assume you meant
You must have the ability to realign the stars
And perhaps,
You assert to be one who salves the scars
Of a war-torn woman’s broken heart
You claim to be a grand protector
To never become a part of the disease
That plagues so many
You stranded me altogether
And in the worst way to conceive
You claim to be different,
Hear my laughter...
You, different?
Oh, please.
I’m not sure why this is. But people who claim to be so different than others end up being the worst people you date. It’s a classic case of, “thou doth protest too much”.
Jan 3 · 52
Jessica Jan 3
And she walked up the road
Blanketed in velvet night
Her hands were cold
Icicles hung terrified
Of a splendid morning
The shadows communicated
With each other
In strange voices
Carried by the winter air
Like a discordant melody
As they observed her steps
The dawn promised her
He would vanquish them
Where at last,
She would see
The extent of a
misunderstood glory.
Targeted individual awareness:
Dec 2020 · 30
Word and Heart
Jessica Dec 2020
Lovely spectre
Lonely stream
Glorifying love
Reflections in the sound
Of yesteryear
Please don’t disappear
Into another sunken dream
I hold you near
You are not all you seem
I keep you here
My devotion is sincere
Teach me
Where to start
And on what moonlit cloud
Bathed in starlight
Keeps your rhythm
Between the beat
Of word and heart
Dec 2020 · 288
Tomorrow’s Sound
Jessica Dec 2020
If all snowflakes
Are unique
Then each tear
Is complete
In its’
Floating effortlessly
In momentary
Of a feeling
Most profound
As the snow has
Onto the ground
Hear the teardrops
Fading into
Tomorrow’s sound
Dec 2020 · 161
Jessica Dec 2020
The cat
Full moon
The cat vows
“The pickle
Will be mine “,
Meow, meow, meow
Dec 2020 · 34
Jessica Dec 2020
We float suspended
In twilight
Auburn kisses
And purple dreams swirling
In flowing hair
We doze by moonlight
The green tea of centuries
Filtering through
black and white feature films
Hazy in the sky
We dance by the shore of creation
The waves of time
Heavy and crashing with memories
Marrying a rising dawn
And suddenly
We exist delicately
Then dreamlessly
As we float higher
And onward into
A new dimension
Dec 2020 · 381
The Queens’ Gambit
Jessica Dec 2020
I can’t recall
The gentle touch of a loving hand
The pawn stands tall
While in the mind of the opponent
It falls
Watching the snow grace it’s fingers
Across the chartered earth
Not unlike a jilted lover calling
In a memory once sacred
The winter plays the Queens’ Gambit
And time
Does not play at all
I would like to say
I’ve known love
But I still
Can’t recall
Dec 2020 · 127
Dream And Storm
Jessica Dec 2020
The snow falls
It sounds like angels
Walking in soft steps
The morning pirouettes
A dancer in suspension
Held in mid-air
By the winter
In sleep
She is flying somewhere
Above the billowing clouds
She is unaware
Of the dove outside
Watching icicles collapse
Around him
She smiles contentedly
At unknown truths
At dreams, perhaps,
That soothe.
Nov 2020 · 233
Jessica Nov 2020
Missing you
Is missing me
Love’s simplicity
Is life’s greatest complexity
Nov 2020 · 72
Jessica Nov 2020
She thinks in echos
In morning light
She clings to virtue
And her lover
Is pink mountains rising
To find the sunset
And rain flirting
With Mother Earth
She kisses in the future
And they embrace
Fully in the moment
Fearful of the tenderness
Of love
And still stars are shining
Also echos of another time-
They call her from above
They drink the silver sky
And she knows of a thing
That’s called love
Nov 2020 · 349
Jessica Nov 2020
I walked along
The rim of the sea
Seagulls flying
And the salty air in the throes
On my tongue
I memorized the horizon
Taking notes of an uncharted peace
I watched the waves crash
And have the rhythm
Of rockstars
Sudden darkness
Like a black tablecloth
Across the sky
And diamonds thrown high
On a wandering embrace
Of thine eyes
Nov 2020 · 64
Mercy Street
Jessica Nov 2020
Steady stillness
And eerie truth
Both hang together
Within my lonesome heart
Like lovers
They cradle the other
Stroking a cheek
With the softest hand of dreams
And they suffice,
A rambunctious beat
Nothing can be what it seems
When they two do meet
But somewhere,
In beauty unprecedented-
Two feet wander up
Along Mercy Street
Nov 2020 · 171
Speaking Storm
Jessica Nov 2020
I danced in the rain
On a telephone wire
With a smile on my face
As the water poured invisible
Across my high cheek bones
I flirted with the lightning
That threatened to strike
With an umbrella open
I laughed with crazed delight
At the night surrounding me
I tip toed,
as a mouse,
God mumbled something
With his Holy mouth
I wondered questions aloud,
But the storm
And my smile had turned
To a frown.
Nov 2020 · 37
A Study: The Tea Shop
Jessica Nov 2020
The scent of jasmine
And green tea
Rising with heat
From the mug
The sun cascades
From a window
Into blue eyes
A hand embraces another
A gentle smile
When night falls
And the table is empty
The room still clutches
A moment
A lovers’ promise
And the smell of teas
Floating and somehow
Nov 2020 · 46
Love is a Waitress
Jessica Nov 2020
Has grace like a pigeon
She orders in the drive-through
At the pink tails of dawn
After a long shift
Drenched in coffee
Love is a waitress
In Birmingham
She often forgot your order
But she remembers your tip
As she digs through her pockets
In the dimly lit blue light
Of neon
The moon shines like a penny
And she smiles
At it
Nov 2020 · 34
With A Full Deck
Jessica Nov 2020
The Ace tumbled to the floor
With the flick of an agile wrist
Born I was
And confused forever
Was Gods’ subtle twist
Then the Jack rolling
Like a log down
The River Styx
Slow and transcendent
Then when I was
about sixteen
I lost the Queen
And clumsily  
Fumbling in the dark
By middle age
The Queen was a regal loss
She pirouetted through the air
Like the smoke of burning sage
And then I guess
it was known
That all the cards were stacked
Not against me but
Without me
I was never playing with them all
But I never understood
That I was lacking.
Nov 2020 · 90
Radio Silence
Jessica Nov 2020
The stars are rumbling
My stomach is mumbling
Fingers cold
And having drank
Then stumbling
I catch my balance
On a laughing ping
Wrapped in a stray thought
Sent to you, and up to the sky
Always trying to reach you
But I can’t hold onto
The reasons why
Another drink
Then on my side
I watch universes collide
And coalesce
In radio silence
Nov 2020 · 441
Mindful Forest
Jessica Nov 2020
I can hear the water flow
Gently down the hall
Crystal clear as chandeliers
Like diamonds on a ring
And mountains rising
Like ballerinas in the swing
Of delicate rhythm
Pine trees grow magnanimously
And their scent carries
Flowers of spectrum sway and sing  
To a winters’ waltz
December decides
With beauty in its’ mind
A mathematician and a theorem
Snow sprinkles and chimes
With uncertain precision
Across a silver moon
Welcome forest, a vision
Within my bedroom
Nov 2020 · 122
Now and Then
Jessica Nov 2020
One moment-
What moment?
It's gone!
Warm hands glide through freezing snow
As the ice cracks beneath you
In the crackling fashion of a fire blazing
Taking you to places you don't desire to go
Words are muted from red lips turned white
Just as the flowing stream was unfairly ceased
By ex-lover December
in his psychotic delight
Falling in to the minute
The second's breath
A candle out,
To dusty death.
Inspired by Yoko Ono's "Walking on Thin Ice", my life, as well as a particular passage from Hamlet.
Nov 2020 · 97
Simplistic Joy
Jessica Nov 2020
I find it bizarre
That people with happiness
Still seek more
So as to erode their own joy
With some strange purpose
I see this a lot in long term marriages particularly.
Oct 2020 · 185
Good People?
Jessica Oct 2020
Has anyone
A kindness
Gnarled teeth like the branches
Of a mid evil tree
Furiously gnashing
With a closed mouth
With upturned
And dashing hearts
That whisper praises
As softly as
a lovers plea.
🎶 Where’d all the good people gooooo? 🎶
Oct 2020 · 38
Chaos Unrequited
Jessica Oct 2020
Who feels a love
Robust as torrential rain
as vibrant as thunder
By the devil
He feels the emptiness
Of his violence
Fearful of the silence
Before his every storm
Oct 2020 · 86
Jessica Oct 2020
I don’t cry anymore
I don’t see the use of it
My emotions are as raw as sand paper
But I have crumbled them all in a drawer
Dates marked by tears that have dried
I don’t speak either
My words aren’t audible or safe
To so many ears that are invested in my destruction
I mumble and my eyes gaze to the floor
When they ask me how I am
And it’s like everything has been filed
Into the back of that same drawer
My tears, emotions, words
They are like
Pieces of intangible paper
They’re not money
But printed on the same thing
Wondering why
Says everything I don’t.
Oct 2020 · 160
Time Time
Jessica Oct 2020
Footsteps on marble
Sweetly quaking
A quivering in the soul
A rattling song of freedom
The hand of time upon
Upon porcelain features
Fingers fingers
gingerly tracing
a refined jawline
With stuttering accuracy
When red lips meet his
She confidently embraces
This one steady moment
Joining together
It all seems possible
Believing easily
With some naivety
That it lasts
Longer than the touch
Of a nervous clock
And with the last walk
She indulges an earthquake
Across the grayest grayest rocks
love, time, walking, movement, imagery, sound devices, Onomatopoeia
Oct 2020 · 54
Zen Poem
Jessica Oct 2020
Not everything has a happy ending
But every moment
Is just one moment more
And that is the now
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