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Jessica 7d
I have a pen to write poetry
no one reads
I have a canvas to paint pictures
that never see shadows
I have a voice to sing
that only speaks in fluster
My fingers pluck the guitar
the music of singularity
One day it would be ideal
To cast away my work uniform
To brush away my tears of conformity
And pluck a gossamer silver
from the heavens
...Just once.
Jessica Jan 11
Life is not a song
No heavenly beginnings
Endings are abrupt
And the ice of time is always thinning
Underneath you
No swelling orchestral voice
To dictate hope
No sad and feeling piano
To play as we're coping

Life is not a movie
It is mostly innocent sinning
Villains winning
Daggers in men's smiles
Aren't creative
(And the fall of Hero's does not necessarily dictate that he will rise once more)
Only a "happy ending"

When my head is spinning
Trying to make sense of existence, cohesion;
The song I'm strumming
On my guitar
Or the words I pen to illustrate
My suffering and disillusionment
Only panders to the fantasy
And the dumbing
Because the only sound
That follows us through life is
The harsh, freezing crackling, sputtering, breaking sound
Of the thin ice that is collapsing
Beneath us all.
Jessica Dec 2018
Hold your head high!
The hoard discards their virtue
Like the thunderous roar of a fools laughter.
Hold back your painful sign, because you-
You are beautiful!
Looking forward with prideful shining eyes
As they glare at you
Their jealous hatred undisguised.
You, Woman, always taking that high road
So steep and arduous,
You're never daunted by its awesome heights!
A Hero is made by her daily choices
To rise above the common evil-
Poisonous contempt,
The hero derides.
Keep your pearls of wisdom
Close to your side,
Because your worth is greater
For the lovely heart inside.
More syrupy than I intended but, it is a poem about dealing with aggressive bullies.
Jessica Dec 2018
From this angle, the mountain
In all it's snow laden glory-
Invites teenage memory.

From the window
Of my old room
There was the reverie
The glowing embers
Of pink and warmth
The beginning of my story-
And now,
As I gaze upon that same view
My heart yearns
With those same feelings
Glossed over with the somber
Addition of age
Sizzling with history-
That peak still lives
By my nostalgia.
Jessica Dec 2018
After the plunging neckline
And the next red lipped smile
And then after that,
The Halloween costume
cat woman spandex
Highlighting her curves
(Like the shadows whispering to the
body of a Porsche)
He was a plain and ordinary
blue collar man
But with each swipe of his hand
He transformed into-
Steve McQueen
Riding the turns of the Hollywood Hills
At his disposal
The drowsy dreams of yesteryear
The illusions of marriage
to his **** star, movie star, super model wife
All thanks to this hazy laptop screen light
He can conquer his
He can conquer her
Jessica Dec 2018
Have you ever tasted
The bitter wine
From the night before?
When the senior twilight washed the
Grapes from wrath
And the moonlight clipped our heels
On that midnight path
Lips were gleaming with yesterday
Sounds of laughter
Escaping the memory
And the glass that held the remnants
Fell over and shattered
We never walked across it
Because the damage never mattered
Just that moment
Until we tossed
It away, as well-
Lost it...
The same way
We lost the wine
But not the after taste

— The End —