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Jessica 4d
Silver fur
Backlit by full
Ivory teeth
To reveal a smile
Defined by deception
In its’ every direction
It seems shy
Until it is consummating
It’s eyes
With destructive perceptions
A gentle sigh
It made its’ genuine connection
To you
In the shadows
You hide
But the wolf
Knows your darkness
As it consumes
Jessica Sep 1
As a child you
Make believe
As an adult
You delusion
If imagination is
What point
Is it a
Gray and white
Color drained from
The sight
Of an observant heart
Jessica Aug 31
Obscured from light
In darkness I cling
In turmoil
I am
Tumultuous emerald waves
Rattling like jewelry
In the sea
And laid bare
Breathing in painful
Onyx mist
Of fate
In shattered and stuttered
Breaths of rubies
Life is not unlike
The movies
Putrid darkness
Until light
Jessica Jul 17
I want to be like the radio
Was in the 1920s
To you
My love;
Filling the room with expectant joy
Triumphant with news
As the music
As the time itself.
Jessica Jul 13
I’ve lost my mind
A few times
Echos are cavernous
They sustain each breath
Like the wings
Of a crow
Gliding into devious flight
And a slight
Waves and lights glowing
Just as the onyx
bird flying
Into another sunset
Fading into mental obscurity
It’s the knowing
That lets
A soul drift silently
Into what you all would call
Jessica Jul 7
Not everything is like the fairytales, religion included.
Jessica May 30
Breathing here
Happens though a green straw
Like a lotus rising though the mud
Of societies lackluster grandeur
Speaking here
Best though inherent beauty
In metaphors
Harder to reach than Everest
Walking along
The ***** pond
Satanic windmills above
Rotating in the neon breeze
Take a fresh breath of air
In the metallic moonlight
The only sunlight
In this society
Is the lotus rising
From the artists’ demented dreams
The truth will set you free
Only in quiet reverie
Nothing is, nor has ever been,
As it seems
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