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1.2k · Jun 2017
back again
It doesn’t matter where u go
It doesn’t matter who u see
It's because I know
You will always come back to me

You run to him
Keeping me in mind
Away from my love
but back every time

Girl I know your game
Girl I know your way
With me it’s ok
Just come home again

Jules you are indeed a thief
Changing your heart all the time
Stealing away my life
Knocking at my door at random times

Greeting me with kisses and laughter
Lies, smiles stories of disaster
Trust me, I just play a long
I'm just glad you're here

We lived happily ever after
1.2k · May 2017
"Be an individual just like everybody else" - Jesse Thomas Devlin
1.1k · May 2017
The earth is a marriage bed of love and lust
Perpetual attention from the sun as he draws her in from the coldness we call winter
She reaches at every instance and angle in the form of trees
She is serious in the form of rock
She reaches
She bulges
She brings forth fruit to delight
While we witness  the marriage of earth and light

She grips to herself in the form of roots
She is nervous
she holds her own gravity and spins and dances
Her energies squeezed out her poles and fly overhead in Auroras

She’s a woman
She’s always been
998 · May 2017
Simple Love
Her Name is Julie
And she has me
But I don't think I have a grasp

Of just how far
I've fallen
For this little girl

How I wish
She would know
She's the only
One in the world

Julie-Most beautiful girl
Love you Baby
772 · May 2017
Spring brings forth her perfume
To attract her lovers that erase winter gloom
Beaches wet from fresh waves crashing
Perpetual reaching ever lasting

Grass in emerald meadows thrive
Flowers brave stormy skies
Hornets bees and birds surivive
Every landing from dizzy heights

Birds sing
Children laugh
Lovers kiss
And writers write about it
518 · Jun 2017
I wonder...
If I was here and you were there
And we erased all the time that we have shared
Would we still act as if the other didn’t exist?
Would we still shoot the breeze but clench a cold fist?

Now if I was there and you were here
Would I listen to all your success's and pretend not to care?

If my arms were spread today would you run back to me tonight?
Or would I be in the right position to be crucified?

I wonder...
This is an old one. hope you enjoyed
404 · May 2017
Dreams For Now
Black skies and sun lit moon
Dreams inside the walls of my room
Strange visions of only a place
That lie in search of obvious space

We drove for miles that night
And showed off the new car
Up and down and all around
Strange hills and roads that I'll never see again

What do these things mean?
Why am I always caught up in endless dreams?
Are they all just a stranger?
Possibly a memory under lock and key?
Old song revised
353 · Jun 2017
Manic Depression
Have you ever seen the bottom?
Have you ever made it that far?

My eyes have seen everything
It’s always the same
Wake up it’s a new day
Splash some water on my face

I can already hear it calling
It’s waiting for me

I tried to save myself
But there ain’t no use in that
The world has changed me
And I will stay in this state until it is gone

You can never go back
You can never return
Never tell yourself
Look at what I’ve learned?

Never say the things that you been meaning to say
Never repay the debts that were never repaid

I am sick of all these day dreams
They’re killing me
320 · Jun 2017
She's Hurt
She lays in the shadows of her room
Imagining a man beside her
She can’t seem to keep a real one
She’s rejected all the ones that ever loved her

It’s ok she tells herself
It doesn’t matter, I’m still young
And theres no way I’m settling down
For any man right now

Jules, you know you have a problem
When you reject love and have *** at random
Choose one and savor the flavor
Don't be scared-If it fails pick up another later

You can’t rule over fate forever
You hide from it cold and scared
I understand you very well cause’
Of the diagnosis that you shared

I thank you that you trusted me
And now I know how to treat you
But you ran away before I could love you
Into the arms of another

The writing said you would do this to me
But Im sure your doing this to him
So I suppose I will patiently wait
For the girl to leave her own imagination
308 · Feb 2020
When you cry
In the night
Do the stars hear?

Do they know
And do they sew
Your wounds with gold?

No one thrives
When we die
Sooner or later
We all lie
Beneath the flies

And now you’ve gone too
You gone to far
And now you’re gone too
You gone too far

An angel at the gate
With a light halo
He keeps calling

But your ears remain closed
And the desperation grows
There is a chance
God surely knows

Another energy unseen by you
Begging with good intention
Where death is love abounds
301 · May 2017
So there's no reason for war now a day.
I can't get the smile off my face
I made this place!
I'm an American.
#American #America #JesseThomasDevlin
260 · Oct 2020
Her Beauty
She took my mind off of what was in front of me
Her hair was flowing with the radiant sun So full of beauty
Her legs strutted down the ave with a gallop no one could tame
Oh hear the seduction in her throaty voice when she told me her name

Her eyes were a warm autumn brown
Her thighs were strong from walking the town
Her neck was long and it came out from her coat
Her arms were thin and long wearing gloves satin soaked

She was my princess for a moment in time
Wonder where she was headed... who could call her mine?
232 · Jun 2017
I love my words
Dancing in you mind
Giving me the thought
That I'm on your mind

You took a moment of your life
To sit down and read
And gave me some time
I thank you indeed
228 · Jun 2017
It’s all that you long for
Because it’s what we all owe
It seems to be so scarce
Seems that it came from below

Guiding my path
Throughout the day
Dream about it again

Why can’t we all just stop
Put the money in the fire
Careless greed
Shall be curbed forever

Get back to making
An honest existence
Wthout this need
Without this greed
226 · May 2017
Crazy Lazy You
So I work at a College
The kids thirst for Knowledge

They are sick and tired of life on the Farm

They Drove to big cities
In big ugly borrowed SUV's

They flea the hot sun like bandits on the run
Under the veil of darkness, guided by stars

They drink, they smoke the do all sorts of drugs

So they make it to the border
To upset the order
To pine and gamble for their dreams
But can't shake their accents

Hurting from a memory,
Wanting something else
Their hearts remain hungry
But they loose their true identity

Wild Child
Who told you to be so blind?
Wild Child
Why are you such a fool to trade in your youth???
217 · May 2017
Country Song
You are the brightest star with the nicest shine that I ever did see
Everything about you was always been that way
Now here I drove you up to the Church upon the tallest hill
But I didn’t come here tonight to pray

The city looks so close and peeks over the riverside
And I could hit the full moon with a stone if I tried
We’re here talking and enjoying the night
I wanted to tell you how I felt about You and I
212 · Mar 2020
The Curse
It’s all in your head.
These things they said

Emotions are dealt
A wound is felt

And my heart takes control
To laugh at what we think we know

It’s all in our heads...
Trust me, all in our heads.
206 · Feb 2020
Trigger Happy Fool
Careful with that gun
Careful with that spear
It will come back to take you
Then you will live in fear

Do unto others
As you want done to you
Obliterate and take their money?
Is that really what you want to do?

No empathy for the trigger happy
No rest for the corrupted
The thief takes his place
On the cross or behind iron gates

Indeed you will see heaven
As it’s whispered to you
A Great Lake of fire
A destiny of rebuke

He will rule this nation with A rod of Iron
Ensuring everyone is saved
Strict love and obedience
Now the narrow road is paved

You are on a wreckless suicidal path
Chasing after all flesh
It rots your mind and heart
When you covet cash

Drugs, women, fame to get higher
Are all a fools desire
Do what is right to each other
And fear the flames and fire 🔥
I despise weapons
204 · Oct 2020
The Field
We never heard of each other
Till we found you in the field
We all talked for a while
And then disappeared

I never forgot you
And I wouldn't have let go
But sometimes souls grow old

And now it's gone
We said goodbye
Without a word
We said it with our eyes
One I wrote back in 98 about leaving friendships behind
183 · Oct 2020
A Downward Point of View
After getting out of school
And believing the teachers words
I throughly believed
Heaven could be worked for
I took it like a drug
And envied all of you
But all it got me was
Downward point of view  Depression Anxiety
182 · May 2017
Indian Sky
Dazed out
Into Space
Maybe cure
The human race

Well now
Is the time to get in touch
With the mind
You choose to waste

The air stands alone
In it's own
Time zone

Inside of his own mind
His own mind
Fly away mind

We can almost see
See the light
Indian sky
That seem to say
The sun is going to rise
181 · Oct 2020
The Painter
You see the big picture
And you rush in
You paint the road you walk on
You wear Your grin

You observe the blue sky
But the beauties inside
Your heart can love all that you touch
And we love it oh so much
You shrug off the compliments
Your humility shine through
People observe the painting process
Wonder what it’s like
To have talent like you
180 · Oct 2020
I have something hiding
Behind my teary eyes
My tongue is twisted
From speaking all these lies
My head is now shining
From loosing all my grey
And I can’t seem to shake
The nakedness of the day

My head is aching
for a peace of mind
My hands grow weary
For the answer they’ll never find
175 · Oct 2020
All of this pleasure
Surely by sunrise, we will be poor
The thief comes At midnight
Crouching at our door

While our ears listen to Sweet delight
Our eyes bask in fluorescent lights
Our ears have music playing loud
We boast when we walk proud
172 · Oct 2020
They Say
Her conversation runs strong but soon it’s not long
Before all of it falls straight into the pit
Her eyes give her away from a past of slow decay
And for good reasons she feels all of this pain
Don’t regret too much sister
Just enough to keep you in line
You shall be forgiven
Soon enough with some time
154 · Dec 2020
What will come
Tells The Tale
Tomorrows Sorrow
History future
151 · Nov 2020
Night Time
Sometimes in fields aside long dark highways
Often times in abandoned hills with unkept grass overgrown
We passed the bowl of demons amongst ourselves
And held them high before reaching our mouths
And said curse be the day, let it always be night!
We weren't witches
We weren't gouls
Just average kids
Breaking all the rules
149 · May 2020
It can make a man do something good
It can make a man do something bad
142 · Oct 2020
The Promises
He promised you the sky
But all he did was make you cry
I guess your raindrops turned to tears

He said he was a nice guy
But all he did was lie
And played upon all your fears

So here you are
Not near or far
I suppose you’re looking for some comfort

But I can’t be
That guy that you seek
Cause what he did to you you did to me
135 · Mar 2020
Never Give Up
I’m embarking on a journey I failed so many times
This one is not of roads and lines

I once tried this calling as a younger man
But now that I’m old I feel that success is something that I can.

I was called a natural and blessed with this gift
Many warned me not to meddle with this

But I’m not here to follow any human crowd
Sometimes you gotta make yourself proud

So I’m embarking on a journey I failed so many times
I’ll succeed!
113 · Feb 2020
Shadows dance on painted walls
See them brush by you in narrow halls
Can’t you see their light is lost
Pick up their broken pieces to turn them off

A shadow danced at the foot of my bed
I can’t get the feeling out of my head
Scared to know about what I said
106 · Oct 2020
All the wars that have ever been
Under the sun, every invention
Every beach ever proclaimed
Boil down to two choices of alternative things...
a Democrat or a Republican, a Big Mac or Whopper, a Lincoln or a Cadillac, A Catholic or Protestant.
We feel we have many options but they are the ones with choice.
It has all added up to nothing.
105 · Feb 2020
My New Family
He is a lighted path in a dark night
He is a refuge for those seeking might
He heals the sick and blesses the poor
He is an open door

Now I have many sisters and brothers
We have a sinless god for a father
No longer calling upon a condemning law
I would be dead but my new father lives in me and all men made new!

Let’s celebrate family!
I love you all
103 · Feb 2020
Leaving Dust Clouds
Got the clouds around my head
And the grounds caving in
Got no recollection
Of where I’ve been

I have a new world to face
And a cliff to climb

Rise over the mountains and see nothing but sky
Feel freedoms wings pushing me into a new life
Old song I wrot in the 90”s
98 · Jan 2020
Jesus spirit
I was ignorant and sodish
Didn’t know yet you kept me alive though I was a dog
You kept reviving my mind and heart
You sustained my soul

Now I feel like I am becoming a son
I look forward speaking with you in my soul heart and mind

Little by little you save everyday and night

Like a harlot forgiven I feel empowered
It’s your strength

Thank you
Some rambling not really poetry
93 · Feb 2020
I smoke cigs and drink coffee like no other man can

I drive real tight with my Chevy the road-my delight

I rock the radio tunes vibrations in my head

I need no sleep no need for bed

Amped up and joyriding

Landscape blur

Wind whrrr

I’m feeling high
And it’s all legal
92 · Feb 2020
I’ve been high
But it let me down after
Wonder if it was worth it
It led to disaster

A warning to all
Don’t let it make you fall
Like it does
Stand tall
91 · Nov 2019
Good and Bad
That tree in the garden caused a lot of confusion
Now Knowing good and evil we are brought to a decision.
The right hand or the left. The worst or the best.

Now don’t marvel at this

For he said come on no matter what u do.
Maybe filthy
Maybe clean
Maybe sober
Perhaps in dream

He preserves in spirit

It’s not for us to get up and stand against the left
In fact he did say go a mile
How scary this thing of good and evil is.
Let Everyman judge himself
Isn’t that correct?
I’m doing fine
Are you?
Hope u like it
87 · Mar 2020
He is a lighted path in a dark night
He is a refuge for those seeking might
He heals the sick and blesses the poor
He is an open door

Now I have many sisters and brothers
We have a sinless god for a father

Whom we worship with a full heart.
He lift us up , when we walk faithfully.
He glides us while we fly high above.
He strengthen us when we are exausted.

For our God been around since forever .
He is the Great I Am, and he will be always.
Guiding us through the darkness right here.
Leading us by our hand, for always he shall.
Edward and Jesse’s poem
86 · Nov 2020
Love Your Past
The older I get
The more I regret
Not being 25 anymore

Some look upon their pastimes
With drugs and fine wines
And with memories that they abhor

But some of us feel
As though those times were real
And now reminisce and laugh all the more
A poem about no regrets
On you’re belly you roam
Out the mouth you foam

Catching your prey
Digesting all Day

When there’s no one
You strike alone
And turn your hunger
To your own kind

Slither away
To another prey
Biting with premeditation
With your fangs

all the world is your delight
You offend every creature
They spit at your sight

And all you do
Is leave crusty skin
You leave no companion
You live in serpent sin

Let that serpent eat his own kind
I hate snakes
Listen my friend,
This is the dream I dreamed last night after visiting the ruins of the Ancient Sumerians

I stood before an aweful being-A somber faced man/bird

He turned his face towards me and lead me to the temple of Akala-
The queen of darkenss

The house to which all who enter never returns...
Down the road from which there is no coming back

There is the house in which it's people sit in darkness
Dust is their food... Clay is their meat...

They are clothed like birds.
Their wings for covering their bodies
They see no light
They sit in darkness

I entered the house of dust...
I saw the kings of the earth
Their crowns put away for ever

All of the Rulers and Princes-All of whom once war Kingly crowns and ruled the world as in the days of old...

But now, they who stood in the place of the Gods now stand like servants

In the House Of Dust were High Priests of the incantation and ******

And there was the Queen of the Underworld
She who keeps the books of the dead...

She raised her head
She saw me and spoke...

Who has brought this one here?

Then I awoke... like a man drained of blood who wonders alone in a waste.
I didnt write this. I found it, edited it and added some. I thought it was an interesting write.
73 · Mar 2020
Emotional thinking



The see saw of emotions are all in your head!
Please feel free to add
73 · May 2020
Seen Unseen
All of us know it
But no one says it
Why do we hide it?
Why do we fight it?

We agree to this secret
and we don't care about it
But the truth is out there
Waiting to be seen

Do we tell lies?
Our infinite fears?

Are we afraid
To expose true evil?
In the face of the light
We close our eyes

In the pressure
And in the ease of ignorance
We choose to forgo
The human in ourselves
70 · Feb 2020
Winter Eyes
I saw the winter skies locked in your eyes for the first time in seven years
When you cry, do you cry for me?
The tears turn to icicles
I swear I saw it in your face

I thought we were painted in the playing field.
Who knows what I was seeing. It felt so real.

Tell me, what’s on your mind.
The last time I saw you, you seemed concerned.
Who knows?
A wish spoken aloud may be a wish that may be heard.

The snow falls ******* both of us now.
But you brought on the cold.
Those black senseless eyes of yours drives the snow.
Now she’s a faded memory-today’s pain.
Just a fragment of my yesterday’s.
Who would have thought?
She was so cold
1998 poem
67 · Feb 2020
Reaching out
Just me and the ocean tide
Such a lonesome time with the earths rainbows and fire

I take my eyes off myself
And I see that the stars do like to shine now and again
So they lend me their helping hand

Their spotlights are blinding my face
Nowhere to walk
We drift through space

Spinning like a drunkard
Reeling like an auroral dream

We should see the light
An old one I wrote back when I wasn’t paying attention in school lol
54 · Feb 2020
The iron lines
A one way ticket from her past
A slow ride to nowhere fast

She’s riding the iron lines
Escaping her troubled life

Running away from the price
She feels abused- they didn’t have the right

In her mind the story unfolds

What can I do?
What can I do to bring back those tears?

I hate to say good luck for many years
I hope to do more
I’m better than that!
It’s a fact!

But she continues to die inside.........
53 · Feb 2020
Dreaming a poem, a lyric to your taste
Intelligent rock in our face
Wailing on those drums you loved
Wonder if you are reflecting on your life from above
You won the crowds favor with every move
A serious face with every groove
In the limelight your brilliance was bold
In the hemispheres your thought were told
The dreamline told a venture tale
Made us remember being young without fail
I wonder if your life was pure with love
I hope god approves your life from above

Thank you for the concert shirt
We all miss you Mr Neil Peart!
50 · Feb 2020
To love god
Is to love his son
And to love your neighbor
Is to love the god and son in him or her
We are brethren for we have one father

For it is a commandment added to the ten already
It is hard with transgressions of the former ten laws
But his son said show yourself to the priest

We shall remember our transgressions with the rosary
Doing the things from the priests orders after confession

To kneel and sit with the beads
To look up and see him on the cross...

He died for our sins

But his father delivered him to hell

To preach the gospel

And then his father raised him up

The earth shook as the disciples heard and witnessed his rising!

He lives again.
Working invisible miracles everyday

The gospel and his words do not pass

On him let us believe thoroughly brothers and sisters.

We shall see our father again.
50 · Jan 2020
Indian Sky
Dazed out into space
Maybe cure the human race
Now is the time to get in touch
With the mind you choose to waste

Sometimes the thoughts stand alone
I’m their own time zone
Deep inside of his own mind
Their mind-fly away mind

We could almost see
See the light
Indian Sky
They seem to say

The sun is going to rise
About broken thoughts coming to fruition
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