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Jessica 1d
Footsteps on marble
Sweetly quaking
A quivering in the soul
A rattling song of freedom
The hand of time upon
Upon porcelain features
Fingers fingers
gingerly tracing
a refined jawline
With stuttering accuracy
When red lips meet his
She confidently embraces
This one steady moment
Joining together
It all seems possible
Believing easily
With some naivety
That it lasts
Longer than the touch
Of a nervous clock
And with the last walk
She indulges an earthquake
Across the grayest grayest rocks
love, time, walking, movement, imagery, sound devices, Onomatopoeia
Jessica Oct 6
Not everything has a happy ending
But every moment
Is just one moment more
And that is the now
Jessica Oct 6
On the prelude to winter
She took a lot of drugs
And bathed in alcohol
Champagne starlit
Bubbling with luminescence
That made the moon envious
She felt the whispering words
Of a cold Northern wind
With a voice deep and sultry
Tell her non fictions of death
She watched the last moments
Rush forward like pendulums in a line
And she felt a sterling stirring
Of hopelessness
Playing mellifluously like a harp
It sang of depression
Beside the music
She watched melancholy
Cold and cascading like snow
Trickling into her champagne sunset
And then the end
A final winter breath
Across an orange skyline
Jessica Oct 5
I held your hand in a field of flowers
The cold winter
danced like a ballerina on Xanax
Falling and tumbling
With clumsy precision
You loved the nightfall
With it's black laced glove
trailing along the jawline of morning
I whisked myself into the petals of a rose
And tasted sleep
As it spoke from the moon
We were together as the snow fell
In the past
But it felt like a dream
Now I pray with both my hands
For yesterday
And dance
To the sound of spring
Part two of my series of channeling Emily Dickinson. No, literally! I'm a medium. This came from the ether.
Jessica Oct 5
Accomplished your aims
And it was something selfish
You slink into a black silk dress
And hold your royal court
The subjects pounce on innocence
Not a virtue
A smile that notes notoriety
A shrug that shows nonchalance
They clap for you
It's hollow like a heart
The echo of yourself
Never coming from a sound
In a throne you sit
Devious intentions fulfilled
Love you never had around
But it was ***** work
And they can't see your hands
Behind your crown
Jessica Oct 4
My absent mind
Has left for violet pastures                            *
The ones that bloom
In an evening of laughter                                                  Oh lovely voice
Long ago,
It wandered
Like a moth into                 *                                                 *
The light
And now it rests with the other                                                lilting
Found souls
Who left their bodies
And discovered
The resplendence of
The eternally feared night                                          speaking with serenity
For us, the journey began
Before we were called
By the soft voice of everyone's lover                                                         *
Long lost
Never beckoned with a strong hand                                       singing lovingly
To grasp our frailty  
The thoughts
Were tickets abroad             *                                     ­           *  
The train of the
Absent mind                                                           forever
Jessica Oct 3
The cipher knows what to say
He decodes us all of our days
Sitting in a dark room eating poisonous mushrooms
And remembering a virtue
that he lost
But he never misplaces the key
The one that opens all things
And in the place of empathy he has costs and pay outs
He smokes a pack a day of lies
And tears he never appears to cry
But in the blackness of his heart
He careens into the white walls of the populace
He sees a thousand patterns
In place of moral standards
And who needs common decency
When you leave your window open
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